The Hookup Plan (Plan Coeur): Season 1 – Review (with Spoilers)

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The Hookup Plan is a fun series to binge but may not become your must-see of the year.

Creator Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Noted Cast
Elsa Zita Hanrot
Max Guillaume Labbe
Chantal Ludivine De Chastenet
Charlotte Sabrina Ouazani
Emilie Josephine Drai
Matt Tom Dingler
Antoine Syrus Shahidi
Jules Marc Ruchmann

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It has been almost 25 months since Elsa and Max were together and, while he has long moved on, she still pines for him. This worries everyone from her co-worker Chantal to her best friends Charlotte and Emilie. Thus leading to Charlotte thinking to hire a sex worker names Jules to get Elsa’s mind off Max. Help her get her groove back.

Problem is with that idea, it throws Elsa’s world into a loop for it becomes clear she is falling for Jules and he may very well be for her. Making how they met a serious issue, especially as it goes from something Charlotte concocted to something Emilie gets involved in. However, it isn’t all about Elsa. Charlotte is having a serious issue with hiding her relationship with Matt, her brother Antoine’s best friend, as well as finding a permanent job. As for Emilie? Well, with a baby on the way and butting heads with Antoine, so comes old insecurities rearing their head.

Leaving The Hookup Plan not just about Elsa hooking up with someone to move on, but wondering if this group will stay together as their lives begin to unravel.


It Takes What’s Familiar And Then Switches It Up

Elsa at a bar with friends.

A lot of what is presented here may feel very familiar. First, there is the vibe we have the usual set of characters when we are given a set of three. That is, Elsa being the innocent one, Charlotte the wild and promiscuous one, and Emilie being the more conservative and strict one. Yet, with time we learn that those character types which may fit a teen or those in their early 20s don’t apply to this show. One that, I want to say, Elsa might be the youngest at 30.

For with Emilie, while raised in a conservative environment, so conservative that Charlotte calls Emilie’s parents nazis, she clearly isn’t like them. First and foremost, she is pregnant without a ring on her finger. That in itself is a big conservative no-no. Following that, she is shacking up with Antoine, someone of Arabian descent. Which isn’t made into a big deal, since we never meet Antoine or Emilie’s parents, but shows how she doesn’t meet initial expectations.

Same goes for Charlotte. While she may seem like the one who is liberal with her sexual proclivities, she only is with one man the entire first season. Mind you, she clearly doesn’t have anything against sex workers, and finds them useful in cases like Elsa. However, while very much cautious about the idea of being in love, she doesn’t do the most to avoid it.

On The Fence

Charlotte & Antoine’s Culture Is Ignored

Maybe this is very American of me to say, but it seemed weird that Antoine and Charlotte are from the Arabian peninsula yet we don’t get much of a sense of culture out of them. Now, granted, they could be totally French and their parents may not have decided to raise them with the ways of where their ancestors came from. Also, it could be they reject the old ways and don’t find them worth speaking on. It’s hard to say since, outside of past relationships, nothing else is really dove into when it comes to character’s past.

Well, with the exception of Elsa’s family issues.

Elsa’s Family

Elsa crying on Anais' shoulder.

Which, in itself, isn’t developed all that much. The relationship dynamics between her, her mother, her dad and sister are established, but that’s it. As for why Audrey dotes on Anaïs more than Elsa? That isn’t really gone into. Maybe why Philippe is no longer with Audrey? Well, you can come up with ideas, but it is treated as something not worth going into. So, while we do get to meet Elsa’s family, their ability to help us understand Elsa is negligible.

Everyone Else’s Family Not Met

As noted, there is a sort of hole left by not meeting Charlotte and Antoine’s family. Also, while we hear of Emilie’s, considering how Charlotte and Emilie butt heads, who is to say Emilie’s parents are as bad as alluded to? But, the big issue with not meeting anyone’s family is it presents this idea we more so are meeting a representative than the actual cast.

Not to imply they seem fake, but there are multiple sides to people and with them almost always in the presence of friends and lovers, often it seems we get the best side of them. Leaving you with a likable, relatable character, but perhaps not a real person.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

The street name of Elsa's new apartment.

The Hookup Plan probably, even if it gets a second season, will not be the best thing Netflix has to offer. It has a good starting premise, interesting characters, but it feels limited in a way. I’d even argue it comes off like a show which doesn’t need more than 2 seasons to tell the core of its story. If not, cutting certain bits, could have been a movie and might have worked better.

Hence the mixed label. The Hookup Plan is likable but is by no means something which needs to be seen immediately. More so, it is a good show to watch when all your must-see shows are over and, like during holidays, or days off, you need something to watch for everything else is done around the house.

Has Another Season Been Confirmed?: No

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It Takes What’s Familiar And Then Switches It Up - 90%
Charlotte & Antoine’s Culture Is Ignored - 75%
Elsa’s Family - 74%
Everyone Else’s Family Not Met - 73%


The Hookup Plan is likable but is by no means something which needs to be seen immediately. More so, it is a good show to watch when all your must-see shows are over and, like during holidays, or days off, you need something to watch for everything else is done around the house.

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