Sintonia: Season 1, Episode 2 “I Did A Bad Thing” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Doni, Rita, and Nando sitting on a roof.

As Doni confronts MC Dondoka and her management, Rita confronts her past and Nando what might be his future.

As Doni confronts MC Dondoka and her management, Rita confronts her past and Nando what might be his future.

Director(s) Johnny Araujo
Writer(s) Pedro Furtado, Dude De Almeida
Air Date 8/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Sueli Fernanda Viacava
Chico Vanderlei Bernardino
Marcia Daniela Nefussi
Eder Vinícius de Oliveira
Dondoka Leilah Moreno
Scheyla Júlia Yamaguchi
Juninho Binho Araujo Silva

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The Past Haunts You: Sueli, Rita, Nando, Jussara

It is made clear to us Rita didn’t have an easy life. Never mind this Jussara situation and Cacau, even hustling on the streets, from her father being abusive to mother dying, Rita has just been in survival mode. Yet, when things get bad, the only place Nando knows of where Rita can be safe is the church of Pastor Sueli. Someone who isn’t just the local pastor but was Rita’s mother’s friend. However, as things got bad between Rita’s mom, Clarice, and Rita’s father, Sueli lost touch. But with regaining their connection, and Jussara showing she has goons and people like Nando, it seems Rita will be reliant on Sueli – for now.

In Too Deep: Nando, Doni, Chico, Juninho, Marcia, Scheyla

Scheyla (Julia Yamaguchi) expressing how worried she was.
Scheyla (Julia Yamaguchi)

After Nando murdered that cop, it has put the area on high alert and, naturally, Chico, Doni’s father, doesn’t want him out there too much. After all, he has only one son, and between his shop and nice home, he doesn’t want Doni to get caught up and lose his life or destroy what the family has built. Yet, Nando is Doni’s best friend and like a brother to him. So when they get caught up in a police checkpoint, he takes the murder weapon and prevents Nando from getting a serious charge. Doni doesn’t keep him from being put in holding, but at least he doesn’t become a suspect.

However, with Nando being in holding comes Doni freaking out and going to Juninho, someone who Nando has a rocky relationship with but they are still peers. So he calls the boss, Mrs. Marcia, who gets Nando a lawyer who gets him out. But, with calling that lawyer means Nando is forced deeper into Mrs. Marcia’s criminal organization. Something Nando wanted, but the same might now be said for Scheyla, his wife.

She, with no bank account, possibly no employment, doesn’t like how risky Nando’s life is. Especially since they have a child and with it seeming she has no family outside of Nando, maybe his friends, that makes it so her life is in his hands. A responsibility Nando takes more seriously than she may know.

A Taste Of The Dream: Doni, Eder, MC Dondoka, Nando, Rita

Doni is pissed MC Dondoka stole his song, but really, it was more so her manager Eder who took it and figured Doni wouldn’t do anything. What he didn’t expect, however, was Nando being there, playing tough guy, and creating a face to face moment. One which leads to Dondoka meeting Doni and on top of being paid for his last song, she records a new one with Doni.

However, before there is any reason to get excited, Eder makes it clear he is not going to invest into this Doni x Dondoka collaboration thing. He got one song out of her, and that’s going to be it. At least, that is what Eder thinks.

Eder (Vinicius de Oliveira) reminding Doni he isn't going to be getting a jump from his artist.
Eder (Vinicius de Oliveira)

As for Nando and Rita? To them, this is just the beginning. Doni is going to have a music career and make it big. But, unfortunately, the person responsible, Nando, might not be there. At least, they might be thinking that as he reveals he murdered someone.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It’s September 29th, 2018 as of this episode.



Nando and Rita’s Pursuit Of Survival

With both seemingly being without their parents, you have to take note of their decisions on how to survive. For Rita, whether she is in her mother’s former home or not, by selling simple merchandise she found a way to pay rent and not end up down the road either Nando is on, or sex work. Which is applaudable. Then for Nando, with a complexion like his, I can imagine he deals with colorism a lot, and it could make his life twice as difficult as his friends. So as much as it sucks that the darker hued friend is into the drug game, at the same time he has a kid and a wife to take care of and at least he is smart about it, right?

Take note, based on what Juninho says, he made sure his peers knew he wanted to rise up in the ranks. Why? Well, because those on the street not only are more visible to cops but also more replaceable than those monitoring the flow of drugs and money. Which isn’t to say they can’t still end up in jail, as Nando did, and Mrs. Marcia’s husband is, but there is less of a chance you get abandoned and left to rot.

Nando and Mrs. Marcia (Daniela Nefussi) talking after she gets him out of holding.
Nando and Mrs. Marcia (Daniela Nefussi)

Doni’s Dream, For A Moment, Becoming Reality

While we haven’t seen any signs of Doni struggling like his friends, that doesn’t mean seeing his dream come true, or him getting a taste of it, wasn’t exciting. After all, if Doni’s dream did come true, that could uplift his friends. Nando clearly could be one hell of a manager and as for Rita? Well, between the main girl in his videos, to maybe handling his merch and finances, there aren’t any limits to what she could do. Take note, she does live on her own, so she clearly knows how to handle her money. So, with some mentorship, training, a few classes, who is to say Doni couldn’t have everything he does handled in-house rather than through a label and their management team?

It’s Real Out There

Cops hauling people in on the charge of not feeling respected, people reliant on someone or else they will be homeless, getting your home broken into because you have beef and so much more. While Sintonia doesn’t have the kind of tone which is dark and menacing, it makes it clear that everyone has a lot to lose. Even Doni considering, let’s say he made a big stink about Dondoka taking his music and it went viral, you think Eder wouldn’t send some goons to Chico’s store? Does he not seem like the type who would get a kid messed up for altering his cash flow? I thought him and Nando weren’t even going to need security but a janitor to clean up what was left. Luckily for both, Dondoka killed the drama and just showed appreciation before things really escalated.

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