In the season finale, both Leigh and Jules find a sense of closure while Amy and Danny are left questioning their emotions

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Director(s) James Ponsoldt
Writer(s) Kit Steinkellner
Air Date 10/9/2018

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Lockbox: Jules, Sabrina, Amy

Sharing the difficulty of sobriety with Sabrina, becoming bosom buddies, it is hard for Amy. Mostly because Sabrina was once Richard’s mistress and now is his wife. So her getting close to Amy’s daughter might be a tad bit triggering. Yet, so it seems, Amy doesn’t have the heart to tell Jules she is hurt because of what Sabrina took part of – willingly or not.

If only because Sabrina breaks through to Jules in a way Amy cannot. Jules was an abandoned baby in Vietnam when Amy adopted her. It used to be something Jules would talk about. However, then she hit 13, Amy planned a vacation to get to know where she was from, and Jules freaked out. From then on, no talking about the adoption.

But, per Sabrina, she thinks now that Jules is sober, all those things which froze her, kept her stunted, they will thaw out. Perhaps allowing her to get some form of peace or closure.


Amy talking about Jules making bad decisions, while perhaps feeling like she is experiencing losing someone important to Sabrina again.
Amy: And I—I feel like it’s history repeating itself.

Can you imagine your ex-husband’s mistress becoming close to your adopted child? The one who, seemingly, Amy got around the same time Sabrina might have had her daughter Evie? I’m not saying Amy thinks Sabrina is trying to take her kid like she wooed her ex-husband but, death isn’t solely physical. Amy, even after 20 years, may have never moved on from Richard. She just, as Jules found alcohol, partying, and stuff like that, to numb and freeze herself, Amy found work. Amy found mantras and alternative religion, crystals, to keep her from confronting what happened head on. Going into the dark and scary forest, as she notes.

A Coin Flip: Amy, Richard

Leading you to wonder, what will happen between her and Richard? It seems Richard, after 20 years of marriage, two of them in and out of counseling, he’s done. In his mind, he took a detour and he belongs to Amy. Problem is, she isn’t sure what to do and is flipping a coin to figure out an answer.

It Began With A Joke & Ended As A Tragedy: Leigh, Danny, Matt

For Leigh, we get presented the first and last gift Matt gave her. The first gift being a joke the day they met and the last gift being his comic book without an ending but pending being published. Figuring out what to do, how to end it, leads to Leigh and Danny reuniting and avoiding having a discussion about that awkward moment at the wedding.

However, while they don’t confront it head on, Danny eventually makes it clear where he stands. For with saying he can’t be around Leigh anymore, you’d think it was because she kept bringing up bad memories. The truth is that he can’t be around Leigh for he is falling for her. He may not have gotten what attracted his brother to her before but now he is slowly getting hooked.

Thus, leaving Leigh a bit confused, and just walking away from that. Right now, she just wants to figure out how to keep Matt’s memory alive without the pain and is struggling with how to do that. That, and seeing this comic book put out into the world, that is all she has time for.


Though there is more than enough to unpack for a season two, from Jules dealing with abandonment, Richard and Amy becoming a thing maybe, Leigh dating again, I’d be fine with this being one season. For as much as there is still a lot to explore, I feel like it is all downhill from here. We’ve hit all the emotional big moments from the beginning of Leigh and Matt’s relationship, to the wedding, to the end. We even see his gravestone and the place he died. At this point, as much as they could show Leigh move on without Matt, could we leave such an essential character behind?

And, in all honesty, as much as I like Amy, Jules, and the others we’ve met, including Danny, I don’t know how much I care about them if Matt isn’t part of the epicenter of their story. Jules has been on the sidelines nearly this entire season and while weird to me, at this point I don’t find much of a reason to be upset about that. Amy’s world gets rocked by her son in law’s death, one child’s sobriety, one child’s depression, her ex trying to wiggle his way back in her life and her business being stunted. Could they show her struggle with trusting Richard again? Yeah. Issue is, to go from Leigh handling Matt’s death to her family’s melodrama just doesn’t create much in the way of excitement.

Hell, even though Leigh being a young widow was the hook, with her having sex with Tripp, talking to Becca about her having sex, and beginning to really move on, as a viewer, it feels like time we do the same. Seeing everyone journey to completion or happiness sounds like a good movie but 10 more episodes? I don’t mean to imply they would be horrible but, at best, they’d just give closure to those who need to know everything ends up okay. At worse, Matt would fade away more and more and all we’d be left with is a melancholy drama with some dry humor and its best days behind it.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Go where the memories are.

You have to go to the scariest place to find out who are you, who you’re gonna be.
— Amy


  1. We got to learn Jules’ background, about who Sabrina is to Amy, and saw how things began with Matt and Leigh.

On The Fence

  1. While there are so many stories left to develop and pursue, there is this vibe that continuing down the road may mean closure but the first season feeling like the peak of the show.

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