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"Title Card," Scavengers Reign, "The Signal," directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

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General Information

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Release Date (MAX) October 26, 2023
Director(s) Christine Jie-Eun Shin
Writer(s) Jenny Deiker Restivo
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Charlie Skyler Gisondo
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Kamen Ted Travelstead
Fiona To Be Determined
Mia Sepideh Moafi
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Levi Alia Shawkat
Sam Bob Stephenson
Ursula Sunita Mani

Plot Recap

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What It Looks Like To Give Up – Kamen, Charlie, Fiona, Mia, Azi, Levi, Sam, Ursula

Despite all Kamen has done and said recently, there comes a point where he gives up. Charlie, a kid who barely escapes aliens feeding on those who were in cryostasis in the Demeter, finds Kamen and ends up being killed by Kamen’s alien friend. This is another death on Kamen’s head, for he believes Fiona, who he made love to potentially within days of this whole incident, died on that ship.

Mind you, Kamen has been cursing Sam and his inflexibility, but it seems to finally hit Kamen this is all his fault with seeing Charlie’s neck screwed like a cap until he died. So, with that, Kamen decides to allow the alien to consume him in a way that almost makes it look like he is heading back into the womb. As this happens, Sam is poked by an alien that seemingly is going to reproduce him, and after being attacked like he was, Ursula starts to have reason to worry about the old man.

As that happens, Azi is recovering from her attack in the last episode by letting fish eat away the scabs, which surprisingly clears her up. Meanwhile, Levi continues to ponder about life, maybe even the potential of swimming, which doesn’t seem like something they can or should do, but Azi humors the idea.

New Character Description(s)


Charlie was a crew member of the Demeter, but the kid ends up dead by mid-episode.


On The Fence

So, The Second Episode Of The Three Will Just Routinely Be Okay But Not Great?

I don’t want to downplay how it is confirmed that Fiona and Kamen were intimate or their final moments together. It’s just something about this all felt like it was just wrapping up what happened so we can move on, but move on to what is the question? This whole, start off the three on a high note, let the energy die down, and then ramp things up, I get is how story structure works.

However, I feel like, in the age of streaming and binge-watching, even if controlled binge-watching, via three episodes vs. an entire season, can’t we do better?

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Demeter” - Overview


While we get more information about the last hour most of the known cast was on the Demeter, it almost feels like we would have been better off with a longer episode four than a wrap-up episode 5.

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  • So, The Second Episode Of The Three Will Just Routinely Be Okay But Not Great?

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