Some Girls: Season 3/ Episode 2 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Viva deals with the weight of being the mature one, Holly’s issue is revealed.

Review (with Spoilers)

The girls go out to attend a festival and it seems to be all of their first ones. Though this isn’t any normal festival. For not only will there be music, drugs, and partying, but also everyone is sleeping over in a tent. And with the girls away from the watchful eyes of boyfriends or family, some decide to let loose. For more on episode 2, look below.

Topic 1: I Want To Be Different – Saz

Poor Saz. In an effort to once not be the weird one, she decides she is going to act like Amber during a festival in order to hopefully attract some boys, be popular, and enjoy life. Things don’t turn out the way she wants, though. If anything, her cheap imitation of Amber weird everyone out.


I’m not exactly sure how long Some Girls will go on for, but I do hope by the end we see Saz find someone who makes her happy. For while Viva is probably my favorite, there is something about Saz which seems very real. If just because I would argue girls like her rarely get such a big role on any sort of program. Whether you are taking into consideration her racial/ religious background, her personality, or a combination of the two.

Topic 2: 600 Pounds (Part 2) – Holli

We learn in the episode that the 600 pounds is for Holli’s mom. For, after pawning most of her things for various vices and other things, it has caused a problem. Not one dealing with rent, food, or anything like that, but because Holli’s dad is getting out and it seems everything that could be sold, including their wedding ring, is gone. Hence the need for the money.


I only recall one or two episodes in which Holli had a Viva or Saz type storyline which wasn’t about her being on the comedic side of the foursome, and it seems a third is coming. For while all I remember about Holli’s family is she has a bunch of siblings, it seems her dad’s return is going to bring some drama. Now, I don’t expect this show to turn into Skins in one episode, but I do hope for just a bit of seriousness taken when it comes to this situation. Though, to be honest, I don’t think it is likely to happen.

Topic 3: The Issues of Being Mature and Trying To Keep People Happy – Viva

Viva has always tried to be the normal one, the one who was sensible, and the one who had a clearly planned goal and all the avenues she could take to get there. Then came Rocky. With him, she loves him, doesn’t want to hurt him, but his lack of ambition is visibly causing her to slowly panic. Add in the girls calling her a bore and her rebelling by taking drugs, and Viva ends up with a headache, uncle Eddy’s merchandise being stolen, and then she comes home to learn Rocky is now her little sister’s nanny.


Though Rocky and Viva could very well have a long engagement, a part of me thinks they are going to end up breaking up. For while she loves him and got jealous when he was seeing other girls, I think she is coming to the realization that Rocky is meant to be her boyfriend for a season or reason, and trying to turn him into a lifetime partner may not be easy. For with her not liking the idea of him being a stay at home dad, much less around so much due to him taking care of her sister, you can see the writing on the wall.

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