In this post, you’ll find collected quotes during the month of February 2021.

It’s better to get clarity than hope you’re not making a mistake, or hope no one catches it – for more often than not, when they do, it is when it is beyond fixing.

You can’t truly know a people and love a people if you don’t know how they contributed to your everyday life.
— Andra Day (‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’) | Actresses Roundtable 2021 – Hollywood Reporter

I’m very good at minding my own business and the trick to minding your own business is knowing what is your business.
— Redemption Song – Dave Chappelle

An artist spends their entire life trying to get back to the place where their heart was first opened up.
— Leslie Odom Jr. | Andra Day & Leslie Odom Jr. On Playing Musical Icons Billie Holiday and Sam Cooke | Actors on Actors

Cheating is whatever you wouldn’t do with your significant other in the room.
— Madison Beer (Quoting Dr. Phil) | MADISON BEER ON OUR RELATIONSHIP!! (Views Podcast)

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