Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Fall” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)


Two hostile interactions threaten those who remain in the latest episode of Scavengers Reign.

General Information

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Release Date (MAX) October 26, 2023
Director(s) Diego Porral
Writer(s) James Merrill
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Sam Bob Stephenson
Ursula Sunita Mani
Levi Alia Shawkat
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Kamen Ted Travelstead

Plot Recap

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The End Of Sam? – Sam, Ursula

We’re shown what happens to those bitten by that unnamed alien. It’s a slow poison that also acts as a tracker, and after the alien reproduces a doppelganger, its only task is to find the original, bury it, surround itself with a similar species, and eventually explode. When it does, it releases an acid that burns away those around it, and from those corpses, the alien that created the doppelganger emerges.

Luckily for Ursula and Sam, the doppelganger doesn’t get that far. Ursula is able to stop it, but in the process, she burns up a lot of the equipment and supplies she had. Also, despite stopping the doppelganger, she may not have saved or be able to save Sam.

Your Joy Disturbs My Peace – Levi, Azi, Kamen

Kamen, still very much in some kind of utero, feeds off his alien host via his belly button and is unresponsive. This includes when Levi and Azi encounter the alien who, as we saw, is an immensely jealous entity. So, naturally, on sight, it goes to attack Azi and Levi, and while Azi is able to escape it, Levi is torn to pieces and effectively killed.

Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

Finally, after who knows how long, it seems calls for help reach someone. But, with no idea if the person could be a friend or foe, who knows if this person may rescue everyone or be the final face they see before death?


On The Fence

Levi’s Death Didn’t Feel As Emotional As It Should Have Nor Sam’s Assumed Death

I feel like we lost Levi and Sam before they reached their apex as characters, and I’m torn about it. Yes, not saving this until the final episode and leaving us on a devastating cliffhanger is appreciated. However, having it done in the middle of the season doesn’t necessarily feel right either.

Yes, Levi has made gains since their introduction, as has Sam, but I don’t feel like either of their journeys reached a point where their deaths could be emotionally impactful. We’d need more than six episodes for it to be notable. Heck, with the pacing of this show, likely multiple seasons as we’re just starting to understand who did what and get little tidbits about who people are beyond the scope of their survival.

Setting Levi aside, even with Sam, who is human and established a bit more, I feel like we don’t know much beyond his assumed role as a captain. Does he have a family? What does he work for beyond money? Heck, why did he pick this job? We know a lot of surface-level material, but as for the depth to any character, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Fall” – Overview


With the potential death of two characters, probably a bit too early in the show to execute, so comes the question of whether this may damage the show and its ability to move forward or give it more time and room to explore the survivors?

  • Levi’s Death Didn’t Feel As Emotional As It Should Have Nor Sam’s Assumed Death - 76%
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  • Levi’s Death Didn’t Feel As Emotional As It Should Have Nor Sam’s Assumed Death

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