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A glimpse into why Leanne chose Dorthy and Sean’s family is revealed, alongside Sean’s own theory.

Directed By Nimrod Antal
Written By Tony Basgallop
Air Date (Apple TV+) 12/6/2019


The Struggle To Get Pregnant: Sean, Dorothy, Julian, Leanne

It’s revealed this episode that Dorthy had immense difficulty trying to get pregnant and had around 6 miscarriages before Jericho. This is why sean, when talking to Julian, theorizes maybe the baby he thinks is masquerading as Jericho is actually Leanne’s. After all, the doll is missing, they have this human baby, and with Leanne going beyond what a nanny should do, it raises red flags.

Thus leading to Julian asking whether or not Sean wants to keep the baby and, for Dorothy’s sake, it seems he will. Leaving the question of, when the baby gets older, or if the dynamics change, what will Leanne do?

You Work For Two People, Not Just One: Sean, Dorothy, Leanne

Well, one thing Sean wishes she would do is not pit him against his wife. Prime example: being that Sean is still a bit uneasy about Jericho being around strangers, he isn’t fond of the idea of Dorothy taking him to work. So, despite saying she would, Sean is tasked with telling Leanne it isn’t going to happen – which he does curtly.

So, while on their daily walk, Leanne rides the bus and just so happens to be where Dorothy is doing a report and gets to see her in action. Which Sean sees, and of course, he is pissed. However, Dorothy downplays it and forces Sean to look like a hothead. When in truth, he is just a creep who installed a nanny cam into Leanne’s room to watch her.

It All Started With A Smile: Leanne, Dorothy

Sean being a worried father, who will likely seem like a perv if his camera is ever discovered, we learn why Leanne took the position at Dorothy’s home, and it seems to not deal with Jericho. At least, we don’t get any confirmation that Sean and Julian’s theory is correct. Instead, we learn when Leanne was a little girl, Dorothy did a story on a pageant she was in and between being star struck or falling in love, that is the reason she took the job.

Now, as for why she rolled with the punches when it came to Jericho, and whether she stalked Dorothy at all, that isn’t gone into, but we got quite a few episodes to discover if that may have happened.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Jericho is 18 weeks as of this episode.

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  1. Which do you think it is: That’s Leanne’s baby, someone else’s, or Jericho brought back to life?
  2. Is Leanne simply a fan who wants to be in Dorothy’s world, or something much more dangerous?



Leanne Is Increasingly Intriguing

Leanne (Charlotte Bell) and Dorothy during a news report.
Leanne (Charlotte Bell) and Dorothy

At this point, Leanne feels like she is standing on Sean and Dorothy’s shoulders. For as much as we see Sean cook, and make you a bit uneasy about how food is made, and we see Dorothy at work or struggle, everything seems to be about building Leanne up. Leaving you constantly worrying, what is the truth about her?

That is, beyond her, as a child, likely meeting Dorothy, assuming Leanne is who she says she is. Which is a whole other thing to wonder about since Sean and Julian continue to come up with theories with some evidence, like the headstone and burnt down house, but nothing which can be seen as undeniable.

So it should be fun to learn Leanne’s truth and see how they can keep us on the line as they, hopefully, don’t drag the reveal out.

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Leanne Is Increasingly Intriguing - 85%


Trajectory – Plateau: Servant is coming to the point where it doesn’t need a major reveal, but is building up to the point it could use something build. For as much as you have to appreciate it keeping to a small cast, Leanne is being built up in ways that are shadowing her co-stars. So, something has to give.

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