Star: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Alibi” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) While Star, once again, ruined a serious moment with a song and dance number, that one blemish in no way ruins what is done with building up Carlotta and Cotton’s story. Especially in regards to how Mary played a…

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

While Star, once again, ruined a serious moment with a song and dance number, that one blemish in no way ruins what is done with building up Carlotta and Cotton’s story. Especially in regards to how Mary played a role in Cotton’s life.

Topic 1: The Eva and Hunter Issue (Star, Eva, Hunter, and Jahil)

Just to get it out of the way, Hunter is still in the doghouse with Star, as he should be, and it seems Arlene maybe warming up to her. If only because she is seeing a bit of herself in Star and realizing maybe the two of them aren’t so different. Aside from that, Star walks up into Jahil’s home and makes him choose between her or Eva. Now, while Eva maybe screwing Jahil, and surely is talented, Jahil isn’t going to lose this opportunity. So despite him connecting with his Latin roots, it seems Eva won’t bring any Latin flavor to Big Trouble.


I will not lie, Eva can sing and while she isn’t the absolute best villain, I feel Star is the type of show where, if you give it time, it will have you hate a character for a few episodes then love them all over again. Just look at Star. She was so entitled and annoying for a good 3 episodes straight, but now she bounced back. Granted, part of the reason she is likable again is because we got reminded of all the abuse she went through, which low-key feels cheap, but I guess with this show, it is all about ends to a means.

Topic 2: Who Killed Otis? (Carlotta, Simone, and Star)

With Carlotta being suspected for Otis’ murder on top of the system tracking down Simone to Carlotta’s place, it honestly seemed something could go down. However, with recent news saying Star was renewed for a second season, there was no reason for any of the main cast to go down. So despite Carlotta having a gun, despite her legally being barred from having one, much less Simone confessing to the murder, it seems everyone is in the clear. For with that gun never being fired, it means someone else shot Otis. Of which, based on the fact Jahil was the only other person with a gun, all signs point to Eva.


I fully believe Eva shot Otis. She felt threatened, wanted to prove herself to Jahil, or something. A part of me wanted to say maybe Cotton stabbed him with the scissors, which would be one wonderful shock and build off her animosity of the girls, but I don’t know about that. So my vote is for Eva since something about that character seems like she could be exiting stage left soon. Especially since she is out the group, likely going to be mad as hell at Jahil, but have no place to go.

Topic 3: Doing For Mary What She Did For Me (Cotton, Mary, and Carlotta)

After what Pastor Harris did, Cotton moved out. Not to live with Elliot though. Instead, it seems she used her johns for a place to stay overnight but is getting tired of that life. Especially since Elliot wants to be exclusive. However, with no job and Maggie not letting her work at the club for more hours, hooking is what she does [1]. Though, when caught by Elliot when she said she’d stop, he decides to end things.

Leading to the juicy heart of the episode. For quite some time I wondered how was Cotton able to deal with all this time, attention, patience, much less pursuit of understanding, Simone and Star was being given but not Cotton. Well, she lets it be known. As Carlotta seemingly may go down for murder because of these girls, Cotton questions why she does so much for them to sacrifice herself, to sacrifice Cotton having access to a mother, for these two girls? Well, the answer is, because when Carlotta went to jail, trying to rob a store to have money for an abortion, Mary took care of Arnold for years. So, being that when Mary died, Carlotta wasn’t able to take care of her girls like Mary took care of her son, now daughter, it seems to eat away at her. After all, Mary protected her child from the system and Carlotta didn’t do that for Mary’s kids. Now they have memories of being physically and sexually assaulted. All because of Carlotta.


I don’t know if I ever cried before over this show, but I was really shedding tears. Not even one of those Denzel in Glory type of tears, I mean from both eyes. It started with Star flipping out on Juanita, her and Simone’s social worker, about maybe being split up from Simone again. However, as we watched young Carlotta (Sasha Sloan) try to rob a store for money, having birth and not getting to hold her child, then realizing Mary, her best friend, took care of the kid when she couldn’t. Even now I’m starting to have that ugly face you make before bawling. For it really pushes the idea that despite whatever Jahil did to mess up the group, Mary was still there for Carlotta.

But, with Mary not seeming like a junkie when Arnold was 3 or so, it does throw me off as to what happened? Jahil has always been the assumed source of her downfall, but Mary didn’t look that bad when she introduced Arnold to his mom [2]. So when did functional Mary become coked or drugged out of her mind Mary?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. And has apparently done since 12. Well, either being a sex or being put in the position of having disgusting men mess around with her.
  2. Leading to the question: How old is Cotton? Cause now I’m questioning if maybe Cotton met baby Star but just forgot.
  3. On top of that, who is Star and Simone’s daddy? Cotton’s, I wanna say is Jahi’s, but I can’t imagine Star’s dad being him.

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