Star: Season 1/ Episode 3 "Next of Kin" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As Simone reveals what has her trying to numb the pain, and Jahil learns what Maggie will really have him doing, Star keeps hustling for a dream. Topic 1: An Ends To a Means (Jahil) As Jahil promised, to get Star and her group the cash they needed, he delivers the drugs. However, that…

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As Simone reveals what has her trying to numb the pain, and Jahil learns what Maggie will really have him doing, Star keeps hustling for a dream.

Topic 1: An Ends To a Means (Jahil)

As Jahil promised, to get Star and her group the cash they needed, he delivers the drugs. However, that is only part 1. Part 2 deals with delivering girls, who are worth about $500 each, some underaged, somewhere. When Jahil releases them he didn’t know how much they were worth but he did try to cover his tracks by asking (Football players name) to beat his face in. However, with the money spent, the girls gone, but one who shows up at Jahil’s doorstep, and this gig being bigger than Maggie, Jahil seemingly has screwed up royally once again.


As I believe I said in episode 2, Jahil’s worth is solely helping us understanding where Carlotta and Mary went wrong. For while, as Star says, he has some inkling of potential to be someone noteworthy, it is rarely seen and only sometimes fathomable. Though considering the women of this show having overpowering storylines compared to his, and definitely more personality, how could he really compete?

Topic 2: Come On Back To Me (Simone & Star)

Accidental overdose or suicide attempt? It is hard to say which one was the cause of Simone nearly dying but it has made her addictions harder to ignore. Making it where it triggers Carlotta experiencing Mary’s death and having to give ultimatums. Leading to Simone finally revealing her witnessing domestic violence, being raped, and while this is being shared Alexandra overhears this.

Though what makes a potentially bad situation worse isn’t just that her step-father is still after her, but Star trying to play the role of sister, mother, and some kind of manager to Simone. She busts her out before she is truly well and damn near exposes Carlotta not being her mom which could have caused child services to be called. Needless to say, when this is all over, Carlotta needs to have a serious conversation with these two girls.


The song which began the episode, for reasons I can’t fathom, it had me crying. We barely know Mary, this is but the third episode, and I knew Simone wasn’t going to die since there are many scenes in the season preview she is in that has yet to happen. Yet, despite that, I was tearing up. Needless to say, these characters can have a strange hold on you. For while they can be ratchet, especially Star, there is this constant reminder they are only doing which has worked thus far. You may call Star provocative, and she’ll even say she is a ho, but who has taught her how to get things otherwise? And something you realize when it comes to Star and Simone’s relationship is that they have gone through the same things but Star, be it street smarts or luck, seemed to eventually come out on top. Simone, on the other hand, is still drowning in the mud, maybe thinking she is swimming.

With all that said, as noted, Carlotta needs to have a real sit down. There needs to be a real agreement passed this whole, here is a room for you, you work in my shop, then do as you please. Star coming out of her neck and saying how Carlotta was jealous of her, like she might have been of her mom, was worth smacking her and making her lily white face match the color of her sister. Though, because Carlotta is saved, and knows this barely 18-year-old girl got issues she only knows how to handle in destructive ways, she doesn’t whoop that ass. However, something needs to be done and said here.

Topic 3: I Don’t Need No Man (Star, Alexandra, and Jahil)

While Jahil is trying, and Star sees something in him as a manager, him not stepping up is bothering her. Alexandra finally gets over using her family name to craft connections, but Jahil ruins that. The contest in Atlanta is soon to pass and Jahil gives up, but it seems Star pushes him to think outside the box, use a shower in the psych ward as some makeshift studio to send a demo. All of this leads you to understand why Mixed Harmony flopped and why Jahil isn’t trusted and not taken seriously. He seems to be more about ideas than the follow through.


Between Star’s mouth and actions and the stuff Jahil is involved with, it’s questionable if, as Jahil thinks, Simone is the dead weight or liability. For while the girl is troubled, no doubt, what she needs is stability, perhaps religion, and deeply needs positive influences. Especially in terms of a maternal figure and maybe a paternal figure also. It won’t erase her history, but at least it could give her hope. Something which seemingly Star has lost for now she is, I don’t want to say she is hard. The way she flirts with the football player makes it seem she could be willing to open her heart to someone, and not just her body. Yet, her hesitations, her fear of maybe letting someone truly get to know her and disappoint her, it’s there. Not only is it there, but it almost seems like the last person who hurt her wasn’t years in the past but maybe recent. Leading you to wonder who may come out of the woodworks in Star’s past once she begins to get famous.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Cotton and Carlotta are still having issues in regards to Cotton being trans. We learn Cotton, birth-assigned name Arnold, was named after Carlotta’s father, the one who she speaks of fondly. Also, we learn Cotton is half way toward getting a sex change. Which, as Carlotta has hinted, she knows ain’t from just working at her shop but doing something unbecoming at that strip club.
  2. I don’t think this show has had a bad song yet.

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