Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Wall” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)

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As it becomes clear the groups we’ve been following are connected, we are also pushed to wonder what led to them being separated and not together.

General Information

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Release Date (Max) October 19, 2023
Director(s) Vincent Tsui
Writer(s) Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Sean Buckelew
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Fiona To Be Determined
Kamen Ted Travelstead
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Sam Bob Stephenson
Ursula Sunita Mani

Plot Recap

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Before It All Happened – Fiona, Keman, Avi

“Scavengers Reign” begins to connect the dots regarding how everyone knew each other. For example, Azi and Fiona knew each other since Fiona designed or modified Levi. From what it appears, outside of Fiona’s relationship with Keman, she handled robotics for the fleet of Levis on the ship.

Regrets To Murder – Keman

From what it appears, Kamen had a role in everything that happened. It isn’t 100% clear how yet, but it seems as the engineer he did or didn’t do something, and that led to the circumstances he is in. This creates a lot of regrets and maybe some self-hatred that Keman pours into trying to survive and appease the alien, who is either his ally or puppet master.

It’s hard to say, but we know that the alien is eating well due to Keman improving as a hunter.

Ego and Curiosity – Sam, Ursula

While Sam and Ursula appear to make a good team, Sam sometimes grows tired of Ursula’s curiosity and how it slows them down. Which leads to Ursula, to some surprise, making it clear she can survive without Sam, not the other way around, which may come as a surprise.

After all, Sam was getting the escape pods together to create the beacon to bring the ship down, and Ursula almost died a few times already. But, despite what we have observed, it seems Sam is forced to admit Ursula is more capable than the show has, thus far, let on.


Notable Performances or Moments

The Design Of The Aliens

One thing I perhaps can’t praise enough is the aliens. Whether ones we’ve consistently seen, like Keman’s little friend, to the various ones Azi, Sam, and Ursula encounter, we’re seeing some of the most inventive beings. I’d even submit, even with not being a huge sci-fi fan, I find myself immensely interested in the biology, capabilities, and even patterns of these beings.

Eventually, we are likely to make a character guide for this, but one thing I’d love to see and will seek out is the official take on what is what. For having a “Fantastic Beasts” type approach to “Scavengers Reign,” where we get an encyclopedia, would be cool.


We’re Beginning To Connect The Dots

Until now, we had three separate stories going on that we knew were connected in some way, but it was hard to say how. Now, with Azi and Fiona interacting, and then Keman, we’re pushed to believe that these weren’t people who existed separately, on different parts of the ship, and were total strangers. There are connections, relationships, and maybe even issues, between them, which can complicate their reuniting.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Wall” – Overview


The end of the first batch of episodes definitely is more about setting the foundation than really giving this show the type of momentum some may want, but with a rare balance, especially for something sci-fi, between world-building and character-building, I think “Scavengers Reign” while made for sci-fi fans, can pick up the interest of casual viewers as well.

  • The Design Of The Aliens - 88%
  • We’re Beginning To Connect The Dots - 84%
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  • We’re Beginning To Connect The Dots
  • The Design Of The Aliens


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