Siempre Bruja (Always A Witch): Season 1, Episode 6 “The Ritual of Forgetting” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Leon’s secrets come out as Cristobal tries to make a deal with Aldemar and, in return, Aldemar does something sinister.

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Mayte, Carmen, and Alicia after the ritual of forgetting.

Leon’s secrets come out as Cristobal tries to make a deal with Aldemar and, in return, Aldemar does something sinister.

Director(s) Mateo Stivelberg
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vivanco
Air Date 2/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Detective Pablo Corcel Juan Manuel Mendoza
Sandra Lima Diana Angel

The Truth About Carmen: Det Pablo, Sandra, Johnny, Carmen

While Detective Pablo Corcel has been MIA for most of the series, with Johnny discovering Sandra, the witch he spoke to online, is a cop, Carmen has a run in with him. Leading to her, thanks to a newfound power to read minds, hearing that she is still being investigated. However, he is the least of Carmen’s worries for she is hoping Sandra is a witch who can provide tutelage.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Sandra, somehow, was able to just read one page of the Ninibe’s Book of Shadows and it just so happen to be the spell given to Johnny. Which leads Carmen to, in an attempt to guilt Sandra, pushing her to take pictures of the Book of Shadows, which she does. But, with Det. Pablo questioning why she did that, on camera, it reignites his interest in Carmen and what he believes is a fabricated story.

Forgetting Cristobal & Stalking Leon: Leon, Mayte, Carmen, Alicia

While Carmen is the one who decided she can’t be with Cristobal anymore, her heart agreeing with her seems not to be an option. This is causing all kinds of mayhem from items levitating, Carmen’s powers spiking, and it comes to a point where she is ready to do a ritual to forget her ex. A ritual Mayte would like to do as well for with Leon being so secretive, it drives her insane. Especially when she sees some girl texting him, stalks him at work, and based off a hug, thinks he is cheating.

Well, let’s note Alicia is the one egging on the idea of cheating, since she is miserable and alone, and Carmen is trying to keep things positive. But, despite the possibility of a misunderstanding, Mayte and Alicia join Carmen’s ritual of forgetting and while Carmen backs out, Mayte goes full force and throws her bracelet into the fire.

On the same night, she learns that the girl Leon was seeing was his sister, he is rich, by means of land ownership, but has disowned his riches because of the means his father gained the land. All this comes to make sense to Mayte, but with Leon not being trusted, he decides to end things. The shock of the sudden breakup sends Mayte to follow Alicia’s advice and get on Tunder, a local Tinder app, and she finds a boy rather quickly. One which nearly rapes her until the shadow figure which followed Carmen, in the last episode, seems to help her.

“Seems” being the key word for we learn, the next morning, Mayte is in the hospital.

Mayte before ending up attacked by the shadow.

Another Mind Slave: Cristobal, Aldemar

Cristobal is getting desperate, and so he asks Aldemar to help him get to the future. He even says he’ll use his father’s influence and money so Aldemar can have the chance to escape. However, tired of this boy’s desperation, and how he may interfere with Carmen’s question, he instead taints the boy’s mind into believing Carmen did him wrong. Leading to him sealing the doorframe her letters would come through and Aldemar doing yet another act which leads you to wonder how good of a person is he?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Whatever happened to the bodies Carmen found? Was there ever an official confirmation if one of them were Ninibe?

On The Fence

And Things Are Veering Towards Being Dull Again

While I recognize boy trouble is part of being in your late teens, early 20s, Mayte and Carmen’s boy drama is suffocating this show. Not to say Detective Pablo is adding much, alongside Aldemar manipulating idiots left and right. But, at the very least, they put some kind of pressure on Carmen to get stronger and prep for facing Lucien.

Though, even with the next episode being titled “Lucien,” I must admit that I’m expecting to be disappointed. Whether he is someone we already know, or someone new, I don’t think he might be able to compensate for the tedious nature of this show. For, at this point, it seems anything and everything which could make this show interesting, either the show doesn’t pursue consistently or it avoids.

For example, surely Lucien has followers right? They could be these shadow figures. Would it be so terrible for them to test Carmen? How about Ximena? While she wants no parts of this witch thing, she couldn’t have been guilted into helping a little bit? Also, what happened to the Fire Killer? Whether Lucien or not, him coming after Carmen or the other girls, early on, could have produced some sort of threat besides Carmen’s feelings.

And while a part of me wants to look at Aldemar and question if he might be Lucien, but Aldemar is the name he uses to trick naïve witches, is there a point? Aldemar hasn’t been made to be the most interesting character and, again, no one has really, whether mousy like Carmen or with a bigger personality like Daniel, been made to be someone you cheer for when they appear. The show, despite the drama you see should be there, doesn’t capitalize on anything and more so feels like it downplays any events.

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