Carmen levitating while sleeping.

While Lucien remains to be seen, and Ninibé is still AWOL, Carmen stalks Alicia and someone discovers her truth.

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While Lucien remains to be seen, and Ninibé is still AWOL, Carmen stalks Alicia and someone discovers her truth.

Director(s) Liliana Bocanegra
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vicanco
Air Date 2/1/2019
Introduced This Episode
Daniel Duban Prado
Alicia Sofia Araujo
Johnny Ki Dylan Duentes
Adelaida Constanza Duque

In Need Of Friends: Alicia, Carmen, Daniel

As you can imagine, being 100s of years from all and who you’ve known is taxing. Hence why, with Ninibe gone, possibly dead, Carmen tries to investigate Alicia to see if she is friend or foe. After all, she is one of the few Carmen saw Ninibe interact with before she disappeared. However, Alicia pushes the idea she knows nothing, or at least is as untrusting of Carmen as Carmen doesn’t trust her.

However, this changes when Carmen tries to help a situation Alicia has. You see, a guy she randomly hooked up with, who is very possessive, and has a video of them having sex, is trying to blackmail her. So, Carmen tries to help by producing a potion to make him forget about her. But, Alicia doesn’t follow instructions and no sooner does she think she is out of the woods, her step brother Daniel reveals her sex tape was sent to everybody.

I Know What You Are: Johnny Ki, Adelaida, Carmen

Finding a friend isn’t Carmen’s only issue this episode. She is also dealing with the fact she has no money and could potentially be homeless. Luckily, Adelaida is willing to let Carmen stay and help around her hostel. Also, Carmen is luckily enough to be in her room from the 1600s – which still has her things hidden underneath the floor.

Her luck does run out though when she can’t contact Aldemar for guidance, and when Johnny Ki videos her levitating. Add on him willing to blackmail her and her life just got seriously complicated.

On The Fence

This Show Is Starting Off Real Slow

With Lucien still playing this unseen boogeyman, there isn’t anything to present any excitement or some sense of a threat. Oh, beside Johnny Ki trying to threaten Carmen who, with the potion she gave Alicia, could easily wipe that boy’s memory. But even if you note Carmen having a psycho to deal with, this show doesn’t have much of a hook yet. For as much as seeing Carmen adapt to modern times is interesting, and the luster of seeing a Black witch hasn’t worn off, there remains no real selling point here. So, here is hoping, with Carmen discovering a whole lot of burnt up bodies, and the protection spell tattoos on her arm glowing, and increasing, something is going to change soon.

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