Reverie: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Bond. Jane Bond.” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It seems my worse fears for Reverie might be true. With all the big deal mysteries already revealed, all it may have is their episodic sob stories.

Director(s) Michael Katleman
Writer(s) Tom Szentgyorgyi
Air Date 6/6/2018
Actors Introduced
Rachel Ahna O’Reilly

The Secrets Held: Alexis, Dylan, Charlie, Mara, Monica

At Onira Tech, there are hardly any people working there without secrets. Charlie refuses for Dylan to be able to see what goes on in his office and also maybe a liaison for dealing with Monica, but they’re in a bit too much contact. I mean, I get she is an investor but her hands on, fairly often contact makes it seem she either is worried or may have a close relationship, platonic or otherwise, with Charlie. If not is seeking one.

But jumping back to Dylan, is he not programmed to keep the fact he is based off a real person a secret? Him slipping up to Mara seemed kind of strange to me. To the point you have to wonder, with him having access to the internet, and so much more, how much does he know about himself and is he enabled to speak about it?

This Episode’s Issue – Rachel Kauffman: Mara, Rachel, Charlie

Rachel meeting the man who she believes is her father, based on a picture she found.
Rachel (Ahna O’Reilly): Are you my father?

Rachel is a young woman who, with being lied to all her life, this has led her to seemingly become incapable of having a healthy relationship. Be it with family, boyfriends, and maybe even friends. But what tipped her over is learning about her father who wasn’t in her life. Not because he was a deadbeat, mind you, but because Rachel’s mom wanted to be a single parent and so her dad, a friend, basically acted as a sperm donor. One who didn’t get updates or nothing on Rachel.

So when it comes to her time in the Reverie, it is all about being a spy on a quest to find her dad. Something which, with a bad heart, is a bit too intense for her so Mara is supposed to draw her out. Leading to the usual, with shows like this, he working through her trauma through other people. Alongside the noted redemption tour she is on by saving other people when she couldn’t save her sister.

But, when it comes to saving Rachel, while in her Reverie there isn’t enough, or any, information to bring her closure, thanks to Charlie and Dylan, they are able to find her dad’s best friend, who introduces her to her dad, and he introduces her to the rest of what becomes their family.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • According to Paul, Alexis’ twin Dylan died around 10 or 11 from causes no one knows but Alexis.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How long has it been since Mara has seen a therapist or has she solely been drinking and self-medicating?

On The Fence

  1. I have a serious fear that this show that it is going to be so dry for most of the episode but then have a last-minute save in a feel-good Because, as noted in the pilot, most of the mysteries that could have been built up to have been revealed. We know who Dylan is, just not how he died. When it comes to Mara’s guilt, we know it came from not being able to save her sister and niece. So what is there to really build up and look forward to?

Heck, even in the case of why Mara is seeing her niece, Paul explained why and how to prevent it from happening. Yet, to torture herself, what is Mara doing? Trying to make the memories and negative emotions stronger. So, in terms of the long game, beyond Mara needing someone to get her out of the Reverie when the two merge in her mind, what else are we building towards?

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