Redo of Healer: Season 1/ Episode 7 “The Healer Executes Justice” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In what can be seen as an uneventful episode, a lot of blood is spilled, sex had, and we learn Keyarga may no longer be on the timeline of his previous life.

Director(s) Ryōichi Kuraya
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Aired (VRV) 2/24/2021

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Turn The People Against Their Masters – Keyarga, Freia

With Keyarga having the heads up, he completely overpowers and utterly massacres those who planned to use the villagers as bait to kill him. However, we come to find out the villagers were poisoned before he even showed up, so whether he gave himself up or not, they would have died. Naturally, this upsets him, but with him believing Princess Norn is handling the situation, this felt expected.

But, while many lives are lost, using Freia, acting as Princess Flare, he is able to get the people to turn against the preacher who was orchestrating everything and cause an uprising. Also, he is able to save one kid who he knows may seek revenge against him, due to considering him to be the reason his whole village died. Which Keyarga accepts, even is fine with for it’ll keep the kid alive during the days to come.

The Branica Expedition – Keyarga, Princess Norn, Kureha

So, with Princess Norn thwarted, where to next? Well, Branica. Why? Well, Princess Norn, who seems to want demi-humans dead or enslaved, refuses to tolerate a place where humans and magical beings co-exist, so it has to be destroyed. However, with her not beginning the expedition just yet, Keyarga plans to get there first and find the demon lord who he defeated in his past life.

Princess Norn with a demented look on her face

Though it should be noted, we’re on a new timeline now, and so Keyarga doesn’t have replaying history on his side any longer. So whatever Princess Norn has planned, if Kureha doesn’t warn Keyarga, he’ll be walking in blind.


On The Fence

We’ve Made It This Far

Redo of Healer is currently scheduled for 12 episodes, and we’re past the halfway mark. As noted previously, the physical and sexual violence shock has worn off, and with a delay in seeing Keyarga get revenge on Blade and Bullet, and now Princess Norn stepping in, it feels a little off track. Yet, with the boy living after the massacre and Keyarga predicting hate in his heart, maybe he might do something to give this show an epic end. You know, beyond the possibility of an orgy.

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We've Made It This Far - 75%


Redo of Healer, long relying on sex and violence to have some kind of edge, has officially hit the point where it seems unable to use those two things to compensate for its story.

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