As it is confirmed who is to blame for all we see, it is also depicted the path forward as nothing in the past can change, but many can decide how to handle the future.

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (MAX) October 26, 2023
Director(s) Rachel Reid
Writer(s) Sean Buckelew
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Kamen Ted Travelstead
Fiona To Be Determined
Sam Bob Stephenson
Levi Alia Shawkat
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Ursula Sunita Mani

Plot Recap

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The Reason For This All – Kamen, Fiona, Sam

So, ultimately, what happened was that Kamen was the head of the ship. The ship’s safest route would have led to massive money losses and Kamen being fired. Because of this, he went to Sam about taking a riskier route; since Sam appears to be the navigator, Sam shut that down without prejudice, and so Kamen took it upon himself to change the route, and because of a solar flare, things went to hell.

As we learn about what Kamen did, the alien continues to use Fiona and all of Kamen’s guilt to get him to kill more and more, and while it does help him, it also grows large. Leading you to wonder what may happen when this little dude no longer needs Kamen, if that time ever comes?

Something Beyond Your Understanding – Levi, Azi

Levi was already a unique robot, but now, with it developing feelings across its chassis, having individual thoughts and curiosities? It weirds Azi out to the point of wanting to fix Levi. As she attempts to do this, she gets attacked and is able to get Levi back in action soon enough to save her from being murdered.

With that, Levi makes it clear there will be no turning off or unnecessary maintenance anymore. While they may come off strange, there isn’t a malfunction, and that should be respected.

Bury The Dead And The Hatchet – Sam, Ursula

After Sam gets hauled off by one of the animals in the last episode, Ursula figures out a way to join him up in the sky, and after avoiding being eaten, she finds Sam, who has discovered 4 of his friends, likely killed by the storm earlier in the season. As they are buried, Sam comes to admit Ursula, who seemingly was a botanist on the ship, is what kept them alive.

The hatchet is buried, and the two use their inventive ways to get out of the tree top, back onto solid ground, and continue to head towards the ship.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Who are these people they discover dead in their escape capsules?
  2. Did Fiona die in the capsule that burnt up?


Notable Performances or Moments

Levi’s Evolution

While it isn’t new for us to see a robot evolve, it is rarely in a production where they are allowed to explore and thrive. Usually, them evolving is seen as a threat to humanity, and whether you are talking about “I, Robot” or the recent “The Creator,” it means genocide of anything with artificial intelligence. That isn’t the case with “Scavengers Reign.”

Now, is Azi fostering Levi’s growth? Not at all. However, with being forced to rely on Levi, you can see there isn’t a choice about letting Levi become more than support. They have to be able to exert their autonomy, be more than a tool, and while they aren’t structuring their growth towards being human, they are certainly venturing to find out what it means to exist beyond the use of others.

Thus providing rare ground to explore.


Knowing Who Is To Blame

We love to see a mystery solved before the end of a season. Why is everyone on this planet? Kamen. Why did Kamen decide to screw everyone over? Because he was going to lose his job and his partner. Simple answers, and as for karma? Well, you could say it is in progress.

Yes, Kamen is protected, for now, by that was when the entity was partially reliant on him – their dynamic could eventually shift. It’s hard to say if or when, but it is going to be interesting to watch how all of this plays out.

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With revealing the cause of what led to everyone’s crash landing comes the question of what is next, and from what we see in this episode, there is likely a lot to look forward to.

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