SMILF: Season 2, Episode 10 “Single Mom Is Looking (For) Family” [Series Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

In the series finale, Tutu reveals something major as Rafi struggles with Larry’s birthday and what should have been good news.

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SMILF Season 2, Episode 10 Single Mom Is Looking (For) Family [Series Finale] - Title Card

In the series finale, Tutu reveals something major as Rafi struggles with Larry’s birthday and what should have been good news.

Director(s) Cate Shortland
Writer(s) Zach Strauss, Halley Feiffer
Air Date 3/31/2019

We’re Fated: Bridgette, Rafi

With a child together, and the chemistry still there, Rafi believes Nelson may fill this chapter of his life, but Bridgette is end game. An idea which seems silly, even inappropriate after a kiss, yet with that kiss setting Bridgette on fire, the idea doesn’t sound so terrible.

Rafi noting he thinks Nelson will eventually leave him and he'd end up back with Bridgette.
Rafi: ‘Cause eventually we’re gonna end up together.

Same Ol’ Mistakes: Bridgette, Rafi, Nelson

That is until Bridgette learns a few things. The first being that Nelson is pregnant and then, like when she got pregnant, Rafi relapsing. Learning that puts an end to the fantasy and leads Bridgette to offer to help, but Nelson is blocking her a bit. If only because Rafi wants to do meeting rather than go away and with Larry being dangled like a carrot, it is upsetting to him. Leaving Bridgette at a bit of an impasse since she wants to be there for Rafi, Nelson as well, but if they can’t agree on helping Rafi, then that’s a problem.

Milo & The Girl Left Behind: Tutu, Bridgette

While Rafi is getting high on pills and the party is happening, Tutu is reminiscing about a boy named Milo. Someone who was her boyfriend when she was 16, real sweet guy, who also got her pregnant. Yet, with her parents being ashamed and sending her to Ireland, she was forced to give up her daughter and now wants to seek her out. After all, the house is going to be sold soon, and while Jackie offered her basement, that isn’t ideal. Plus, with Bridge talking about going to NY, that means this could be their final days, weeks, maybe months, in the same city. So while a plane ticket isn’t booked, a plan does begin to get crafted.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. When is the last time we heard about Bridgette’s brother?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…] always leave a door open, ‘cause you never know when you have to escape.
— Tutu

On The Fence

This Is The End

Tutu giving Bridgette some life advice.
Tutu: Well, always leave a door open, Bridgey.

With Rafi relapsing, Nelson pregnant, Tutu revealing she has a kid out there, and Bridgette getting serious about the idea of heading to NY, it is a bittersweet ending. One which makes the show cancellation unfortunate since these are grand shifts for each character. Tutu has long been in the dumps, seemingly just going through the motions of life, so finding her oldest daughter could be the spark she needs. Then with Rafi, while we have seen him use a little bit, how far down the rabbit hole he goes and what he is like as an addict would be a sight to see. Especially with Nelson trying to handle that and a pregnancy.

Yet, alas, things end with the potential of the future and considering how this show ended, who knows if Frankie Shaw could get the financing to end the story properly.

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