Sorry For Your Loss: Season 2, Episode 1 “Middle Finger, Thumbs Up” [Season Premiere] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

It is now 6 months from Matt’s death, and while Leigh is slowly finding ways to move on, Danny’s absence makes it hard.

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Director(s) Azazel Jacobs
Writer(s) Kit Steinkellner
Air Date 10/1/2019

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I Can’t Do This Anymore: Amy, Leigh, Richard, Jules

Jules has lived in Leigh’s shadow, done what would support Amy’s dreams and make her happy, and now finds herself miserable. She had the opportunity to impress someone and maybe work at two exercise companies, but Leigh plants a seed which makes her doubt herself, and she screws up. So, she decides to go live with Richard.

Someone who, by the way, is still having a full-blown affair with Amy, who never minds the Sabrina factor for someone taking care of her needs, her pleasure? It hasn’t been this consistent in a while.

As for Leigh? Well, when a woman is looking for a major change, an end of a chapter, what is the common thing done? A hair cut. But being that part of her hair growth represents grief, she doesn’t want just anyone to cut it, so she asks Amy. For while she may not wholeheartedly wish to share her grief the way the rest of her family wants, this moment, in this fashion, is good for her.

Leigh's cut hair.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Will leaving Amy’s home accelerate Jules wanting to find her birth family or the community she would have grown up in?

How To Move On From Your Dead Brother’s Wife?: Danny

One could say, when men go through things, they seek drastic changes to maintain the idea they are in control. That the universe hasn’t taken over their life, but rather they are the master of the universe. So, Danny decides to quit his job, swap apartments with someone who lives by the beach and go online dating.

Also, he decides to go surfing. A thing he was supposed to do with Matt, but with Matt trying to force Leigh into the equation, they never ended up doing that together. Instead, Danny let Leigh come between him and his brother.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What led to the original idea of going surfing for Danny and Matt?

We May Not Be In-Laws, But We Can Still Be Something: Danny, Leigh

While Leigh is capable of being intimate with other people, relationships she isn’t capable of yet and Danny’s voicemail haunts her in a way. Thus, she wants a conversation, but he has been ignoring her. So, to force him to speak with her, especially since he moved without telling anyone, she invokes Matt’s name, and suddenly Danny appears.

Leading to him rebuking her using Matt’s name like that, but coming to an agreement that they’ll at least exchange emojis noting they are okay or alive. For while Danny renounces Leigh, there is still some connection she can’t let go of. Be it because Danny is the only thing of Matt she is close to, or that Danny is the only other person who has an idea of the Matt she knew. So to lose him, would mean the Matt that Leigh knew dying a second death, for despite Matt’s mom being alive, and Leigh’s family knows Matt as well, they have a whole different perception. One that she doesn’t wish to tarnish yet can’t fully embrace.

Danny texting Leigh a middle finger and her accepting that is better than nothing.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I can’t stop seeing myself through your eyes.
— Jules



Grief Never Really Goes Away

There is always a need to recognize just because you as a viewer might be ready to move on, it doesn’t mean the characters, who are supposed to represent real people, may feel the same way. After all, while we experience months between seasons, these characters are still freshly dealing with emotions. Plus, a person died. On top of that, it is believed they died by suicide.

This, as you can imagine, isn’t something you can move past with any sort of ease. It wasn’t like Matt died of cancer, or something beyond his, or anyone else’s control. Suicide leaves a pang of guilt behind of what could have been done or said. A series of what-ifs that forever haunt those who live for whether there is a note, voice mail, or what have you, there is always that question of how much you contributed, for better or worse.

Jules Separating From Her Family

This makes Jules’ situation interesting, for it pushes you to also recognize how much influence you have over the living. For just Leigh saying to Jules to kick things up a notch, that threw her off and made her class terrible. Heck, living in Leigh’s shadow has seemingly led to most of Jules’ insecurities and has been slowly poisoning her for years.

And while I don’t wish to make this all about Leigh, I do wonder if Jules becomes happier away from Leigh and all she encompasses, will this lead her to blame herself more for Matt’s death? As if people can’t truly remain happy around her, and unless there is some distance, they slowly find themselves sinking into misery until, like Matt, death seems like the only way out?

Someone Worrying About Amy’s Happiness

Richard trying to get Amy to think about herself.
Richard: What do you need?

The worries of a parent are never-ending, even when your children are fully grown. So Amy having someone worry about her happiness, pleasure as well, you can see why it makes her selfish and not care about Sabrina. Plus, it’s easy to fall into familiar habits when better things aren’t necessarily on the horizon. For while knowing better should lead to doing better, sometimes knowing better just makes it easier to manage expectations. Making it so the pain you felt before is less and seems manageable. At least until things go wrong.

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Someone Worrying About Amy’s Happiness - 80%
Jules Separating From Her Family - 84%
Grief Never Really Goes Away - 85%


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