As most of the cast deals with relationship issues, someone leaves the Red Band Society.

Topic 1: Love Is Beautiful, But Sex Is Complicated – Brittany, Dr. McAndrew, and Kara

Topic 2: This Is My Chance, Finally! – Jordi & Dash

Topic 3: It Was Nice Meeting You – Emma and Leo

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Love Is Beautiful, But Sex Is Complicated – Brittany, Dr. McAndrew, and Kara

Dr. McAndrew still has ill feelings over how he and Dr. Grace ended, to the point he wishes to see if he can rekindle things, but it seems she is in the process of moving on. Something Brittany also was trying to do from her ex but, with one bad online date, it seems she may not be ready yet. Well, until she and Dr. McAndrew, who saved her from the bad date, talk and end up hooking up. Something Brittany thought would have led to a slowly public relationship, but from what it seems the doctor was just looking for a one night stand. So, after a black eye, it seemed the doctor was having a bad week. However, Dr. Grace seems unsure about her new boyfriend so it isn’t necessarily written in stone that they are over [1].

As for Kara, with her she is having an issue with Hunter. Not necessarily because of anything he did, but what she has done. For, you see, after a nice spat with Emma, over getting condoms, Kara realizes that she wants something serious with Hunter and not just a quickie, and dating for a few days until she is bored. Though, alongside Emma’s criticism, comes Nurse Jackson’s warning about falling in love. After all, Hunter is sick, as is she, and her problems deal with the heart. So while it is nice she wants to be there for him, it isn’t necessarily something her body can handle. As seen when Hunter faints and his parents are called in.


Seeing the dark side of Brittany I very much liked. If just because cookie cutter characters just always seem 2D, and while it is sad she got her heart broken by Dr. McAndrew, it does help that she punched him in the face rather than walked away in tears. For while cookie cutter characters are 2D, a woman whose infatuation turned out to be a piece of poo, and now she has to see him daily, makes for an interesting storyline. Especially since he is in love with someone else so reconciliation is going to be an uphill battle.

As for Kara, the beauty of her situation is that Nurse Jackson sees she has a heart and that will help her donor situation. The unfortunate part though is that with her switching her monitor things with an old man in a coma, it means the situation she had before with going blind, or like Hunter who fainted, is bound to happen to her with no one being alerted. Though, on the other end of things, that man could die because of her switcheroo and ruin her progress. Making that whole situation interesting.

Topic 2: This Is My Chance, Finally! – Jordi & Dash

Pop star Delaney Shaw (Bella Thorne) has come to the hospital and between Dash thinking he may get some, and Jordi seeing this as an opportunity to meet her manager, both seem ready to use this opportunity. Thing is, for Dash he loses all his opportunities thanks to Jordi’s bad sense of timing, and then for Jordi, with Delaney being a brat, she doesn’t seem fond of someone more talented than her wowing her representation. Add in Jordi needs money for his emancipation filing fee, and it seems that while he got some good encouragement, he still is far from where he needs to be.


Poor Dash, the boy seems to just want someone to find him attractive, albeit sexually, and seemingly no one really wants him. And while Delaney seemingly may have been willing, Jordi kept popping up. Though with Dash still in her bed when we last saw him, and me not knowing if this was just for one episode, maybe the two could happen. Here is hoping Dash!

As for Jordi, with him still having cancer, dreams, and needing money, I wonder if he may go down a dark path to make it. For with Delaney giving him $100 for stolen drugs, originally which were supposed to lead to an audience with her manager, it makes you wonder if he may rob Peter to pay Paul to get his freedom?

Topic 3: It Was Nice Meeting You – Emma and Leo

The relationship which has always been rocky collapses for Emma finally admits she is not better and that she isn’t even really trying. She has been waiting for someone to notice, but with everyone wanting to fix her, or be normal, it seems they have ignored all the signs. Including Leo. So when the opportunity seems to come when they both can leave, it brings to question what will happen? Well, Emma answers that questions by giving a cold goodbye after Leo learns he is going to be stuck in the hospital for a few more weeks.


This can play out one of two ways: Emma could potentially be written off the show, with Delaney taking over her time, or this is temporary. Either way, with the show not being cancelled, but pulled from the schedule, it means fathoming too much about what may happen could be a waste. Which is unfortunate but at least the screen time may mean these actors could pop up on other shows. Heck, look at Jack Falahee who went from Twisted to How To Get Away With Murder. He wasn’t great on Twisted but look where he is now.

Things To Note

It should be noted though, Dr. McAndrew broke up with her and him not following her to Senegal seemed like it really hurt her. Almost to the point it seems, even after a year, she still isn’t over him and that her new guy, who lives with her temporarily, named Sam (Donny Boaz), may just be a rebound. A long term one, but still possibly a rebound.

Collected Quote(s)

“Nobody’s body is perfect. You know, that’s not the point. Our bodies are meant to function: Walking, lifting, moving us through the world, that is what our bodies are actually for and I am beginning to understand it is not to be thin or to look a certain way. The most important thing is to be healthy and to listen to your body.”

Emma – “How Did We Get Here?” – Red Band Society


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