With Tomlinson avoiding joking about blackout drunk sex, there is something refreshing about her.

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With Tomlinson avoiding joking about blackout drunk sex, there is something refreshing about her. Making it so you’ll probably Google her to learn more after the special finished.

Directed By Marcus Raboy
Written By Taylor Tomlinson
Aired (Netflix) 3/3/2020
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Noted Cast
Herself Taylor Tomlinson

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


With growing up in a conservative household, while Tomlinson isn’t a prude, at the same time, she wasn’t laying it low and spreading it wide. Don’t get it twisted, she enjoys sex and believes it isn’t over until she finishes. However, she isn’t rushing to have kids, get married, or run to an abortion clinic. She is in a healthy middle.

Which is what her special focuses on, that midway point between being independent, yet clearly not in a place where you want kids or a husband. Where dating seems like a good idea, but online dating is such a minefield of dick pics, and the occasional good one, that it seems to be more effort than its worth. Also, trying to be an adult while questioning why others adult the way they do? Like, in terms of having kids, why is it some people talk to their kids like equals and why, if you want to adopt, it is so much harder than popping one out?

These musings, amongst many others, Tomlinson explores as she questions what’s next for her life and whether she wants it or not.

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Love is blind, lust is Helen Keller.
— Taylor Tomlinson



It’s Different In All The Best Ways

As said with a previous comedy special, often it seems the go-to for most comedians, especially female comedians, is gross-out sexual humor. The kind which veers from being comical because it’s true to you wondering if they’re making sure people can feel guilty about making fun of them before a YouTuber does a deep dive on their life, and it comes off sad and miserable. With Tomlison, she knows where the line should be. Does she bring up daddy issues, spankings, and jokes about her trauma? Yes. It’s a comedy, what else is she supposed to do?

However, where she differs is how she talks about sex. Being that Tomlinson isn’t a partier and comes off as someone raised to value relationships but just hasn’t swiped right on the right guy yet, you get a different perspective. Are there still jokes which can be dirty? Yes. She has one relating to Willy Wonka and people ejaculating inside her chocolate factory. Showing that she can be dirty as the rest of them, but at the very least, she is going to make it interesting for you.

And really that is the best thing about Tomlinson, nothing feels lazy, rehashed, or could easily be done by her peers. For whether you are talking about her Christian spin to things, but not so Christian you could ever say she is a clean comic, her comedy dealing with her being a woman, but not rooted in it, or being a young voice that sounds jaded, with an inkling of hope left, Tomlinson, dare I say, comes off unique. Especially as she proves, despite struggling with adulthood a little bit, she isn’t a whiny child but a functioning adult trying to reconcile with a few things.


Would Watch Again? – Worth Revisiting

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Taylor Tomlinson smiling over her shoulder.

I don’t like using the word “Special” since it has been oversaturated like people calling each other “Babe.” However, I’d say Tomlinson damn near came close. For this can’t be called a regular old taping. Tomlinson definitely maintains your attention and pushes you to want to see more. Which, for most comedy tapings, Netflix and otherwise, cannot be said. If anything, you usually question why that person, besides every streaming platform needing constant content, was given a taping when they seemingly weren’t ready.

But when it comes to “Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis,” due to her circumventing the lazy jokes a lot of comedians do and having what, based off our watching habits, comes off as a unique voice, we’re recommending to check out her special and seek out more of her throughout the internet.


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It’s Different In All The Best Ways - 85%


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