SMILF: Season 2, Episode 8 “Sex Makes It Less Formal” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Nelson cutting her wedding dress.

On top of possibly seeing the scene which led to SMILF being cancelled, we get a few moments that might make you cry.

On top of possibly seeing the scene which led to SMILF being cancelled, we get a few moments that might make you cry.

Director(s) Cate Shortland
Writer(s) Emily Goldwyn
Air Date 3/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Winnie Claudia O’Doherty
Enid Melanie Griffith

We’re The Morons: Jackie, Tutu

Tutu continues her descent into a depressive episode, and while Jackie wants to be there for her sister, Tutu is making it hard. She is drafting a will, watching documentaries on Sylvia Plath, and it is becoming a bit much. However, it is agreed that Tutu needs to get out of the house and rather than the beach, there is a compromise of filling Larry’s little kiddie pool and relaxing in the back. As Tutu fills the pool, Jackie unpacks Tutu’s river cruise luggage, so she can have a swimsuit and so that she doesn’t have to be triggered by something else. Thus leading to Larry’s suicide letter. One which doesn’t have anything about the house but is a goodbye and an apology for being selfish and wanting more time with her.

I’m Suffocating: Winnie, Enid, Nelson

We’re coming up on Nelson’s wedding day and to say she may not be into it would be fair. Yet, it could also be because of her mom. Though Enid comes off as this free spirit, she is also pretty intense and it seems a bit much for Nelson at times. And yeah, her sister Winnie counterbalances that since, unlike Enid, she isn’t about being skinny and perfect, but with both seemingly comfortable with who they are and Nelson struggling, it makes putting on the dress stifling. Especially since it seems she is on autopilot rather than actively making decisions.

The Right Decision: Bridgette, Rafi

Bridgette and Nelson on a stoop.

While lacking a wedding invite hurt, that doesn’t stop Bridgette from using Ally’s credit card to buy a stripper and sex toys for Rafi’s bachelor party. A party which starts off well with fun, laughs and party games, until two major things happen. The first is Bridgette pushing everyone to give Rafi advice and her bringing up how she and Rafi were there for each other when he was an addict, and she had some episodes. The second major moment comes from Bridgette seeing Nelson’s ring cost $4,000 and her remembering what Eliza’s folks said and that triggering her. Leading to her dancing like a stripper and acting out before Rafi decides he needs to make an exit.

But, Bridgette having a moment also leads him to think, like Nelson is on the other side of town, maybe he isn’t making the right decision. Something that Bridgette may know, for she might be realizing, years ago, breaking off her engagement, might have been the wrong decision for her and their family.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So which scene is the one which shut down the show? The scene in which Nelson and Rafi had sex or Nelson trying to masturbate? That is assuming the scene made it into the final cut.


The Family That Cries

What SMILF really boils down to is conversations between your blood relations and chosen family, and how those people help you get through life. Colleen (Tutu) is a piece of work, but she relies on Jackie, formerly Joe, and Bridgette to help her stay away from her darkest places. To provide her a distraction or escape or else she’ll drown. It’s like she says in the episode, death, and sorrow is like mother’s milk to her, but I don’t think she realizes she is sucking from the breast of someone who’s dead and their milk is poison. So she needs, constantly, someone to take her off that nipple.

Tutu defending her decision to watch depressing shows.
Tutu: It’s real life, Jackie. Open your eyes.

Then for Nelson, be it directly or indirectly, you can see her mother’s influence on her. Since we’ve met Nelson, she has tried to be carefree like her mom or sister, be friendly and all that. Yet, arguably, we saw the real Nelson in the last few episodes. One which has a bit of anxiety, is capable of being kind and sweet but doesn’t want that cycle to be constant for hours and days on end. Also, she is someone who may lack a certain closeness with her father, and it may explain her relationship with Rafi.

How you may ask? Well, either to upset her father into being active or to show she does have her head on straight, it seems like the only reason she is marrying Rafi. After all, what does he bring to the table? Depending on how you take that sex scene, he may not be the best lover. A nice guy, yeah, who has an adorable son, but that creates another issue for now she is sometimes responsible for this kid and has a slightly complicated relationship with the mother. One she has tried to work on but isn’t consistently good.

Leaving Bridgette. I don’t want to say Bridgette is stunted, but she does certainly lack direction and is an example of how having a kid doesn’t always activate the idea of doing anything and everything. Bridgette right now is living off Ally’s credit card and the occasional handout from Tutu, when she can get it. Yet, just the littlest thing helps since, like her mom, Bridgette errs on the side of pessimism and so people showing her, mostly close friends and family, she isn’t alone, won’t be alone, it brightens her day.

Pushing the point that as much as SMILF can be silly, to the point of ridiculous, it is really just showing how the little things family and friends do helps keep you alive or willing to live. For so easily you can end up comfortable in a dark place and never want to leave as you get swallowed whole. So you have to have someone who either shines a light or is willing to drag your ass out of that place.

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