Servant: Season 3/ Episode 4 “Ring” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Homeless People

As Leanne meets Tobe’s girlfriend and is sexualized, Dorothy struggles with her career downturn.

As Leanne meets Tobe’s girlfriend and is sexualized, Dorothy struggles with her career downturn.

Aired 2/11/2022
Network Apple TV Plus
Directed By Dylan Holmes Williams
Written By Laura Marks
Introduced This Episode
Sylvia Nadia Alexander


How Do Normal Girls Live Like This? – Dorothy, Leanne

As we’ve seen throughout the season, Dorothy has been trying to make Leanne’s wardrobe a bit more youthful. However, she may have gone a bit too far with the yoga attire. Leanne feels naked in the tights she was given, and with one of the baby security guys coming onto her, she is made to feel so uncomfortable that she talks to the being in the wall, recognizing that her attire was inappropriate.

Thus likely ends Dorothy’s ability to advocate for more modern and youthful clothing to Leanne.

The Chaos In The Kitchen – Leanne, Dorothy, Sean, Sylvia, Tobe

Whenever Leanne gets to be with Sean is always pleasant. After all, while Dorothy and Sean act as surrogate parents, Leanne leans more so towards being a Daddy’s girl due to her trauma with her birth mom. But, with Dorothy advocating for herself to get more serious news reports, sadly, Leanne cannot help Sean in the kitchen, and that role goes to Tobe’s new girlfriend Sylvia – someone Leanne doesn’t like at all.

Tobe and Sylvia (Nadia Alexander) talking to Sean
Tobe and Sylvia (Nadia Alexander)

Why? Well, while Leanne has seen Sean as a chef, and he has been intense, Sylvia is different. Sean wants Tobe to be better, more attentive, maybe even predict Sean’s needs. Sylvia isn’t like that. She isn’t trying to better Tobe but put him down to prop herself up. Almost as if she wants to use Tobe to get a job and maybe take his job too.

Hence Leanne tries to talk some sense into Tobe, but he is so used to Sean that Tobe doesn’t see much of a difference. So, whether it is Leanne or fate, Sylvia slips on some concoction and loses a finger. One Sean accidentally knocks into the garbage disposal, and Tobe destroys when he just so happens to turn on the gears.

This Might Be The End Of That – Dorothy, Leanne, Julian

Dorothy was so excited to be back at work, covering notable stories, but with blanking out during an interview and her leaking breast milk on air, then freaking out? Oh, Julian thinks it is over, and while Dorothy is sad about it, Leanne is happy, for that means less of a reason for Dorothy to go outside.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where did Tobe meet Sylvia, and was she just using him to impress Sean?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Leanne trying to date Tobe, especially since she seemingly has been sexually awaken by Julian
  2. The homeless kids doing far more than watching and threatening with their presence



Being Reminded Sean Isn’t Always As Sweet As He Seems

With him donating food to the homeless and seeming the less intense of the two (being him and Dorothy), Sean often comes off like a good guy. Almost to the point of forgetting how much he and Julian were in cahoots regarding Leanne previously. However, with seeing him and Tobe, paired with Sylvia, you are reminded that the culinary field isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It isn’t just Leanne or Dorothy taste-testing food and Sean’s work being nonchalant. It gets intense, there are deadlines, the potential for accidents, and yelling being a necessity as there is no time to worry about people’s feelings.

Yet, that is the beauty in Sean’s character – he exists in a duality, similar to Dorothy, where who they are at work and who they are in their personal lives are sometimes a complete opposite.

Signs Leanne’s Powers Are Coming Back

Leanne watching Dorothy walking away

From Dorothy blanking out and leaking breast milk to Sylvia getting a comeuppance, there is a need to ask if Leanne’s powers are coming back? They seemingly weakened, or went non-existent, after her battles with the leaders of the cult, but it seems with her passions flared, maybe they will make a return? It’s hard to say, but considering the number of homeless teens/ young adults is growing, she will need something to face off against them.

On The Fence

Waiting On The Homeless Kids To Do Something

This is an M. Night Shymalan production, which means you are constantly waiting for something to happen. Luckily, others are writing, and while there are many episodes of the series which are ho-hum, then comes ones like this where you are given something to hold you over, like Sylvia losing a finger.

However, with the homeless being the major thing we’re supposed to worry about, I got to admit I’m waiting for them to say or do something notable. You know, besides showing up, looking disheveled, and tapping into the prejudice people have regarding the homeless.

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