Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 9 “The Mountain” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)

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As we prep for the final stretch of episodes, we see yet another collision course with Kamen’s alien mother on the horizon.

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Max) November 2, 2023
Director(s) Rachel Reid
Writer(s) James Merrill
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
The Woman Masha King
The Man James Kyson
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Ursula Sunita Mani
Sam Bob Stephenson
Barry Dash Williams
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Kris Pollyanna McIntosh

Plot Recap

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It’s Hard To Survive When There Isn’t Trust – Ursula, Sam, The Woman, The Man

So, after doing a basic examination, it is discovered the parasite that was implanted in Sam is now controlling his bodily functions. It is controlling his heart rate and pretty much everything keeping him alive. However, he is under the impression that he now has control and Ursula has nothing to worry about.

This isn’t true. Yes, for the most part, he keeps his wits, but he does slip under its influence and does try to implant the seed that grows the parasite. Ursula sees him almost do this, and it freaks her out a bit.

But, to get some background, we’re shown the woman who helped Ursula before and her life with her husband. It isn’t clear how they ended up on the planet, but they were surviving. Then, somehow, the husband got infected. It isn’t 100% clear how, and all we see Sam do in the episode, the man was doing just the same.

Unfortunately, though, like with her husband, we don’t see how the woman got infected, but we do know her fate.

You Got To Let Go Of That Fear – Barry, Azi, Kris

Azi isn’t used to people like Kris and Barry, who can lose someone they were close to and then push on like they didn’t exist. It’s wild to her, and with her already mourning Levi, adding on Terrence makes her all the more pensive, and Kris isn’t having it. They need to climb a mountain, and the way she and Barry know how to do it is with three people, and they can’t have Azi overthinking and possibly killing them in the process.

So, she challenges her to climb, has Barry take the lead, and pushes her hard to get to a plateau where they will rest for the night. But, with Kamen’s special friend close by, who knows if they may have a peaceful rest before continuing their journey to the Demeter.

New Character Description(s)

The Woman

The Woman (Masha King)
“The Woman (Masha King),” Scavengers Reign, “Episode 9: The Mountain,” directed by Rachel Reid, 2023, (Max)

The woman is the old woman we meet who helped Sam heal but also implanted a parasite into him.

The Man

The Man (James Kyson)
“The Man (James Kyson),” Scavengers Reign, “Episode 9: The Mountain,” directed by Rachel Reid, 2023, (Max)

The man is the woman’s husband who, by means unknown, became infected by the local alien being.



Something To Look Forward To

So, upcoming is the convergence of those who survived the escape pod landing, Sam and Ursula meeting up with Azi, and maybe Sam’s infection making it so he can take on Kamen’s friend and live. With the hope he faces off with it before Azi sees more people brutally murdered by the local population.

Plus, with Azi saying Mia was in cryogenic sleep, even though we saw aliens already eating and killing some who were in deep sleep, maybe she survived? Considering the growth we’ve gotten out of Azi, it would suck to see her growth continue to be born out of trauma and not a lick of it due to joy.

Kris (Pollyanna McIntosh)
“Kris (Pollyanna McIntosh),” Scavengers Reign, “Episode 9: The Mountain,” directed by Rachel Reid, 2023, (Max)

As for Sam and Ursula? I feel, at this point, Sam has pushed Ursula to prep for taking over so much that it is blatant foreshadowing, and we should grow to accept his demise. I just hope, as noted, it is something epic like him fighting the thing Kamen is in and killing it.

Now, will this stop the dozen other beings like Kamen’s friend, who we know exist? Not at all. However, there has to be something set up for season 2.

On The Fence

Not Providing Much Background On The Woman and Man

Here is my thing, this parasite being is something that is playing an extended role, and we know nothing about it. We know, or rather assume, it is native to Vesta, but who is to say? We don’t know where the man and woman came from. Assuming the woman aged over time like she was on Earth, it could be decades since she somehow ended up on the planet.

Heck, for what we know, she could be from the planet! After all, we’ve only seen a slice of the planet, and with Kris talking about how there is still colonization being done of foreign planets, and this one has breathable air and drinkable water? Who is to say the man and woman weren’t part of an exploratory committee? There is just a lot that isn’t answered, and a part of me wonders what was the point of expanding the man and woman’s story without giving us more?

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 9 “The Mountain” – Overview


While there is a stumble in building up past people who have landed and survived on Vesta, this is just a blemish on a still rather good show that maintains our attention and deserves yours.

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