Red Band Society: Season 1/ Episode 6 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As Nurse Jackson fights for Charlie to stay, the love triangle between Jordi, Emma, and Leo explodes. Review (with Spoilers) After a hiatus, due to the World Series, Red Band Society picks up right from where we left off and adds two characters. Neither of which shake the world we are introduced to, as…

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As Nurse Jackson fights for Charlie to stay, the love triangle between Jordi, Emma, and Leo explodes.

Review (with Spoilers)

After a hiatus, due to the World Series, Red Band Society picks up right from where we left off and adds two characters. Neither of which shake the world we are introduced to, as of now, but with one connected to Dr. McAndrew’s past, and the other Kara’s future, they do have potential to add something. However, in “Ergo Ego,” what doesn’t matter so much is Dr. McAndrew’s past, nor Kara’s future, as much as whether Nurse Jackson’s decision was worth it.

For more on the episode, look below.

Topic 1: The Complications of Young Love (Part 1) – Kara

With Kara’s heart growing weaker, it gives her a touch of blindness and this leads to her needing a pacemaker. Something which, thanks to possible new love interest Hunter [2] (Daren Kagasoff) she thinks will move her up the donor list. Thing is, with 4 failed drug tests, and a bad attitude, Sara, Kara’s mom, doesn’t seem as gung-ho about Kara’s battle. If just because it seems she doesn’t seem willing to fight for that heart.


While I have nothing against Kagasoff, I must admit I was hoping Dash would end up her friend after the storyline they shared last episode. For while I doubt Dash is her type, I was expecting for them to grow closer. I think he did too, especially since he calls for a fist bump before she gets her pacemaker.

But while I feel bad for Dash, and Astro since he does seem like a sort of token for the show, it is hard to deny that Hunter probably is just what Kara needs. Someone who is almost like a male version of her and can give her attitude just as much as she gives it. For with Leo being off the market, Jordi flipping out [6], and her mom thinking her fight for a heart may need to come from an external source, or want, Hunter arrived just in time.

Topic 2: The Complications of Young Love (Part 2) – Leo, Emma, and Jordi

With Leo kissing Emma, and Jordi holding her hand, Emma is in an odd situation. For with Leo she has history, and bouts of jealousy due to Leo helping Kara [3], and with Jordi a possible clean slate. Issue is though, as Dash notes, with her not liking herself, or understanding why these boys like her, she needs to focus on herself. However, being that Leo is the guy she has to talk herself out of liking, she decides to give Leo another chance [4].


Considering Jordi’s actions, I wonder: how is he going to be in the future? For with him throwing away his red band, flipping out in front of the nurses, and seemingly now not having any friends, or family, to help with his cancer, does this mean him and Kara are going to switch who is the butthead of the juvenile ward? Or will he just be upset for a few episodes and between Emma, Kara, or Dash, eventually come around?

Either way, even if you take Jordi out the picture, and factor in Hunter, I still see Emma’s issues with Kara not subsiding. For never mind that she, as Dash said, needs to really work on herself, but it still seems like she is the only one not putting in any real effort into, or talking about, getting better.

Topic 3: Ego Clash – Dr. McAndrew & Nurse Jackson

With Charlie less than 48 hours from being checked out, Nurse Jackson’s rash decision of making it seem like he has an infection buys her enough time to get Dr. Erin Grace [1] [5] (Mandy Moore), the new chief of surgery, to help her. For with Dr. Grace seeming more geared toward hope, versus Dr. MacAndrew’s facts, she seems like Charlie’s last hope.

But, with going over Dr. McAndrew’s head, and even noting the reason he didn’t get Dr. Grace’s job was his ego, it leads to two things: 1. He decides to go along with bringing an Israeli doctor who may be able to help Charlie, and 2. He reports Nurse Jackson and tells her she is suspended.


Setting aside Brittany’s crush on Dr. McAndrew, and whatever issues he has with Dr. Grace, what I really want to know is his history with Nurse Jackson. For, based off their spat this episode, it seems their little battle for supremacy goes way back. So with him reporting her, knowing she would get suspended, I think it goes beyond them both being care givers with opposing opinions. Now, whether his issue with her was her going over his head, telling him off about why he didn’t get promoted, or maybe being the one who supported Erin going to Africa while he didn’t, who knows. Either way, Nurse Jackson takes the suspension without a fuss. A little heart break, but no fuss.

Collected Quote(s)

“Playing god doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big ego. Sometimes, it is just you want something so badly you don’t think about the consequences.”

— Charlie – “Ergo Ego.” Red Band Society

“It’s not possible to pity someone you hold up on a pedestal.”

— Emma – “Ergo Ego.” Red Band Society

“Sometimes you just need someone you want to change for.”

— Sara – “Ergo Ego.” Red Band Society

“I’m not saying it’s your fault, but it is your choice.”

— Emma – ”Ergo Ego.” Red Band Society


Things To Note

  1. Name is approximate.
  2. Who may have liver issues, but it is hard to know since he lies so often in the episode.
  3. In this episode, Emma notes that it doesn’t always have to be Leo who saves her. Though, at the same time, who has stuck up for and called her out more than Leo? So imagine going blind, around a bunch of strangers, and you’re not the type who likes pity. Would you make a scene and have everyone know what’s going on, or would you go to the guy who seems to get you?
  4. What perhaps knocks Jordi out of competition is that, during a shared speech with Leo for class, the two go from having a verbal altercation to Leo shoving Jordi, and Jordi giving Leo a mean hook.
  5. Dr. Erin Grace is Dr. McAndrew’s ex. They broke up about a year from the episode’s date due to her wanting to do Doctors without borders and him wanting to get the position she currently has. It is very awkward for both of them, and also Brittany a bit too since she is starting to like Dr. McAndrew.
  6. After Jordi catches Leo and Emma making out again, he flips out and goes to the roof. Leading to Dash, as always, meddling into Leo’s romantic drama to try to keep the peace. Thing is, Jordi is done with being rejected and being sick. For his mom just abandoned him, again, and now the girl who he was just starting to invest his affections in didn’t choose him. So that makes it twice, within a week or month, he has been rejected for someone he cared for.
  7. Expect to see further use of Things To Note.

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