“Run The World” returns with one of the leads missing, but someone new may not join the group but complicate one of their lives.

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Plot Recap

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Bye, Ella! – Ella, Anderson, Barb, Renee, Sondi, Whitney

Barb (Erika Alexander)
“Barb (Erika Alexander),” Run The World, “A Dream Deferred,” directed by Rachel Holder, 2023, (STARZ)

It has been roughly two weeks since Whitney’s confession, and a trip to Mexico hasn’t fixed a damn thing. She is spiraling and sleeping on Renee’s couch, and Sondi has her own issues that are keeping her from getting too involved. But, Ella? Ella has decided to quit her job with Barb and relocate, for six months, to Tulum, Mexico to finish her book. And to boot, Anderson is moving down there to be with her.

Forgiveness Is Hard – Ola, Whitney, Renee, Jason

Ola still loves Whitney, but the problem is, after ten years together, 3 of which were them living together, the cheating destroyed that, and when asked why she did it, she tries to bypass that and just seek forgiveness. Ola isn’t having it, and it seems a lot was riding on Whitney’s answer. But, with her lacking something significant, even after two weeks to think about it? He moves out.

As for Renee and Jason? The struggle is real. Jason still has no support from Renee, and she plays down what he is trying to do for himself. However, it doesn’t go both ways. Jason, when he learns Renee left her job, is starting a new business, and that he has lost his healthcare because of that, is a bit worried about his inhaler, but he is happy, proud, and wishes Renee all the success. This lack of pettiness throws her off a bit and may very well rekindle something.

The Struggle Of Blended Families – Naomi, Amari, Matthew, Sondi

Naomi (Tika Sumpter)
“Naomi (Tika Sumpter),” Run The World, “A Dream Deferred,” directed by Rachel Holder, 2023, (STARZ)

Amari’s mother, Naomi, says she has been honorably discharged from the Navy, bought a home in New Jersey, and with that, she is back in Amari’s life, and it is hard to say how that may affect Sondi’s relationship. She isn’t comfortable around Naomi, even though Naomi isn’t presenting any major red flags. Yes, she and Matthew are a little too comfy, but Amari is happy. It appears Matthew and Naomi are doing well in terms of co-parenting, and Naomi isn’t throwing any subtle shots.

However, something seems to be off for her, and she just can’t put her finger on it.



Addressing The Elephant In The Room

As still on Andrea Bordeaux’s Instagram, Andrea left the show because there was a vaccination mandate. But rather than write her off in a dramatic fashion, with no room to return, they left the door open. Now, whether Lionsgate and the rest involved would let her through that door? That’s hard to say.

Renee and Jason

There seems to be a shift in Jason and Renee’s relationship. I think it is because Renee feeds off that pettiness. Maybe that is how she gets her anger and frustration out when masturbation doesn’t work? But Jason not meeting her at that place, that is something different. It presents “Run The World” like it wants to put men and women on equal footing. That both can be flawed heroes in their own stories, and no one can be an absolute villain.

Jason (Jay Walker)
“Jason (Jay Walker),” Run The World, “A Dream Deferred,” directed by Rachel Holder, 2023, (STARZ)

This feels very different in a female lead story but also allows a certain give and take that many of its peers don’t necessarily have.

The Naomi Addition

The same goes for the Naomi’s situation. To me, she starts off coming very lovely. She got a co-parenting situation that seemingly works, and yes, Matthew was acting suspect, but he was also eating Sondi out and treating her to a good breakfast. So, is the potential issues in Sondi’s head? Could it be she is worried about Amari? We need some details.

On The Fence

Ola and Whitney

It’s beautiful to see things flipped, where the woman cheated, is a bit nonchalant about it, and is expecting forgiveness. Yet, the problem is the cheating happened in season 1 when we barely knew the couple, and Whitney wasn’t really happy. So this couple isn’t the type you want to get back together or see either dwell on. So we can only hope Whitney takes accountability, licks her wounds, and moves on.

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

More From The Series
Previous Episode: Season 1/ Episode 8 Next Episode: Episode 2
Release Date (STARZ) May 26, 2023
Director(s) Rachael Holder
Writer(s) Ester Lou
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Naomi Tika Sumpter
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Ella Andrea Bordeaux
Anderson Nick Sagar
Barb Erika Alexander
Renee Bresha Webb
Sondi Corbin Reid
Whitney Amber Stevens West
Ola Tosin Morohunfola
Jason Jay Walker
Amari Ellie Reine
Matthew Stephen Bishop


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Why Is The Episode Called “A Dream Deferred?”

Mainly you can look at the episode title addressing Ola and Whitney’s wedding dreams being deferred. However, it can represent Renee and Jason too, since they had power couple aspirations which could potentially form in a different capacity, and as for Sondi? In terms of the family she thought she could double down on now that she has a faculty advisor who isn’t Matthew, with Naomi back, it seems she has to make different plans.

What Happened To Ella, Why Won’t She Be In Season 2?

A combination of the actress not wanting to be vaccinated for COVID, with Lionsgate not making exceptions, paired with Ella staying in Mexico to finish her book.

Title Card - Run The World Season 2 Episode 1
Run The World: Season 2/ Episode 1 “A Dream Deferred” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
“Run The World,” as it transitions to a trio, starts with promise, but the rough parts, like Whitney’s story, do raise red flags.
Addressing The Elephant In The Room
Renee and Jason
The Naomi Addition
Ola and Whitney

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