Title Card - Run The World Season 1 Episode 8

In the season finale, we learn how Ola takes Whitney’s confession, as her girls bond over drinks and weed and either deal with or avoid their own situations.

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In the season finale, we learn how Ola takes Whitney’s confession, as her girls bond over drinks and weed and either deal with or avoid their own situations.

Episode Title Almost, Lady, Almost!
Aired 7/11/2021
Network STARZ
Directed By Jenée Lamarque
Written By Jess Pineda


The Night Of The Bachelorette Party – Hope, Ola, Whitney, Renee, Ella, Sondi

It was Hope’s plan to have everyone go to a club, do a scavenger hunt, just a lot of things that most, Renee, felt a little too grown for. However, with Whitney and Ola talking about her infidelity, she doesn’t end up part of the bachelorette party until much later. Thus, after one failed attempt to get them into a club, Renee takes over and just has the ladies go to a hotel she likes, have them get high, and uses the drunk Sondi and Hope for her and Ella’s entertainment.

Healing Old Wounds & Making New Friends – Hope, Renee, Ella, Anderson, Sondi, Amari, Matthew

As the night wears on, Renee and Hope find themselves actually having a conversation, rather than bickering, and with Hope encouraging Renee to pitch to her friend solo, boss up, they bond. Also, during that night, Anderson and Ella, despite not talking for three days, meet up in the lobby, and with it being acknowledged he just wants the best for her, and she wasn’t ready to hear what he had to say, they become official – again.

And Sondi? Well, while she needed a break from life, Matthew and Amari, Amari face-timing her, asking to be sung to sleep, it makes her realize these people aren’t just part of her routine, but she loves them. Yes, she needs a break every now and then but doesn’t necessarily want to be without them.

Is This The End? – Ola, Whitney

Whitney processing her relationship might be over

Ola reveals himself after Whitney confesses to cheating on him by bringing up a running list of all he has done for Whitney. Most of which seems to disregard her own sacrifices, like her relocating three times for him. But, all he can think about is the cheating, and then they have sex.

This, however, shouldn’t be seen as makeup sex. More so, it could be presented as Ola wanting Whitney one more time before possibly leaving, his ego needing him to prove he could still make Whitney moan and get off, or wanting Whitney to feel used like he did. Either way, without reconciling, Whitney worries the relationship might be over and goes to her ladies for comfort.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is it weird Ola’s sister wasn’t invited to the bachelorette party? Especially considering how much work Whitney has put into winning over Ola’s family?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Am I your best friend or am I your safety net?
— Ola

Do not let a scarcity of vision interfere with your walk.
— Hope



Hope & Renee Bonding

Hope excited for Renee about her changing her career trajectory

While they can appear to be opposites in many ways, there are similarities that can’t be ignored. Both are proud and successful Black women, and both enjoy a good activity. Granted, a lot of the similarities end there, but you have to appreciate despite Hope being a bit more bougie and perhaps a square, while Renee is a type of ghetto fabulous, they can find common ground and even big up each other. It truly allows you to see that not only are Black people, Black women specifically, aren’t a monolith, but they can interact with those who may not walk the same strut yet still have a rhythm.

Ella Writing Her Next Story

Is it unfortunate Anderson’s return and encouragement is what pushed Ella to begin writing for the love of it again? You could submit that. However, while Sondi does mention, on occasion, Ella writing beyond gossip and here today, forgotten tomorrow articles, no one holds her feet to the fire like Anderson. He reminds her of who she is, pushes her to seek something beyond a check, and sort of breaks the complacency Ella is in since she is still licking her wounds.

So while it is unfortunate Anderson was the one to give her the push, at the same time, it reminds you of why the two got back together. He does what her friends won’t, and while he may do so in a way she doesn’t receive at first, once she has time to reflect, his words end up just what she needed.

Title Card - Run The World Season 1 Episode 8
Run The World: Season 1/ Episode 8 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Did Run The World end with a bang? No. But the show never really sought to be transformative. It wanted to have its place in the zeitgeist without being the center of attention. Hence it having value by showing a diverse group of Black women starring, but giving us stories and dialog that didn't fully take advantage of the characters made.
Hope & Renee Bonding
Ella Writing Her Next Story

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