Red Band Society: Season 1/ Episode 4 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As we see some of the kids accept their life is now at the hospital, we also watch Eva try to make up for lost time with Jordie. Review (with Spoilers) At this point, I think we can all agree we have enough information on the kids and really should learn more about that…

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As we see some of the kids accept their life is now at the hospital, we also watch Eva try to make up for lost time with Jordie.

Review (with Spoilers)

At this point, I think we can all agree we have enough information on the kids and really should learn more about that staff. Especially Octavia Spencer’s character for with her being the sole recognizable name, and supposed star, you have to begin to wonder if, like Piper on Orange is the New Black, she is a Trojan horse. For while a few tidbits are dropped here and there, we largely know nothing about her. Something which hopefully is resolved in the future but, until then, lets talk about what happens in “There’s No Place Like Homecoming.”

Topic 1: The Private Lives of Nurses – Nurse Jackson and Brittany


Between Brittany breaking up with her boyfriend, as well as chaperoning the kids going to Kara’s homecoming, and Nurse Jackson’s background only being hinted at, we still don’t know much about the staff at the hospital.


When it comes to the staff, all we know is that Brittany came from who knows where to follow her boyfriend; Dr. McAndrews is single, and has no issues mingling and messing around; and Nurse Jackson gave up some type of fancy life to work in the hospital. And I don’t know about you, but this is sort of infuriating. If just because I want to know the reasons behind why everyone acts the way they do. Like, why is Brittany so cheerful and happy? Is that just her demeanor, a coping mechanism, or what? Also, when it comes to Nurse Jackson, I don’t understand how Octavia Spencer can be the biggest name on the show, and yet one of the people we know the least about. I mean, for heaven’s sake, we know more about Dash [1] than her and Dash pretty much is a third wheel in most of his scenes.

Topic 2: Oh Mother of Mine – Eva & Jordie


As much as we were given the hope that Eva was going to pull a 180° turn and be the mother Jordie needs, we learn she has a pattern of becoming highly invested in Jordie’s well-being, and then pretty much handing him off to someone when being a mother is no longer fun and games.


Between Jordie and a relationship with Dr. McAndrews, I really was expecting Eva to stick around. Especially since, outside of Charlie’s dad, nobody’s parents really are around. So I was thinking between her going to support group, and maybe meeting everyone’s parents; being with Jordie, and us getting to see them bond and heal old wounds; and then her having a relationship with Dr. McAndrews, her character would have stuck around and would stimulate the show a little bit. However, from what it seems, seeing the effects of chemotherapy on Jordie reminded her that she is more the aunt type than someone who should have been a mom. But damn if I, and even Nurse Jackson, didn’t think she was going to stick around. Especially when she was reading up on Jordie’s condition. Though I guess between reading what was going to happen in theory, and then seeing it first hand, it was too much for her.

Topic 3: Homecoming – Kara, Emma, and Leo


Kara, Leo, and Emma go to the prom, with Brittany as chaperone, and while Emma ends up really enjoying herself, Leo and Kara are faced with the fact their lives will never return to how it used to be. For no matter if they get better or, in Leo’s case, he learns to adapt to a prosthetic, there is no going back.


If the intro we see, which catches us up on all that has happened in past episodes, is to be taken seriously, I worry that Kara and Leo may hookup. Which is a bad thing to me since I can only see Leo being with Kara to make Emma jealous and, being that Emma is my favorite character on the show, I don’t want that. Also, considering Emma doesn’t have any friends who push her to get better, much less with her getting too comfortable in the hospital, I feel she is getting worse more so than better. And it especially doesn’t help that when Emma goes to homecoming, not only does she get jealous of Leo sticking up for Kara, but now she was praised for how cute and thin she was. Never mind she may have picked up a smoking habit which certainly isn’t going to help her recovery..

Though perhaps the main point of Leo and Kara going to homecoming is to reiterate what we saw in episode two when Emma was talking about how her disease sort of consumed her identity. For with Kara’s heart condition being known school wide, the Queen Bitch is no more. For now her disease has humanized her to the point people walk up to her and share their pity and sympathy. Something which not only upsets Kara, but it freaks her out too. Then, with Leo, he sees a former soccer rival and though Nurse Jackson was planning to hook him up with this paraplegic guy, who went pro in basketball, seeing how Kara had to deal with being rolled up on stage for her homecoming crown, Leo realizes: even if he gets somewhere near where he used to be, that will be him. He will be the team mascot, the guy people feel sorry for more than take seriously due to what he has done, or accomplished. And with that, both accept their lives have forever changed and they have to accept it and adapt.

Collected Quote(s)

“I can handle harsh, what I can’t handle is condescending and rude.”

— “There’s No Place Like Homecoming.” Red Band Society

Things To Note

  1. While I have nothing against Astro, honestly I think his character needs a legit storyline or some type of direction. For now, as Emma said, his life is far too much about Leo to the point it is sort of pathetic. For while I get it isn’t like anyone of the cast likes him romantically, nor is he really close to anyone but Leo, still they can do more than just randomly pair him with Jordie right? I mean, just in the last episode he was trying to discredit the kid!

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