Overview As Nurse Jackson’s past is revealed, we are also given a glimpse of a future without her. Review (with Spoilers) Amongst most of the shows I watch this season, Red Band Society probably is the one which makes me feel something the most. Which I can’t say if it is because of the sick…

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As Nurse Jackson’s past is revealed, we are also given a glimpse of a future without her.

Review (with Spoilers)

Amongst most of the shows I watch this season, Red Band Society probably is the one which makes me feel something the most. Which I can’t say if it is because of the sick kids, their performances, or even Octavia Spencer, but something about the storylines on this show just get to me. However, thus far I don’t really recall crying due to this show. “Know Thyself” changed that though.

Topic 1: From The Outside Looking In – Hunter & Kara

While everyone, but Emma and Leo, try to focus on saving Nurse Jackson, Hunter comes in with a distraction. He wants to take them to surgery and sort of bring down the mood. Why? Well, the liver he was supposed to be given wasn’t healthy so he doesn’t want anyone to feel joy while he is miserable. Despite his actions though, Kara still lets him know that whatever may happen to him, someone will be there waiting for him. Just like she, Leo, and Jordie wait for Dash after he has an episode.


From what it seems, Hunter is definitely going to be Kara’s way of moving up the donor list. For watching him and her interact makes me think she can see through him what rock bottom looks like. After all, Hunter seems like a miserable person. Likely one whose misery will be explained but, as of now, I think he will help Kara learn to appreciate those in the Red Band Society, and between her watching over Dash, and her speech to Hunter, it shows she slowly is changing. Maybe with no one really noticing, but she is changing.

Topic 2: He Will Only Be A Saint For So Long – Emma and Leo

Two of Leo’s friends visit, and he has Emma come along with them to lunch so they can get to know her. Issue is with that, Emma isn’t comfortable around food and Leo’s friend Lauren (Allie Grant) is very abrasive. Like, she is directly confronting why Emma is anorexic and is just utterly blunt toward her. Not because she is jealous mind you, but because she doesn’t get why the seemingly put together Emma is anorexic. Something even Leo admits he doesn’t get, hence why he doesn’t defend her or stop Lauren’s investigation.

Leading to three things: The first being Emma having a fight with Leo about the lunch; The second being Lauren apologizing, but warning Emma that if she doesn’t get better that Leo may not remain this patient saint forever; and then lastly, Emma probably taking one of the first bites of food we have ever seen. All in an effort to be able to leave the hospital with Leo [1].


Though Lauren was a bit harsh, at the same time between Brittany and Nurse Jackson, no one was really trying to kick Emma in the ass and force her to take her health seriously. I got to admit though, with her getting better just to be with Leo, I am sort of disappointed. For while I get, like Kara’s mom said, “Sometimes you just need someone you want to change for,” at the same time she had that school opportunity so I was so hoping that would be what would push her to get better. Alas, it seems romance will be the ticket to a healthier lifestyle. Well, at least for now.

Topic 3: The Past and Future of Dena Jackson – Nurse Jackson, Kenji, Brittany, Dr. McAndrew, and Charlie

While Dena is suspended, she is pretty much just cooking in her rather nice looking two story, minimum, home, chatting it up with her niece, and seems tempted to just never go back to the hospital. Well, until Brittany and Kenji show up and remind her that working in the hospital wasn’t just because her sister died, or to help pay for her nieces room and board, it’s because she loves children [2].

Leading to her to return to the hospital for she hears about Dash’s episode [3] and it leads to a face to face with Dr. McAndrew. One in which no apologies are exchanged, but there is recognition of each other’s methods perhaps not being the best way to handle things. So, with that, her suspension is lifted. Something which leads her to visit Charlie who, as Dash is in a coma alone, we learn has his eyes open!


To start off, a part of me is worried that with Charlie coming out of his coma, it may mean Dash stays in his. Especially since, while in his coma state, he walks away from the light and enters the dark areas of the hospital [4]. Though, that thought aside, I wonder: are we going to lose him as a narrator now that he is awake? For while he hasn’t been as good of a narrator as when we first were introduced to him, he still had a special place in the show. With that said however, I do want to see him relearn to walk and everything. It would be quite interesting to see, as well as maybe his parents reconciling.

Things To Note

  1. It seems Emma is going to return the favor of getting to know friends and family by having Leo meet her dad.
  2. The full story of how Dena ended up a nurse is that she used to be a backup singer, but while rehearsing her sister died and she left her niece, who was probably in elementary, and a husband who just fell apart. So traveling on the road wasn’t the best option for she needed to be able to help raise her niece. Enter nursing since she loves children, taking care of people, and while she is sometimes stubborn and a bit rude, at the end of the day it is because she cares enough to do what it takes.
  3. Caused by no one making sure he did his respiratory therapy.
  4. Looking at the previews for the next episode disproves this may happen.
  5. Everywhere I look it seems the show is destined to be cancelled, so it seems everyone maybe free to pursue other shows soon. Though a part of me wishes ABC Family could pick this up. I mean, it would require the show to probably to be a little less campy, if that is the right word, but this show switching stations is but a dream.
  6. When it comes to the whole crying points, it mostly dealt with what happened within the last ten minutes of the episode. I can’t say for sure why I was getting teary eyed though. Besides being happy for Charlie and Emma.

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