As Sam shows signs of some form of mania, Azi has to learn how to deal with dynamics that don’t have her in a power position.

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Max) November 2, 2023
Director(s) Vincent Tsui       
Writer(s) Jillian Goldfluss
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Sam Bob Stephenson
Ursula Sunita Mani
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Barry Dash Williams
Terrence Freddy Rodríguez
Kris Pollyanna McIntosh

Plot Recap

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Sam, Are You Okay? – Sam, Ursula

Ursula (Sunita Mani) and Sam (Bob Stephenson)
“Ursula (Sunita Mani) and Sam (Bob Stephenson),” Scavengers Reign, “Episode 8: The Nest,” directed by Vincent Tsui, 2023, (Max)

It isn’t clear what exactly what was implanted in Sam’s body, at first, but it has made him damn near superhuman. While Ursula is still human and needs rest, food, and more, Sam is like a tank. He works all day, swims so long you’d think he was Aquaman, and he is working on something in this cave. Ursula, when she is fully awake, discovers what he is working on and is shocked.

However, it is notably worrisome that Sam now has a flap in his chest. This flap, when moved, exposes a tiny version of the thing the old woman was connected to in the last episode. Which leads to the question, what new cure or fix will they discover for this problem?

The Weakest Link Breaks The Fence – Azi, Barry, Terrence, Kris

Azi (Wunmi Mosaku) and Barry (Dash Williams)
“Azi (Wunmi Mosaku) and Barry (Dash Williams),” Scavengers Reign, “Episode 8: The Nest,” directed by Vincent Tsui, 2023, (Max)

With Azi watching how Kris runs things, she recognizes it would be best to move carefully. Kris and Terrence try to reassure her, but as Barry shows his youth, she sees the true dynamics of the group. Terrence is more maternal, and Kris is more paternal, and she believes in issuing tough love. Mind you, it is established Barry has gone through a lot and had a tough life, but he hasn’t grown up enough for Kris to rely on him.

So when an alien attacks them, she may injure it but orders Barry to kill it. Terrence doesn’t agree, but Barry, to prove himself, kills the thing, and to keep incidents from happening, Kris forces Barry to give up this recorder Terrence gave to him. Terrence goes to get it and is killed in the process. Leaving Barry further traumatized and Azi, who witnessed the death, having to deal with her second death in a few days.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. There is no sign of Kamen in this episode



Azi’s Storyline Picking Up

It’s interesting to see Azi, post-Levi’s death – especially since now we’re seeing her interact with people, never mind function as part of a group. With the power dynamics shifting, we’re allowed to see her in perhaps her true state. She isn’t giving orders or in a position of power. Azi is still recovering from what Kamen’s keeper did, is with people potentially tougher than her, and she has to humble herself in some ways.

I find it interesting to watch, and with losing Terrence, how she decides to potentially fill that role may further expose who she is.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 8 “The Nest” – Overview


As power dynamics change, and we continue to wonder how will Sam and Ursula survive, I think this is the first time the second episode wasn’t a dip in quality, and this leads me to wonder what episode 9 holds?

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