To break what remains of Leanne’s hold on Dorothy, Sean and Julian decide to reveal what they have been keeping from her since season 1.

Aired (Apple TV+) March 10, 2023
Director(s) M. Night Shyamalan
Writer(s) Ishana Shyamalan
Previously Noted Characters
Leanne Nell Tiger Free
Dorothy Lauren Ambrose
Sean Toby Kebbell
Julian Rupert Grint


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It’s Just You And Me Now – Leanne, Dorothy

Dorothy being left with Leanne is more uncomfortable than horrible. Leanne takes Dorothy’s vulnerability for granted so that she can watch her sleep and be the main one she has access to. But, to show she isn’t a tyrant, Leanne doesn’t hide or discard Dorothy’s phone. She still lets her call the hospital to check in on her brother and husband.

There’s Something We Have To Tell You – Dorothy, Leanne, Sean, Julian

Two people that, despite Leanne thinking she may have gotten rid of them for days or weeks, end up outside the house within a day and use Leanne’s aversion to Tobe in order to get a message to her. This message makes it clear they are outside, and as Leanne is tasked with giving Jericho a bath and more, Dorothy sneaks out and meets with her brother and husband, who reveal the truth about Jericho at last.

Yup, they reveal that Dorothy accidentally killed Jericho, thanks to her exhaustion, Sean going to work, and Julian more worried about scoring drugs than his sister. As you can imagine, this information is devastating and leads to tears, screams, and denial. But what choice is there for Sean and Julian to break whatever hold Leanne can have over their family.

A Devil To My Right And Angel On My Left – Leanne, Dorothy, Sean, Julian

Yet, while Sean and Julian are united, is that enough to take down Leanne? They are under the impression Leanne doesn’t have powers, which she does, and Leanne dangles in front of Dorothy, that if she wants her son, she is the key. So with that in mind, will Leanne triumph as Dorothy pursues securing Jericho’s existence, or will she sacrifice the potential of raising her biological son for her family and maybe pursue adoption, fostering, or an alternative option?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Leanne’s powers based on how many people believe she is powerful?

What Could Happen Next

  1. It’s the series finale, so I’m expecting a Church of Lesser Saints appearance.


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Everything That Needs to Happen For The Finale Is Setup

Dorothy was the key to everything in the beginning, and now will be in the end. Her rejection of Leanne would lead to an utter destruction of the house and all those in it. Her acceptance would mean a new era, continued attention from the CLS, and while things would never be the same, there would be a need to figure out a new normal.

Which, considering Leanne has been switching up what normal means in the Turner household, it would be interesting to see, with full power and influence, what she would define that as. Especially since Dorothy’s version of events has been shattered, and whoever she gives control to will be responsible for her mental rebuild.

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Everything That Needs to Happen For The Finale Is Setup

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