Annie talking to Amadi.

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In the season finale, Annie meets her troll, Vera has a bit of a breakdown, Fran and Annie have a fight and so much more.

Director(s) Shaka King
Writer(s) Craig DiGregorio
Air Date 3/15/2019

You And Him Aren’t That Different: Annie, Fran, Ryan

Annie knows Ryan probably isn’t on her level. Yet, with her committed to dating him, she wants Fran to lay off, but that isn’t going to happen. So, to try to push some form of empathy, she compares Fran to Ryan since they have commitment issues, among other things. As you can imagine, this pisses Fran off to the point she doesn’t talk to Annie and ignores her calls.

Burning Bridges With Minimal Ability To Swim: Gabe, Annie, Amadi, Vera

Gabe, after feeling vilified by Annie’s viral posts decides to post a rebuttal. One which attacks her, and other fat people, and leads to Annie calling him out. This back and forth gets heated to the point Annie just quits and asks Amadi to come with her since she got a hit on where her troll is.

This leads to a few different things. The first is a visit to Vera, who is smoking weed, seemingly in her feelings for she realizes she is becoming like her emotionally abusive mom, and so she heads to Vancouver for no rhyme or reason. Following that, on Annie’s wild goose chase, Amadi is forced to realize that Annie is not the kind of friend he needs considering he has his own stuff going on with his wife Cindy, and their children. Thus leaving Annie alone to confront her troll.

Awesome: Annie

Annie flipping out on her troll.

So, Annie confronts her stalker, and he is someone who, well fits that mold of a troll people believe someone is. You know, how people troll and hate on those who have the confidence they don’t. Leading to what becomes a strangely amicable exchange, to a point, until Annie rejects them and he flips out. Leading to Annie busting a window out of his car to leave the season on some form of an exclamation point.

On The Fence

That’s It?

Don’t get me wrong, Annie quitting her job, her mom heading off to Canada, and telling off her troll are highlights but with it not being clear if and when a second season may happen, this all seems anti-climatic. Pushing the idea the show may not have been so much about story as much as it was about representing people who look like Annie and having a message for them and their hates.

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