With the idea of Matt’s demise not being an accident, Leigh decides it’s time to break the funk or she may end up going under.

Facebook Watch
Director(s) Jamie Babbit
Writer(s) Elisa Climent
Air Date 9/25/2018
Characters Introduced
Nick Alexander Koch
Sabrina Carmen Cusack

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Picking Up Where I Left Off: Leigh, Drew

Something about the idea of Matt committing suicide just snaps something in Leigh. Well, that and it being Leigh’s birthday. The combination makes it so something is lifted off her shoulders or, maybe, with her finally getting, to a point, what Matt’s depression is like, she doesn’t want to be in that mindset anymore. So, she tries to pick up where she left off. Problem is, Drew had to give Leigh’s column away and the person who has it now has gone viral. A 22-year-old replaced Leigh.

But, at the very least, she has her birthday party. One in which she decides to invite everyone on her Facebook to join. All 600 some-odd number of them.


Leigh deciding to not let Matt's death ruin her birthday.
Leigh: […] and I am choosing to have a great birthday.
That 180 was weird right? I figured with it maybe not being an accident, but something done on purpose, it would drive Leigh to feeling worse than ever. For with her love of taking care of people, even if she hems and haws her way through it, someone dying under her care, her husband at that, you’d think would be like a mallet to a pike. Something which would ground her more into a funk, if not a full blown depression.

Though, considering Leigh’s sadness lasted 4 months, wouldn’t most consider what she was going through depression? Either way, as much as one could argue the party might have been a distraction from the truth, and Leigh wanted the noise of others to drown her thoughts, maybe even the column to focus on other people’s problems, that 180 was still weird. Understandable, but weird.

Dealing With The Old & Embracing The New: Jules, Amy, Nick, Richard, Sabrina, Leigh

The problem with Leigh inviting 600 some odd people isn’t that Amy doesn’t have the space for a large party. She has a HUGE backyard. The bigger issue is that some people who haven’t participated in Leigh’s life in a long time are invited, as well as people from Jules’ past. Which becomes a bit of an issue since two of them are from Jules’ heavy party days and while the party is supposed to be a sober one, they’re drinking. Also, they are bringing up things Jules did while completely out of her mind when it happened. While pushing the idea she isn’t as fun now when sober.

But this is what happens when you don’t maintain your Facebook friend list and just collect people like marbles. The undesirables get in. If not weird kids like Nick who probably added you randomly, because they never knew what you really thought of them but figured giving them access to your life was fine. Though, Nick isn’t a bad invite. He may have brought alcohol, thinking “Sober Party” was a joke, but he helps to pour out all the alcohol others brought since they stopped reading at “party.“

Oh, and he makes out with Amy. Long story short, he had a crush on her in high school and since Richard is at the house with Sabrina, his wife, and Amy is going through something herself, she makes out with him. Also, we learn that, be it the drinking one particular wine with Nick, or closeness, she is cool enough with Sabrina to make her the first person to know. Which might have been a bad idea for she tells Richard.


Jules sitting in AA.

In the last episode we saw how bad Jules could be when it came to her drinking and with every story we hear, it does make you wonder if we may see the rock bottom moment. We saw Matt try to break through, but seemingly only him dying seemed to make things click for her. Leading you to wonder, does Jules think Matt committed suicide? For with him being her wake up call, it does make you wonder if, sort of like Leigh, she experienced a bit of what Matt went through, realized that place sucks, and then decided to claw her way out of the mindset. Especially since, for her and Leigh, it was an option.

That aside, I wonder if Amy and Nick will become a thing or was this just her letting off some steam? She doesn’t seem to have an effective outlet to release tension so a younger man could do the job. Of course, Leigh will likely make a big deal out of it, but with Amy being her employer, mom, and Leigh living in her house right now, what reason does she have to care?

It’s My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To: Leigh, Danny, Drew

Like Jules, Leigh is learning that inviting anyone and everyone wasn’t a good idea. Especially since it leads to her having to deal with people giving condolences, apologizing for not being there, and just flaring up Leigh’s anger. Even Drew catches it a bit for he decided to tell his fiancé what Leigh said about the chef. Then he talks about what married people do which of course triggers Leigh, and it is decided maybe there is a low blood sugar problem and they should separate.

However, the big fight of the night is between Leigh and Danny. Well, not fight, but with Leigh listening to all the voicemails, she wants to know Drew’s thoughts. Which, of course, Drew really isn’t trying to hypothesize why his brother may or may not have killed himself. He thinks he maybe did it but it is nicer to believe he didn’t.


Danny responding to Leigh when asked if Matt committed suicide.
Danny: I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

You know, I feel bad for Danny sometimes. A part of me feels like he’d like to be close to Leigh in some form or fashion, but she makes it so hard to do so. Each encounter with her is a confrontation. Especially since episode 1, as if she wished something happened to Danny rather than Matt. Alongside, of course, maybe seeing a bit of Jules in Danny and that complicating their relationship as well. For while Danny isn’t around Leigh as much as Jules is, be it at work, at home, etc, I think because he shows the ability to do better Leigh doesn’t get why he is not doing so?

It’s hard to say. Lest we forget, Leigh is the type who wears her emotions on her sleeve and apologizes once she is relatively over whatever emotion she was dealing with at the time. All the while presenting whatever emotions she has as rational since she read this article or that article. Making it sound like she is presenting an academic paper with clearly bias research and vague citation.


  1. Jules staying strong despite slight peer pressure.
  2. Amy getting her some lip and tongue action.

On The Fence

  1. Leigh’s reaction to learning her husband might have committed suicide seemed weird to me.

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Sorry For Your Loss - Episode List

Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Characters Featured
Season 2, Episode 6 “Weird Day”As Jules gains a love interest, and Danny notes an argument with Matt, Leigh attempts to move on but ends up doing the unexpected.
Director(s) Rose Troche
Writer(s) Corina Maritescu
Air Date 10/22/2019
Introduced This Episode
Tommy Briana Venskus
Ravi Rene Rosado
  • Matt Wasn’t A Saint: Danny, Bobby, Matt
  • I May Not Have Found Religion, But I Did Find Someone To Have Faith In: Tommy, Jules
  • Desperate People Do Desperate Things: Leigh, Ravi, Jules, Danny
Season 2, Episode 3 “What’s Wrong With Your Chest”Amy has a mid-life awakening, and it leads her to not only clear out some material things but what has taken up space in her heart and mind.
Director(s) Ry Russo-Young
Writer(s) Sheila Callaghan
Air Date 10/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Evie Daniela Leon
  • The Side Effects of Therapy: Jules, Leigh, Amy
  • When You Grow Up Without The Family You Wanted, You Create It: Leigh, Amy, Jules, Matt
  • A Mid-Life Awakening: Amy, Sabrina, Jules, Leigh, Richard
Season 2, Episode 4 “Mr. Greer”Lest we forget, Matt was a teacher, and with that said, we see how the students too suffered a loss.
Director(s) Hanelle Culpepper
Writer(s) Charles Yu
Air Date 10/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
Nina Khalijah Joi
Lacey Lyndon Smith
  • When Amy’s Away, Things Become Disarray: Lacey, Jules, Leigh
  • Honor Thy Brother: Bobby, Danny
  • Sorry For Your Loss: Nina, Leigh, Matt
Season 2, Episode 5 “Norway”There are two reveals this episode which we’re left to wonder, not the reaction of the person who receives the reveal, but what may come of it long term.
Director(s) James Ponsoldt
Writer(s) Kit Steinkellner
Air Date 10/15/2019
  • Things I’ve Wanted To Say, But I Worked Here: Lacey, Jules
  • Abandonment Issues: Danny, Jules, Leigh
  • I Think I Love You, And That’s What I’m Afraid Of: Leigh, Danny
Season 2, Episode 2 “I’m Here”Danny has a reckless, but fun, encounter as Leigh takes drugs and Jules decides to tell Leigh about herself.
Director(s) Chinonye Chukwu
Writer(s) Etan Frankel
Air Date 10/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Simone Cleopatra Coleman
  • It Was A Crazy Day And Night, But So Worth It: Jules, Simone, Danny
  • Onto A Different Plane: Leigh, Amy, Matt
  • The Outsider: Jules, Leigh, Amy
Season 2, Episode 1 “Middle Finger, Thumbs Up” [Season Premiere]It is now 6 months from Matt’s death, and while Leigh is slowly finding ways to move on, Danny’s absence makes it hard.
Director(s) Azazel Jacobs
Writer(s) Kit Steinkellner
Air Date 10/1/2019
  • I Can’t Do This Anymore: Amy, Leigh, Richard, Jules
  • How To Move On From Your Dead Brother’s Wife?: Danny
  • We May Not Be In-Laws, But We Can Still Be Something: Danny, Leigh

Season 1/ Episode 10 “The Penguin and the Mechanic”

In the season finale, both Leigh and Jules find a sense of closure while Amy and Danny are left questioning their emotions

Season 1/ Episode 9 “Welcome to Palm Springs”

With a trip to Palm Springs, gifted by her dad, Leigh decides to get away from it all. Perhaps even begin the process of fully moving on.

Season 1/ Episode 8 “A Widow Walks Into A Wedding”

It seems everyone is tired of being single and that means desperate times may mean desperate solutions.

Season 1/ Episode 7 “I Hate Chess”

We get to meet Matt’s mom and dig a bit into his childhood as Leigh tries to find something, someone, to blame besides herself.

Season 1/ Episode 5 “17 Unheard Messages”

We finally learn how Matt died but the jury is still, kind of, out on whether he had an accident or it was suicide.

Season 1/ Episode 6 “I Want A Party”

With the idea of Matt’s demise not being an accident, Leigh decides it’s time to break the funk or she may end up going under.

Season 1/ Episode 4 “Visitor”

We learn what was the thing which triggered Matt wanting to propose to Leigh as well as see Jules struggle to rebuild her image.

Season 1/ Episode 3 "Jackie O. & Courtney Love"

As Leigh meets another young widow, and her best friend gets engaged, she finds herself digging more into the blemishes of her marriage.

Season 1/ Episode 2 "Keep, Toss, Give Away"

As some of Matt’s secrets come out, some even Leigh didn't know, we dive a bit further into the complicated family he was part of.

Season 1/ Episode 1 "One Fun Thing"

Thanks to Elizabeth Olsen, the full weight of emotion dealing with losing your spouse, while young, will weigh on you like a sandbag.

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