Siempre Bruja (Always A Witch): Season 1, Episode 7 “Lucien” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Carmen finally faces off against Lucien and both who he is, and who Aldemar is, you probably have guessed already.

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Mayte in a coma.

Carmen finally faces off against Lucien and both who he is, and who Aldemar is, you probably have guessed already.

Director(s) Mateo Stivelberg
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vivanco
Air Date 2/1/2019

Saving Mayte: Carmen, Mayte, Leon, Alicia, Daniel

With Mayte in a coma, Carmen is doing all she can to awaken her for she feels responsible. However, the spell she has in mind needs to stimulate all of Mayte’s senses, and for hearing she needs Mayte to hear her true love speak. This is a difficult task since her father isn’t an option and seemingly only romantic love can be done. So, with Leon on the course to forget his love for Mayte, Carmen bewitches him so that she looks like Mayte and uses, after many failed attempts, a kiss to awaken his old feelings.

After doing so, and despite his apprehension about magic, he participates in the spell in Mayte’s hospital room, and Carmen enters Mayte’s mind. It is there she sees Esteban, who is Lucien, and realizes who she must face. But, before doing so, Mayte awakens and there is a moment of joy between all.

Though, it should be noted, while a joyous moment, Alicia may miss all the hubbub or having to run around for ingridients and hijinks. If only because it brought her closer to Daniel. Someone who, despite his love for her brother, she has grown closer to and has feelings for.

Facing Lucien: Esteban, Carmen

Esteban (Lucien) trying to convince Carmen that Aldemar is evil.
Esteban (Lucien): Carmen, listen to me. Aldemar is the enemy.

It’s a rather uneventful matchup. Esteban, Lucien, doesn’t fight back but simply tries to help Carmen see that he is not the evil being she thinks he is. Yet, as she thinks she is describing Lucien and his wickedness, she doesn’t realize she is truly describing Aldemar. But, Carmen is but an 18-year old whose weakness, her love for Cristobal, was exploited. So what do you expect?

A Deal Is A Deal: Aldemar, Carmen, Ninibe

With Lucien defeated or at least knocked out and his power over Aldemar broken, Carmen finds Ninibe alive and well and she sends her to the past. However, when she returns to the past she is back in the position she was. She is with a fire at her feet and is confused. All the while, Aldemar is free to move and who knows if he may fully show himself to be selfish and evil or may help the naïve girl who got him his freedom.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • With Ninibe out, Esteban, naturally, gets the Fire Killer label placed on him. Though we aren’t told, besides having Ninibe locked up, what evidence they have to pin him for the murders.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How foolish is Carmen for telling so many new people in her life that she is a witch?

Low Point

Can This Show Recover?

Carmen back to facing the fire.

There are three episodes left and it’s hard to say I’m excited for them at all. Aldemar proved himself to be evil, Esteban is actually a good guy, and Carmen was played for a fool. But, you know what the real kicker was? Mayte asks why Carmen would go back to being a slave and Carmen thought it wouldn’t be the same. Really Carmen?

That is probably the biggest issue here to me. Never mind how predictable this show sometimes seems, but I just can’t get past Carmen is doing all this for a dude who technically owns her. If it was to save her uncle, her parents, something like that, I’d be rooting for her and be pissed Aldemar tricked her. However, trying to get back to a dude who might have a slave fetish – considering he moves onto Carmen’s friend, allegedly? I just can’t.

Not to say I won’t finish the season, but if this gets renewed, it would have to have the best finale for me to watch season 2.

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