Julian letting the Jericho doll dangle.

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What is more interesting? Meeting Julian and Dorothy’s father or a follow up to what Julian saw the night Jericho died?

Directed By Lisa Bruhlmann
Written By Tony Basgallop
Aired (Apple TV+) 1/3/2020
Introduced This Episode
Todd Waring Frank Pearce

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Date Night: Tobe, Leanne, Sean, Dorothy

As Sean and Dorothy go to an event for journalism, Leanne goes on a date with Tobe to his cousin’s bowling alley. A date we don’t get to see much of, but Leanne enjoys herself. In fact, she tries to kiss Tobe at the end of it but gets curved.

Where Is The Baby?: Todd, Julian, Leanne

Todd (Frank Pearce) talking to Julian.
Todd (Frank Pearce)

With Leanne and Tobe on a date, as well as Sean and Dorothy, it means Julian having to watch Jericho, who, for some reason, is back to being a doll. Which, considering Julian and Dorothy’s dad Todd shows up, it might be for the best. Though considering he is talking about adopting, buying, smuggling, however you want to put it, a Swedish baby to replace the doll with, finding a flesh and blood Jericho might not shock Todd. If anything, considering he and Julian’s relationship isn’t that bad, he might think his son was thinking ahead and handling the situation.

But alas, Julian did not plan for Leanne to bring this new Jericho, and Todd’s plan needs to have further discussion before it can be implemented. Plus, there is a strong need to ask what happened to the baby that has been in that house for weeks, if not months?

This is asked of Leanne, who utterly avoids the question, and solving the problem until Julian reveals what he saw the night Jericho died. The answer he’d rather avoid and he offers up to $100,000 to keep from answering it. He even threatens to drop the doll from multiple flights of stairs. Yet, in the end, he is broken.

How Disappointing: Leanne, Dorothy, Julian, Sean

However, we don’t get any concrete information. All we know is Julian saw something horrible that night, which included something in the kitchen that attracted flies. Yet, considering the various things we’ve seen Sean cook, that could be anything though I would not say it was Jericho.

But, who knows, Dorothy having post-partum depression and maybe killing Jericho can’t be taken off the table. Also, considering how Leanne treats Dorothy when she returns from the party, with an air of disdain, surely it can’t solely be from her hyping up her date with Tobe? It has to deal with what Julian revealed.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Todd, Julian, and Dorothy’s dad offer to get a Swedish child named Anders into the country and swapping the doll with it so that Dorothy, and the family, can avoid embarrassment.
  2. Leanne coerces Julian to reveal what happened the night the original Jericho died.
  3. Tobe and Leanne go on a date, and when Leanne goes for a kiss, Tobe recoils.
  4. Leanne seems angry at Dorothy, but it isn’t made clear whether it is solely because she got Leanne’s hopes about Tobe or what Julian revealed about the day the original Jericho died.

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  1. Do you think Dorothy killed Jericho?

Review/ Commentary

On The Fence

Tobe & Leanne

Leanne leaning in to kiss Tobe.

I can’t be the only one who had hopes for these two, right? Not that we should suddenly give up on them, it could just be Tobe wants to take things slow and Leanne, who may want to kiss, have sex, and so much more, is rushing things. It isn’t clear since we didn’t get to see any part of their date, all we know is Leanne is trying to mimic Dorothy and what it seems she’d think she’d do. Leaving you to wonder, taking note Leanne’s idolization of Dorothy is waning, how does she see her now?

Slowly But Surely, We’re Learning What Happened To Jericho

This show is d r a g g i n g out its plot. One we firmly believe could easily fit into a compelling mini-series, but it seems like the goal is to avoid the elephant in the run by pointing us in various directions. Natalie mentions she was called the night something happened to Jericho, so the next episode focuses on meeting Dorothy and Julian’s dad and barely showing Leanne on a date. We start to wonder if Leanne has powers, then her uncle shows up and disappears. Constantly you see them throw in random means to elongate this show and then abandon them almost as soon as they are introduced. Likely so that, as we get closer and closer to the truth, Todd, Uncle George, and others can be reintroduced, and we get to continue to be like horses with a carrot dangled in front of them. Ultimately wondering if, eventually, we won’t just smell and see the reward in front of us, but get to have it.

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Slowly But Surely, We’re Learning What Happened To Jericho - 74%
Tobe & Leanne - 75%


Trajectory – Declining: While Leanne messing with Julian’s head was entertaining, increasingly, there is this vibe that this show is taking something which should be a mini-series and stretching it out way beyond the capabilities of its premise. Thus leaving you forever waiting for a noteworthy reveal rather than being given backwash to quench your thirst.

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