Sintonia: Season 1, Episode 6 “Moving To The Same Boat” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Sintonia comes to what almost feels like a midway point to a season vs. a season finale.

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Chico's picture on a dresser.

Sintonia comes to what almost feels like a midway point to a season vs. a season finale.

Director(s) Kondzilla
Writer(s) Guilherme Quintella, Duda De Almeida
Air Date 8/9/2019
Noted Actor(s)
Bruno Alex Barone

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Doni, Eder, Lucrécia, Rita, Nando | The Struggle Is Real

With Chico’s death comes the question of what is Doni’s next move? Rita says she isn’t going to work in the shop and Lucrecia can’t work it alone. So Doni is expected to grow up. Plus, add in he owes someone money and he doesn’t have a huge amount of choices. Which he tries to convey to Eder but he isn’t hearing him.

Also, while Doni is mourning, Nando is getting in more and more nonsense and goes off a bit on Rita for trying to guilt-trip him. He is the only one of them who is financially stable, among other things, so him being pressed by Rita is aggravating for, when it comes down to it, she and Doni can’t do a damn thing for him. Basically, he is on his own.


Anyone else wonder how this group formed? Was it at church or at school? Also, when was the last time Nando or Rita went to school? For the more we see of these three, the more you have to question how did their lives intersect and what kept them together this long? For between Doni’s noted privileged, Nando being about that street life, and the tumultuous life Rita has had thanks to her parents, there is a serious need to understand further what has allowed these three to stay so close. Especially considering it seems Chico hasn’t approved of Nando for quite some time. 

Nando, Jussara, Doni, Rita, Leopoldo, Cacau, Eder, Bruno, Formiga | The Crossroads

While nearly everyone is settled into their path, Rita jumps off her former hustler one to get baptized by Leopoldo. Which almost gets derailed thanks to Sueli mentioning her family history, but it seemingly will be a go! As for her first act as she awaits to be dipped in water? Helping Cacau and Jussara. Why? Well, Jussara got into some trouble with a local alcohol vendor and Nando is dropping the hammer a bit hard. Add in one of the higher-ranking members of the gang is Jussara’s nephew and things are escalating. Luckily, Rita calms things down with talking about second chances and with Nando in so much nonsense thanks to the whole cop stuff, he makes it so no one wins but does leave okay.

As for Doni? It is do or die at this point. With Eder pushing him to do a talk show, while in mourning, he goes just to continue living the dream as long as he can. But there are some issues with going on Bruno’s show. The first being the PA not expecting Doni, thinking his wardrobe isn’t fit for an MC, and then there is Bruno making fun of the way Nando dresses – in jest.

However, things get better after Doni performs. Not the original song he was scheduled to, introduced as Dondoka’s song, but a song he comes up with on the spot – an ode to his father. One which people respond to and helps reaffirm, in Doni’s mind, he is doing the right thing in being a MC.

Leaving one last thing: Formiga. Using Cacau, he arranges a meeting between him and Rita. One which has him reaffirm his feelings for Rita but it seemingly is too late. She is born again and sees Formiga’s path, even if he doesn’t want to be on it, an influence which may make her stray. So as much as she may like him, she treats him as something toxic.


I think what would have helped is if we saw Doni’s rise in music not be so quick. That, in my mind, is where the disconnect comes in. For whether you like the music or not aside, with us hearing how privileged Doni is and him ending up on a popular TV show within months, it really drives the idea home that he hasn’t had to really work that hard in life. So, with that in mind, why invest in him?

Then with Rita, she also has this sense of privilege as well. Maybe not monetary wise, but there is this vibe that she is and will be shielded from the worst that could happen. Outside of Jussara whooping her ass one time, her life has been easy. Maybe not joyous, but certainly nowhere near the level of issues Nando is dealing with to survive.

Which is why he is the sole, undisputable highlight of this show. For it isn’t that I’m against light drama, like we see from Rita, or what Doni goes through. It’s just, putting Nando’s story, even Formiga, next to Rita and Doni doesn’t mesh well. It doesn’t present two sides to the same city, but stark contrasts that never really mold well. For even with Rita shortly having her nose into Nando’s business, and Farmigo talking about he wants out of the life, she seems like this foreign entity. Like when an animated show has a character of a completely different design guest star with no adaptation to the tone.

Leading to the need to question if Rita and Doni are part of this show more so for commercial reasons (colorism) than anything else.

Eder, Nando, Leopoldo, Rita, Doni | Welcome To The Family

Since they began their relationship, it has been clear to Doni that Eder doesn’t have his best interest and isn’t the best advocate for him. Hence why, with no contract binding him, he goes to Brasil Records and has Nando be his manager. Which isn’t something the record company is necessarily comfortable with, but they believe in Doni so they let it go.

Though, all things considered, with Nando being initiated in as a brother, he may not have a whole lot of time for Doni. He is at his brother’s beck and call so he could get pulled from a tour, a meeting, you name it. Plus, with this promotion comes the question of who will take his spot and will their be reliable? 

Bringing us to Rita. Simply put, she gets baptized and while Doni is there, Nando is nowhere to be found. Which shouldn’t be seen as a slight to her but maybe the sacrifices to be expected. For if she found Formiga to be on a path she couldn’t agree with, Nando is much worse.


While major leaps were made, I wouldn’t say they seemed as big as they should have been. But again, it is because of the disparity. Nando has gone through a lot in 6 episodes to become one of the brothers of the mafia. Doni was damn near handed this contract based off one song and throwing a fit a few times – with Nando often backing him. Only Jussara ever portrayed her to be that bad. To us, she was someone who kind of struggled but had a much stronger and wider safety net than you’d think – based off the way she sometimes talked.

So while you have to be happy for the characters, I wouldn’t say the show ended making a strong enough statement to justify another season.

Doni Trying To Provide Nando An Out From The Mafia Life - 80%
Rita Revealing Her Intentions In Church Being To Be On Stage - 81%
Jussara and Rita Reconciling - 82%
What’s Likely To Come With Nando Being An Official Member Of The Mafia - 85%


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