Tasked with betraying the last bit of faith Leanne has in them, Sean and Julian risk their lives hoping Uncle George can end this all.

Aired (Apple TV+) March 3, 2023
Director(s) Nimrod Antal
Writer(s) Laura Marks
Previously Noted Characters
Julian Rupert Grint
Sean Toby Kebbell
Leanne Nell Tiger Free
Dorothy Lauren Ambrose
Uncle George Boris McGiver


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You Know That She Loves You More Than Me – Julian, Sean

Julian and Sean are tasked with getting Leanne to the basement, and Uncle George handling the rest. As for who will get her down there, that causes an argument. Julian is a father figure to Leanne, likely due to marrying her maternal figure in Dorothy. However, with him choosing a side recently, he feels he is unqualified.

On the other hand, Julian hasn’t openly betrayed Leanne and still has her trust. So, he finds himself coerced to trick a very powerful girl who he knows could kill someone just by looking at them.

Maybe We Don’t Have To Be At War – Leanne, Dorothy

By no means is Dorothy willing to go back to the way things were, but she is willing to offer a truce. With understanding Leanne’s story, she feels bad for her. She still doesn’t understand why she is so special and deserves the level of attention Leanne gives, but she is able to soften her take on Leanne just a bit.

With this, Leanne is given some semblance of hope, but it is made clear, while they can be cordial, Dorothy doesn’t want Leanne to stay in the house.

You Created This Monster – Leanne, Julian, Sean, Uncle George, Dorothy

Using Julian’s relationship with Leanne, she is tricked into letting her guard down, and Julian, alongside Sean, brings her to the tunnels beneath the house. There, Uncle George tries to get her to kill herself and end the plague sent to the area, which currently is a massive amount of rainfall. But Leanne rejects this and instead kills Uncle George and his followers.

Following that, she injures both Julian and Sean, which leads to them being taken out of the house on a stretcher. Sean for an object which pierced him, towards his heart, and Julian due to Leanne pushing him down the basement steps and then having the entire wine case fall on him.

This leaves Dorothy, who isn’t 100% sure what is going on, and Leanne alone – just as she wants it.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Aunt May causing the storm?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Aunt May and the CLS vs. Leanne, especially after the death of Uncle George


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Notable Performances or Moments

The Death of Uncle George and Attacks Against Julian and Sean

While Leanne has been violent and used scare tactics, killing someone with her bare hands, especially up close and personal, wasn’t the norm. She didn’t cross that line until this episode, and with injuring Sean and Julian too? Leanne moves further towards a point of no return, and you’re left to wonder, when she snaps beyond repair, what will the consequences and aftermath be?


Dorothy’s Willingness To Reconcile, On Her Terms

Call it maturity, self-preservation, or pity. Either way, Dorothy being willing to talk to Leanne, even be cordial, can come as a surprise. Yes, she now knows Leanne’s history, but you’d think that would make her double down on why she wants her out. An obsession since childhood, which includes yearly stalking her with no form of subtlety? For most, that would raise a red flag.

But, it seems time in that bed, with her thoughts and this new information, may have softened Dorothy’s heart. Though, who knows, maybe she is playing a long game and is working with someone beyond Uncle George to take Leanne down?

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Dorothy’s Willingness To Reconcile, On Her Terms
The Death of Uncle George and Attacks Against Julian and Sean

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