Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 12 “The Reunion” – Episode Recap/ Review

The Demeter

In the season, hopefully, not series, finale, one major problem is solved, but it seems the next is only so far from the horizon.

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Release Date

November 9, 2023


Vincent Tsui


Sean Buckelew

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


Pollyanna McIntosh


Wunmi Mosaku


Dash Williams


Sunita Mani


Alia Shawkat


Ted Travelstead

Plot Recap

Standing Up For What’s Right Doesn’t Mean There Aren’t Consequences – Azi, Barry, Kris, Ursula

Azi is able to catch up to Kris, and she is torn between wanting to kill her or once again plead with her, as there is strength in numbers. Strangely, despite Barry’s attack before, Azi pays him little mind, and maybe that was for the best, mainly due to Barry taking Azi’s side in terms of waking everyone up and trying to rescue them vs. just leaving, as Kris ultimately does.

Now, where is Ursula during all of this? Well, she originally was focused on waking up as many people as possible, but then you know who showed up and forced her to run and hide.

A New Dawn, A New Day – Levi, Kamen, Ursula, Azi, Barry

Kamen’s special friend wreaks havoc and nearly destroys more cryogenic pods as it chases down Ursula. Thankfully, Azi is able to get its attention, and with Barry’s help, Ursula works on awakening as many people as they can, manually, since they are unable to by computer anymore.

But luckily for Azi, before Kamen’s friend is able to overpower her and potentially kill her, Levi shows up and doesn’t kill the alien or Kamen, but somehow has this unfathomable power that leads to it shrinking the alien back to its original size and freeing Kamen, unharmed. It’s strange but merciful, and after Kamen’s alien is shooed away, everyone heads back to the cytogenesis chamber area and awakens people one by one, including Mia.

Baby Levi
“Baby Levi,” Scavengers Reign | Season 1/ Episode 12 “The Reunion” | Directed by Vincent Tsui | 2023 | Max

Leaving us with a flashforward of Ursula seemingly running things, Kamen helping with the plan life, Azi doing watch, and Levi somehow asexually reproducing.

There Is Life Out There In Space – Kris

Despite Kris getting away, it seems, thanks to a plant Barry left behind, the system was not able to take her to her final destination. Luckily for her, depending on what they do to her, she is found by this mysterious-looking group with masks, who might be her saviors or the final things she may ever see.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. How in the world is Levi doing asexual reproduction?
  2. How much time passed between the defeat of Kamen’s little friend and when things end in the season?

Discussion Items

Let us know your thoughts in the comments:

  1. Assuming this gets a second season, are you looking forward to the masked people potentially visiting Vesta?



An Epilogue That Includes A Setup For The Future

The Mask People
“The Mask People,” Scavengers Reign | Season 1/ Episode 12 “The Reunion” | Directed by Vincent Tsui | 2023 | Max

With seeing Ursula taking over Sam’s leadership position, Kamen in a subordinate role – with a little attitude, and Azi up doing watch or just enjoying her solitude, we get a decent little ending to the season. Add in Levi seemingly having more children than they know what to do, and it appearing that the planet is mass-producing little Levis, it should be interesting to see what the future holds.

Especially considering we met some alien life form that may or may not be human, and considering they are introduced to a baby Levi and could want to investigate further, things could get interesting. For while we can assume, with Ursula’s documentation, that people are aware of what is friendly, neutral, or dangerous, outsiders are a totally different story.

But, with their introduction, it could mean learning the story of what is going on throughout the universe, which hasn’t really been a priority topic due to everyone focusing on survival and getting to the ship.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 12 “The Reunion"


“Scavengers Reign” may not end at its peak, but it holds steady in such a way that we can’t recall another sci-fi show doing in a long time.

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