The ghost of Lucien finally appears, and we check in on Aldemar, who gets a surprise visitor.

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The ghost of Lucien finally appears, and we check in on Aldemar, who gets a surprise visitor.

Director(s) Liliana Bocanegra
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vivanco
Air Date 2/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ximena Norma Nivia
Lucho Jose Restrepo
Angel Eduardo Lopez

Atonement: Johnny, Carmen, Lucho, Alicia, Angel

Angel (Eduardo Lopez) being haunted by Lucho.
Angel (Eduardo Lopez)

The reason Johnny is trying to blackmail Carmen isn’t for a horrible reason. In case you were wondering why his grandmother was raising him, it is because Johnny accidentally killed his parents. So, after being scammed by many people, discovering Carmen is the real deal pushes him to ask for her help to speak to his parents. However, Carmen doesn’t know anything about speaking to the dead. Her magic, thus far, has mostly been about healing.

But, since Johnny is persistent, she tries to summon his parents but only ends up with Lucho – a young man who doesn’t remember his name until halfway through the episode. So, with Carmen failing, Johnny tries to work around her and nearly encounters a shadowy figure which may or may not be Lucien.

On a lighter note, since Lucho also looks to Carmen to help him, she makes a deal with Lucho. Said deal was that Lucho would help scare Angel, Alicia’s stalker and tormentor, to push him to delete the video he has, thus far, only sent to her friends. A task he completes but while Alicia thanks her people, we don’t see her thank Carmen this episode.

Meanwhile, Back In The 1600s: Cristobal, Aldemar

Despite being shot in the abdomen, Cristobal is alive and well. Almost to the point of you questioning if he is immortal for he is walking around without any real issues. Well, outside of Carmen being who knows where so he decides to talk to Aldemar. Someone who, after the priest’s weekly attempt to burn him at stake, isn’t necessarily in the best mood.

However, with Cristobal, somehow, receiving Carmen’s letters and noting the possible fate of Ninibe, Aldemar makes it clear hope is likely lost.

You’re On Your Own: Ximena, Lucho, Carmen

With Ninibe missing, possibly dead, Carmen is on her own, and between not understanding technology and social customs, life has been hard. So Carmen hoped that Ximena, an associate of Ninibe, would possibly step in. However, with Ximena being Ninibe’s disciple, and losing her son Lucho to magic, and her master, she wants no parts of Carmen’s trouble. In fact, considering the marks on her and bringing the stone to the future, she says Carmen is the chosen one. But, she makes it clear she has no intentions of mentoring her as Ninibe likely would.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Were the voices Lucho heard caused by Lucien?
  2. Who was Johnny talking to online about Brujos?
  3. While a person could survive a bullet to the abdomen, considering how close Cristobal’s father was to him, shouldn’t he be way more messed up than he seems?

On The Fence

Lucien Makes A Possible Appearance

While Angel played a decent placeholder, we need the legend which is Lucien to make his presence known. There isn’t anything driving this show at the moment besides Carmen’s day to day. Which, honestly, between helping Alicia and giving Lucho solace, isn’t good enough.

Lucho and Ximena

Speaking of Lucho, with Ninibe gone and Ximena saying she wants no part of Lucien’s war, you can only hope she’ll change her mind. Partly because Lucho’s suicide and reconciliation with his mom felt flat. You’d think this would be an emotional, tear-inducing experience, but it wasn’t. Lucho being revealed as someone who was so overcome with hearing voices that he committed suicide doesn’t pack the punch you’d think it would. Maybe because the whole thing was contained to one episode, perhaps since Ximena seems ready to put that all, including her time with Ninibe, behind her. Thus leaving Carmen alone, still, and this show feeling a bit aimless.

But, considering Ximena knows the truth, I doubt she won’t at least attempt to get vengeance for her son. Unless what little she does know has scared her off that much.

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