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Shrill: Season 1, Episode 3 “Pencil” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Ryan is given a chance to really step up, show he is boyfriend material, as Fran’s brother Lamar shows up and brings up something done in the past.

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Director(s)Andy DeYoung
Writer(s)Dave King
Air Date3/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
BillDaniel Stern
LamarAkemnji Ndifornyen
CindyLeslie Grossman
KaylaEsther Povitsky
AmadiIan Owens

Things Were Going Good: Vera, Bill, Gabe, Annie, Fran, Lamar, Ryan

It seemed like Annie could finally be living her best life. Yes, her first big article, one with over 14,000+ views topped Gabe, had a troll in its comments, but it was still a time to celebrate. Fran’s younger brother, a chef, brought Annie chocolate turtles, Ryan and her were scheduled for a second date, and Annie almost shut up her mother. Didn’t get to fully, because a guy she had a crush on was brought up, and her dad, Bill, joined in on the joke, but it was a good day or so.

You Aren’t The Only One: Kayla, Cindy, Amadi, Ryan, Annie

That is until Ryan decides to not show up to a company event, thus embarrassing Annie, but then he learns some child who works at the hardware store, Kayla, is also having sex with Ryan. With that, she’s done. Amadi’s friend Cindy is going to hook her up with someone, and she is going to put herself out there.

The Best Way To Get Over Someone: Lamar, Annie

Lamar (Akemnji Ndifornyen) before he kisses Annie.
Lamar (Akemnji Ndifornyen)

And as an opening act, Lamar confesses he has long had a crush for Annie and not only do they make out but have sex.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Fran and Annie have known each other, at a minimum, since junior year of college.

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Is Annie Really Done With Ryan This Time?

Growing as a person who has dealt with teasing that evolved into trauma is hard. And in case you think trauma might be a bit much, consider how Annie quickly can go to jovial and upbeat to serious, and like she’s in an abusive relationship with her mom. Vera may have never laid a hand on her, but she triggers the hell out of Annie nearly every time they share a scene and note how small Annie gets to try to make it stop. To perhaps guilt her mother in hopes that social cues will make her realize what she is doing.

That thought aside, here is hoping with Ryan not showing up, her skipping on some form of closure conversation, and her having sex with Lamar, she is moving on.

The Clothing

Outside of Kristin Chirico of Buzzfeed’s Ladylike, R&B icon Jill Scott, Oscar winner Mo’Nique and very few others, I can’t say there are a huge amount of women in media (that I know of) who are big girls, fashionable, and we see that on a regular basis. Which is a bit of a problem since representation means everything. Hence why Annie probably followed that woman around who looked like a model and was fancy looking like one. For while Annie is now slouch, clearly that woman was next level and #Goals for Annie’s future.

The same thing goes watching a show like this. Seeing Annie quit someone like Ryan, always dressed to the 9s, not a slouch at all, surely is inspirational and a reminder that any body type can stunt on you. Making me kind of wish they would name drop brands or stores. Unless Annie is the type to mostly wear vintage.

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