Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 11 “The Return” – Episode Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Fiona's arm

As everyone begins to converge at the Demeter, there is a question of who will leave, who will stay, and who may die before the finale scene of the last episode.

General Information

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Release Date

November 9, 2023


Diego Porral


James Merrill

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


Ted Travelstead


Alia Shawkat


Wunmi Mosaku


Sunita Mani


Alia Shawkat


Dash Williams


Pollyanna McIntosh

Plot Recap

I Just Want You To Face The Truth – Kamen, Fiona

Kamen’s alien friend finds what appears to be Fiona, who is by no signs alive, and it rests beside her in a way that Kamen is less than a foot from cuddling her corpse. With that, he finds himself reliving memories, none of them happy. However, before he can really face his reckoning, he wants to escape from the womb he has encased himself in.

Fiona and Kamen laying side by side
“Fiona and Kamen laying side by side,” Scavengers Reign, ” Episode 11 ‘The Return’” directed by Diego Porral, 2023, (Max)

Thankfully for him, a bomb goes off, and with that, he seems to be on the way towards freedom.

Two Heads Are Better Than One – Azi, Ursula, Levi

A handful of fateful encounters happen. Ursula thankfully runs into Azi and is able to free her so that both can head towards the Demeter to stop Kris and Barry. Also, Ursula runs into Levi, who has evolved complexly.

Clearly, they are more one with the planet Vesta than ever before, but they have retained their voice. However, as for being subject to human needs and wants? That’s gone. It has full autonomy now. Though, when the rope that was bonding Azi is brought to them by some insects, who seem to exalt Levi, there is a chance something may have clicked inside of it, and it may join the fight happening at the Demeter.

Karma Strikes Too Slowly – Barry, Kris, Kamen

Now, what fight is that? Well, as Barry and Kris prep to leave the planet, as noted above, Kamen’s friend shows up. Surprisingly, despite multiple instances it seemed ready to be on a collision course; it had no interest in Barry and Kris until they decided to start blowing things up to make their escape. In doing so, they got the alien’s attention, and its first act was nearly snapping Barry’s neck like it did Charlie.

Luckily for Barry, Kris has a bomb go off that gives them time to escape, but it becomes clear that they didn’t win a battle, certainly not the war; they just avoided death for a little while longer.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. There was someone in cryostasis who looked like Mia, and it seems she is still alive.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Did Levi evolve to the point of not having an on-and-off switch? Also, how does it see?
  2. What happened to the aliens that were eating those in cryostasis?

Discussion Items

Let us know your thoughts in the comments:

  1. Do you think Levi is going to get its revenge before or after Kamen’s alien kills Barry and Kris?



A Wonderful Setup For The Finale

Azi pushing Ursula to hurry up so that they can get to the Demeter
“Azi pushing Ursula to hurry up so that they can get to the Demeter,” Scavengers Reign, ” Episode 11 ‘The Return’” directed by Diego Porral, 2023, (Max)

So, everyone alive is about to meet up, and I’m surely interested to see what happens. Will Kamen’s alien kill everyone? Will Levi get its revenge? What about Azi and Mia being reunited? Heck, Could Sam hold on long enough for medical attention? Never mind, will this season end with everyone leaving the planet or maybe trying to colonize it? From what we’ve seen, outside a few plants, it isn’t the worst place to live and seems to be able to sustain human life, considering the air is breathable and water is drinkable.

On The Fence

What Was The Point Of Showing Azi’s Crash Landing?

A part of me needs to ask why they showed Azi landing? Was it to remind us who Levi was before they reintroduced them? We didn’t see everyone else crash land, so I assume that’s the reason, and if that was the sole reason, I feel like they wasted valuable time in the lead-up to the finale.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 11 “The Return”


While it is worth questioning why they spent a few minutes on Azi’s crash landing, everything else about this episode hypes up the finale and leaves you wondering what shall happen next?

  • A Wonderful Setup For The Finale - 83%
  • What Was The Point Of Showing Azi’s Crash Landing? - 73%
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  • A Wonderful Setup For The Finale


  • What Was The Point Of Showing Azi’s Crash Landing?

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