As Lucien waits in a cell, Johnny and everyone contemplates how to speak, even physically get to Carmen. Someone who is in a world of trouble.

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As Lucien waits in a cell, Johnny and everyone contemplates how to speak, even physically get to Carmen. Someone who is in a world of trouble.

Director(s) Mateo Stivelberg
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vicanco
Air Date 2/1/2019
Newly Noted
Hilda Mayra Luna

Anyone Can Do Magic: Johnny, Carmen

There was a time when it seemed having magic, doing spells, it was something only a few may have been able to do. However, things change. We’ve seen Johnny summon Aldemar and, alongside the rest of Carmen’s friends, they figure a way to telepathically speak across eons. Pushing you to wonder does everyone have magic, but in different quantities or could Johnny be a descendant of a witch, if not Carmen’s family?

A Failed Revolt & Rescue Mission: Hilda, Carmen, Cristobal, Fernando, Isabel

Back in the 1600s, Hilda is getting a little ahead of herself due to Carmen having powers. She even decides to tell off Fernando because she plans to use Carmen as leverage to get Sundays off, wages, and modern-day working hours. Unfortunately, this all comes about after Carmen lost her powers, so Hilda is forced into a position, as the other women who backed her up, into attempting to run. However, they are found, even after Isabel tries to help.

Hilda (Mayra Luna) talking to Cristobal.
Hilda (Mayra Luna)

This leads to Isabel getting knocked around, and Carmen, Hilda, and the rest first being imprisoned, then transported to the Black market to really experience the pain of slavery. This is something Cristobal tries to stop but being that the boy is simple, the slave traders get the best of him, and he is left to die.

Back To The Future: Johnny, Carmen, Hilda, Cristobal, Lucien, Ninibe, Aldemar

Luckily, at least for Carmen and Hilda, Johnny finds his way to the slave market, and in exchange for his cell phone, a pocket flashlight, and various other things he brought from the future, he purchases Carmen and Hilda. This leads to them seeking and finding Cristobal who downplays his bullet wound but, as soon as Carmen leaves, he reveals he is likely mortally wounded.

However, with the assumption Hilda has things covered, Carmen and Johnny head back to the present and are ready for a fight. One which Lucien may join, but who knows on what side, as Ninibe, on Aldemar’s behalf, threatens Carmen’s safety. Leading to him breaking out of prison.

Carmen and Johnny going back to the future.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Can Carmen cause a shift in the world by speaking of labor laws, feminism, even sending a cell phone back in time? All she would need is a crank, and that thing would keep working without an outlet.
  2. What did that monk want with a slave? Assuming he really was a monk.
  3. So, Johnny Doesn’t Find It Weird At All He Just Bought Two Human Beings?

Low Point

The Back & Forth Between Cristobal and Carmen

Taking note they are 18 and 19 and caught up in a bizarre situation, one can only hope this is not yet another tease of things ending between Cristobal and Carmen. We’ve seen everything from originally thinking Cristobal died, Carmen breaking up with him, Aldemar casting a spell and Cristobal ending up with Hilda, among many other stories. Leading to the idea that these two don’t find themselves drawn to one another, again and again, because of fate but because of obligation.

After all, who has heard of a lead actress on a show without a love interest? So, at this point, it seems Cristobal keeps coming back to fulfill a requirement. Hence why we’ve barely seen anything to push the idea they are a cute couple who can survive without dramatics. In comparison to Mayte and Leon, we have yet to see these two just hang out and I recognize her being a slave has to do with that, but even if they did have sweet moments together, just that fact alone will always taint what they have going on.

For even when he was trying to justify his love to his father, a part of me kept help but feel his love was more so a fetish than anything else. Hence why, when that alternate world was presented, he ended up with Hilda. Thus pushing the idea that part of Cristobal’s love for Carmen comes from rebellion and sticking it to his father. Especially since, considering he can’t take on his father, can barely combat his mother, this is the most he can do to piss them off.

On The Fence

Using Magic

I just want to learn what the rules of magic are and whether everyone is capable, but only some are powerful, or maybe Johnny is a wizard.

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