As the Marino family tragedy unravels, there is more poking and prodding into Dorothy’s role into it as the police ask questions.

Director(s) Nimrod Antal
Writer(s) Ishana Night Shyamalan
Aired (Apple TV+) 2/26/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Sergio Hudson Barry

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You Were Supposed To Protect Him – Leanne, Sergio

In the Marino household, Leanne was Sergio’s babysitter primarily. For with Mr. Marino busy taking care of his wife and the household, as shown, Sergio was a factor that could be passed off. So, with that in mind, Leanne was not just his babysitter but also the ten-year-old’s best friend. She played video games for him, cooked for him, basically a surrogate parent, and while Mr. Marino didn’t seem to check in often when he did, he appreciated Leanne making his son smile. But now, in what sounds like a double murder and suicide, they’re all gone.

Some Coincidences Can’t Be Ignored – Officer Reyes, Dorothy, George, Julian, Sean

With investigating the Marino murder comes learning Dorothy and Sean are connected. However, as of now, there is no talk of Tobe dragging Leanne’s body out in a van and taking it to the Turner house. Right now, all Officer Reyes knows about is the spying, which she thinks is just because of Dorothy’s grief continuing to run wild.

However, with Uncle George yelling, “Leanne!” there is the fear of discovery, so Julian is tasked with watching George and keeping him quiet. He clearly doesn’t enjoy the job, but with Officer Reyes just invited to walk throughout the house by Sean, there is no choice but to make sure they increasingly strange George doesn’t draw attention to himself.

Which, ultimately, he doesn’t. But this doesn’t mean Officer Reyes, who is off-duty during this investigation, thus making the situation stranger, feels any less comfortable about what’s going on. Especially after seeing the attic, and while she doesn’t catch Leanne up there, she sees many occult-looking crosses that raise all kinds of red flags. Sean pushes this off on Dorothy’s grief, which will surely lead to a visit later on.

I Know What I Must Do – George, Dorothy

Despite praying and then ending up borderline comatose, minus saying “Leanne!” occasionally, Uncle George somehow summons a package, with a video, on a Betamax tape. The video is for Leanne, and beneath it are a dagger, some liquids in vials, and a note saying to reunite them. Which, for Dorothy, all of this seems like she is making headway to get Jericho, but it could also mean the Turner family are to be killed.



Renewed Questions About The Church of Lesser Saints

While Servant has returned to a place of making you ask more questions than giving answers, at least between George, Leanne, and the Marino family’s death, we’re given reason to question whether they are as powerful as they say. For if they can revive a child and predict murder, what else can they do? Also, it was mentioned someone sends them to these places? There is a lot going on worth questioning.

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Renewed Questions About The Church of Lesser Saints - 82%


As always, Servant makes it clear it is more about mystery than anything else, but as The Church of Lesser Saints become worth noting again, maybe the show may pick up.

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