Title Card - Rhythm + Flow Season 1, Episode 2 “New York Auditions”

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Cardi B hits up S.O.B.’s in New York to find some talent, and… she may have found one that won’t just fill a slot but could also win.

Director(s) Sam Wrench
Writer(s) N/A
Air Date 10/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Herself $avannah Hannah
Herself Kay Makavel
Herself Beanz
Himself Cakes Da Killa
Herself Felisha George
Himself Onetake Carter
Himself Flawless Real Talk
Himself Jadakiss
Himself Fat Joe

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These Sob Stories Gotta Stop: $avannah Hannah, Kay Makavel

$avannah Hannah asking to be given a chance.

Take note, most of these musical competitions are trying to sell you a backstory as much as they are trying to sell a potential artist. Hence why we get a handful who get packages featuring their family, home life, and $avannah was one of them. She’s someone who lost her mom, had to step into a mother role for her 4 brothers, and when she performed, it was clear she wasn’t ready. Hell, the judges said it but, she begged her way in and put out that sob story.

One that, let me note, got to Cardi B, and you can see she got mad at herself for that since she made it clear everyone in there got a story, and that can be your selling point. Prime example, Kay lost her brother, and it messed her up bad when she was 13. Yet, she, same age as $avannah, was ready. Didn’t have to prop up who died, what happened, none of that. There was no begging. They wanted proof she was ready, and so she spits more lines instead of asked for another chance.

That’s how you do it.

All My Life I Had To Fight: Beanz, Cakes Da Killa, Felisha George, Onetake Carter

It takes a lot to get up on stage, especially when you are presenting your work, putting your thoughts and feelings out there, and being judged not just by Cardi, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss, but anyone who decides to watch the show. Hence why many come as they are with a bit of a f*** it attitude. Some due to them finding themselves a long time ago and are comfortable with that, like Felisha George and Onetake Carter. Others, all they know is what they know, like Beanz, who Jadakiss kept joking definitely did at least 6 months in jail – that hasn’t been confirmed yet though.

Cakes Da Killa asking for a chance.

But to much surprise, Cakes Da Killa is also part of this. You may know them from their song “Goodie, Goodies” and it seems, despite the success of that, they are still waiting for their moment. One that may not come easy on this show for the idea of promoting a gay rapper, gay male rapper to be specific, still seems to be an uphill battle. Even Cardi, who is a modern-day artist, she is somewhere between making him the gay rapper or presenting the idea it will be extra hard.

Making you wonder, when it comes to this show, are they pretty much just choosing these people and trying to take credit for discovering them, or will there be some form of mentorship? Because, with the way they talking, it seems like they just trying to throw some critiques, get some clout, possibly make money off these people, and keep the amount of work they got to do a minimum.

The Only One Whose Name Rings True: Flawless Real Talk

I can’t say whether or not this may get a second season, but, thus far, we haven’t really had an act that seemed like a superstar. If anything, they seemed like just another rapper who may got flow, gets respect, maybe even a #1 album but, that album falls off quickly after the first one or two weeks because they can’t make a hit. All they can do is get that first-week pop out of respect, and then people move on.

To me, Flawless Real Talk seems like the first person who got the name, style, flow, and lyrics to actually be significant. For he isn’t relying on any one factor, or some sob story to get you invested. Everything about dude draws you in. Hell, before we learned he has kids and a fiancé, I was looking at him and $avannah and shipping them since her got that charisma that makes you know, somewhere down the line, that dude is going to be acting.

Hell, I’d say, if he plays his cards right, he could be the Puerto Rican Will Smith.




Flawless Real Talk

Flawless Real Talk during his "Get to know me" package.

Dead ass, most of the people recruited feel like they are filling in slots, and their name wouldn’t make it out the NY area without this show. Flawless Real Talk, however, I feel like shows like this are made to showcase dudes like him. Especially is the idea here isn’t that Cardi and the rest are going to mold you into the star you can be, but expect you to be packaged and just looking for someone to put you on.

Cakes Da Killa, Is That You?

I’m still, deadass, surprised Cakes Da Killa is on this. I thought he was an XXL Freshman with the way he came on the scene, and while I haven’t seen anything from him in a long ass time, I figured he got his niche and was popping within it. So with coming to find out that isn’t the case, my jaw dropped a bit. Yet, I gotta admit, as much as I want him to do well I don’t know if this is the show for him to shine on.

Mostly since I don’t think any of these people on here will get past him being gay and the challenges that will bring. So Cardi’s advice about coming extra hard, I don’t think that was just meant when it comes to the competition, but also when dealing with her ignorance, among others.

On The Fence

Is It The Beat Or The Rapper?

We got professional DJs and rappers of various degrees of comfort and talent. To be honest, most of the time I’m left wondering if it is the flow, lyrics, or the beat that’s hot. Which is going to make those cyphers, and battle raps, perhaps when a lot of folks get knocked out and shown that, while they could have a career, in terms of longevity and hits? That’s going to be hard for them.

Anyone Else Feel Most Of The Acts Were Given A Chance vs. Ready?

There is a serious disparity between those like Cakes and Flawless, with many of the others on here. Which makes you question this idea that people need to be ready vs. the thought that Cardi and the rest are going to help usher these folks in the industry. Because, let’s be real, if Cardi and the rest are looking for total packages, and Cardi specifically is looking for someone who could gain fame and longevity as she did, most of her picks need work.

I’m not going to name names, since it seems kind of obvious, but here is hoping it clicks in their minds that you can’t take these people out the hood, have them be green, and just expect them to hit the ground running.

Is Cardi Making This Too Much About Having That Line Or Moment For Instagram?

While you have to respect how Cardi got put on and found longevity, the whole, “I need a hook that can be my caption,” thing was a bit much. Also, it reminded you how subjective this whole show is about who can and won’t make it and how lucky the people who are judges are.


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Flawless Real Talk - 95%
Cakes Da Killa, Is That You? - 85%
Is It The Beat Or The Rapper? - 70%
Anyone Else Feel Most Of The Acts Were Given A Chance vs. Ready? - 71%
Is Cardi Making This Too Much About Having That Line Or Moment For Instagram? - 72%


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