As Julian digs into Leanne’s past, it seems Uncle George is trying to determine whether Leanne will still have a future.

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As Julian digs into Leanne’s past, it seems Uncle George is trying to determine whether Leanne will still have a future.

Director(s) Isabella Eklof
Writer(s) Nina Braddock, Ishana Night Shyamalan
Aired (Apple TV+) 3/5/2021

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Who Is Your Friend? – Roscoe, Sean, Dorothy, George

Roscoe shows up at the house, and despite all that is going on, Dorothy lets him in, sit down, chat, as George chants, goes into the basement, and even goes to the grill to light up that dagger he has. Which Dorothy pays no mind since she is under the impression she will get Jericho back soon, so whatever George needs to do, that’s fine.

George crying over the task given to him

However, as it is made clear, Roscoe investigated Leanne, found nothing, and now he is trying to defend or help George? All kinds of red flags are raised. First between Dorothy and Sean, for not knowing Sean had Leanne investigated. But that issue is set aside as Dorothy wonders why Roscoe was trying to keep Dorothy out the house, under George’s request?

You Said You Wanted To Talk – Julian, Leanne

Julian dives, once again, into Leanne’s past but specifically looks into her parents. This topic is one close to home for Leanne, and it makes Julian asking about it strange for they aren’t necessarily close. Yet, with being isolated with a mannequin, Leanne is willing to talk to Julian about her relationship with her mother and how she might have burnt down the family home.

In return? Well, Julian expands Leanne’s narrative about what went down that led to the death of Jericho. Specifically, his part in not helping Dorothy, for he got a score that was too good to pass up. Thus, the overworked Dorothy ended up killing her baby and forgetting he existed for days.

Leanne and Julian after having sex

And it seems, in sharing personal information and grief, as well as Leanne wanting to rebel a bit, the two end up making out and eventually having sex.

I Can’t Do What I’ve Been Tasked – Leanne, George

After Leanne’s multiple discretions, it seems George felt tasked with killing her. However, he couldn’t do the deed, and depending on how you look at it, as George ran from his task, he was punished. He got hit by a car and might very well be in the middle of the street dying.

Now, what does this mean for Leanne? Well, George mentioned someone beyond Aunt May would come for her. As for who that person is? We’ll have to stick around to find out.


On The Fence

Waiting For It All To Make Sense

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like Servant is testing my patience. You present Leanne and this wild backstory, George is chanting and perhaps conjuring something, and present the idea people died because they lacked divine intervention. But, whether or not everything is a coincidence remains hard to say, and while, yes, Leanne has definitely shown herself to potentially have powers, of what sort remains in question. A question that is frustratingly danced around almost to the point of not really caring anymore.

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Waiting For It All To Make Sense - 73%


There is a serious need to question if Servant can end on a high note after trudging along for most of the season with two episodes left.

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  1. After this episode, I’ve decided this show is just awful. At some point it’s not just artsy eclectic storytelling anymore, it’s just bad. And during every episode I’m like….this show severely tries my patience. All this talking in riddles and shit by George and NOBODY questioning him or digging further like “wtf are you talking about bro?!” Is just effin annoying. They’d rather walk around frustrated and making gross assumptions instead of getting to the bottom of things. It’s so annoying, Leanne’s mad annoying, Sean is annoying and Dorothy is the absolute worst. I can’t tell if these are purposeful acting choices or bad acting. I’ve realized Julian is only character I like. But let’s be honest, that dropped out of of the sky out of nowhere make out and sex scene…was major eyeroll worthy, and what tipped the scales for me into bad writing/TV territory for this show, decisively. I’ll watch the last 2 eps, but if there’s a season 3, I won’t be watching. I’m out!

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