This episode, they got the contestants battle rapping, and while we lose some good ones, others get reminded many need that $250,000.

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This episode, they got the contestants battle rapping, and while we lose some good ones, others get reminded many need that $250,000.

Director(s) Iren Brown
Writer(s) N/A
Air Date 10/16/2019

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You Really Aren’t About This Rap Battle Life Are You?: Felisha George, Caleb Colossus, Big Mouf’Bo, Rae Khalil, Ali, Ariyon

Between never having done a rap battle before, or not being willing to come at their opponent, many people stumble. However, when it comes to Felisha and Caleb, things were so bad that, taking note of others who got eliminated, it makes you wish a double elimination was on the table. But, setting them aside, there were some massacres.

Big Mouf'Bo smiling.
Big Mouf’Bo

For example, Big Mouf’Bo, she not only bodied Rae during their battle, but everyone said she intimidated her during her set. Mind you, in a way that made her extra and distracting, even disrespectful to the point it wasn’t clear if she should be gigged for that or praised. But considering how she punked Rae to the point of messing up, she gets the win.

Leaving Ali and Ariyon. Straight up, Ariyon bombed. He pretty much is a prime example of why this competition makes no sense. For again, like the cypher, how many famous rappers can you say could do these type of things, and could come out looking good? But, it’s the culture, these kids have to do what didn’t make Cardi famous, maybe not Chance either, showing you how much things are do as we say and not as we have done.

But, long story short, Ali moved on.

You Said Who Won?: Old Man Saxon, D Smoke, Jakob, Troyman

What is a competition without some controversy? Like Old Man Saxon losing to D Smoke despite having the better punch lines? But, I guess in that case, D Smoke being bilingual made him better for the long term competition, and Saxon taking him down was ignored. Note that as another loss for those monolingual.

Switching things up, Jakob and Troyman battle, and it seems Jakob stumbling, once again, negates any other positive aspect about him as a rapper. Thus, he is sent home.

I CAME TO BATTLE: Londynn B, Inglewood IV, King Vvibe, Sam Be Yourself, Beanz, Flawless Real Talk

Flawless Real Talk being interviewed.

We’ve been told by many how much that money would mean for them and their families, as well as just this platform. However, for many, they skip on attacking their opponents and just do some soft blows while big upping themselves. For those in this topic, that wasn’t the case. Londynn B started the trend by bringing up Inglewood’s government name, talking about his baby momma, and just really making it personal. In return, Inglewood questioned if Londynn B was trans, and while he tried to come hard, like so many, a stumble took him out of competition.

Following them was Sam Be Yourself, and King Vvibe and things seemed to only go Sam’s way due to jokes and letting people know about himself. Also, despite King Vvibe touting his experience before the battle, the lack of attacks, weak breath control, and seemingly forgetting his lyrics, once more, ended his journey.

Leading to the main event. Now, with previews for this show featuring Beanz’s line about sending Flawless back home to his daughter, you’d think she was landing mad blows. However, that was really the only one. As for Flawless? HE BODIED HER! That PR Will Smith persona turned into some Slim Shady woodcutter who probably took a few inches off of Beanz’s height. Making it clear that homeboy was not only ready, he stays ready!

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Moving on: Caleb Colossus, Big Mouf’Bo, Ali, D Smoke, Troyman, Londynn B, Sam Be Yourself, and Flawless Real Talk.




Being that we haven’t seen much in the way of competition, and everyone has been chill, it made the idea of everyone battling each other seem eh. However, from the first battle between Londynn B and Inglewood, we got put on notice. Thus giving you quite a bit of excitement and getting to see that hunger. Well, at least in the front runners anyway. Others seemed like they didn’t take the assignment seriously.

However, as usual, Flawless Real Talk lives up to his name. For when I say he decimated Beanz and made her look like she was one of the lowest tier contestants, instead of upper mid, I mean it. And I don’t know if this was purely due to this being a competition or bringing his daughter into it, but either way, I’m surprised she wasn’t like Rae and crying a bit after.

Cardi B: This shit is crazy.
Cardi B: This shit is crazy.

Outside Of One, The People Who Needed To Go Got Kicked

We still got a lot who, if we’re talking about someone who can get a number one record and album, aren’t going to get it. Caleb Colossus won’t, Ali doesn’t seem likely, nor Big Mouf’Bo. I’d add in D Smoke and Troyman too – and they won. So to lose Inglewood IV, King Vvibe, and others, it wasn’t a huge loss.

Low Point

Old Man Saxon Should Have Won

However, Old Man Saxon losing was some BS. The kind which makes the very little explanation of the judges infuriating. For really, the only thing D Smoke has on Old Man Saxon is being bilingual. Other than that, he doesn’t have much. Yeah, he is positive and chill, but he seems like the kind who, if he somehow won, he would fall off the face of the Earth and make Rhythm + Flow like so many shows who have winners that didn’t go anywhere.

Which makes starring in a music video as the next challenge a fun idea. Especially as they start taking out those who got some kind of personality.


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Outside Of One, The People Who Needed To Go Got Kicked - 85%


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