Overview As everyone waits to see what happened to Jordi, Nurse Jackson gets criticized about the way she handles the kids. Review (with Spoilers) Unlike Forever, the love I had for the show, due to the pilot, didn’t falter with episode 2. For while I still get Nurse Jackie vibes, since Nurse Jackson, Kenji, and…

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As everyone waits to see what happened to Jordi, Nurse Jackson gets criticized about the way she handles the kids.

Review (with Spoilers)

Unlike Forever, the love I had for the show, due to the pilot, didn’t falter with episode 2. For while I still get Nurse Jackie vibes, since Nurse Jackson, Kenji, and Brittany honestly come off like slight rip offs, it is hard not to love the actors who play them. Also, with Charlie’s commentary usually being hilarious or insightful, him as narrator really does keep a smile on your face as the drama begins. Though, in general, I love pretty much every last character, even Kara. But I do hope they drop Kara’s lackey from the show as soon as possible.

Topic 1: The Two Monkeys – Nurse Jackson, Kenji, and Brittany

Nurse Jackson, as established in the pilot, is sort of a mother to the kids the pediatric ward. For while most of the kids likely have parents, outside of Kara’s and Charlie’s dad we don’t see anyone’s parents around. Though with her showing more so tough love than tender love, Kenji and Brittany try to compensate. Thing is, when they compensate for Nurse Jackson’s tough love, usually they end up letting the kids do as they please which interferes with them getting better or at least maintaining the status of their health. For example, Kenji lets Leo skip his physical therapy, to learn how to use his prosthetic leg, because of the way he looks at him. Then with Brittany, with her trying to be sugar sweet and trusting, the kids naturally run over her. Especially Emma. However, by the end of the episode, we learn that as tough as Nurse Jackson can be, or how liberal Brittany can be, they both are capable of changing and adapting to be the best guardian the kids could need. For while one method of, for a lack of a better term, parenting they may choose over the others, it doesn’t mean they are incapable of changing gears when the moment calls for it.

Topic 2: A Sense of Empathy – Emma and Kara

In the episode we meet Kara’s moms, and through her birth mother, Sara (Andrea Parker), we learn where Kara gets her obnoxiousness, as well as sense of entitlement from. However, with the introduction of her birth mother, and former nanny turned step mom Daniella (Tricia O’Kelley), we partly see why Kara is the way she is. Leading us to talk about Emma for a moment. You see Emma, before her anorexia took over her life, was a daddy’s girl, part of the family and, as established, well on her way to academic and personal success. But with her anorexia, things because less about family, less about her, and more about her disease. Making it so when Kara talks about how her mom just focuses on her heart issues and not her, Emma can relate.

Though there is some hope for both of them. Kara’s moms are a lesbian power couple who, despite Kara being low on the donor eligibility list, they plan to find a way to help her through an awareness campaign, amongst other methods. As for Emma, if she gains ten pounds she could possibly go to Yale for the summer. Of which she is willing to cheat at her weigh-ins so she can go. Something which Kara may help her with, as long as she gives up her food. Which, as she notes, Emma isn’t likely to eat anyway.

Topic 3: Breaking Bad News – Jordie, Leo, and Dash

As Jordie preps for his leg removal surgery, Leo and Dash are waiting around for Leo wants to be the first person Jordie sees when he wakes up. As for Dash? Well, with Leo being his only real friend, and like a brother to him, he is there mostly due to boredom than support. Though as Dr. McAndrew begins the surgery, he realizes he shouldn’t take the leg. Why? Well, the cancer has spread to Jordie’s soft tissue making cutting off the leg an unnecessary surgery. Which doesn’t mean that Jordie won’t need an operation in the future, it is just he needs to go down the chemotherapy route for now as a new plan of action is considered. One which will require parental permission.

Of which won’t be easy for Jordie to get since his grandmother doesn’t like doctors, nor believes he has cancer. And while Jordie is the main one suffering from this news, Leo feels its effects too. But for him, the feelings over Jordie not having the surgery is a bit selfish. If just because Leo was starting to like the idea of not being the only person with one leg and someone sharing his misery. So, with Jordie getting to keep his leg, he decides to do as seemingly most teenagers do: make bad decisions than face their emotions head on. How you ask? Well, there strangely is a fraternity across the street from the hospital and, with Dash by his side, Leo goes there to drink and party a little bit. He even gets the opportunity to have sex with a real college girl, but he freaks out, calls her a slut, and add on him getting pissed at Dash for treating him like an invalid, he is left by the bed unable to really go anywhere.

But despite being insulted [1], upon getting caught by Brittany he has her help him get Leo out of the frat before Nurse Jackson calls a code purple. Leading to Leo being back, getting a nice pep talk from Nurse Jackson, and then going to Jordie. For while Leo maybe upset he may still be the only kid with one leg, lest we forget, what matters most is Jordie needs a friend to help him deal with all that is going on. So, rather than put his feelings first, he practices empathy and acts like the friend/ leader he knows he needs to be.

Collected Quote(s)

“You can’t run away from your life. It’s yours and it’s precious, you just have to claim it.”

— “Sole Searching.” Red Band Society

“In order to appreciate how other people might be feeling, you have to understand your own feelings.”

— “Sole Searching.” Red Band Society

Things To Note

  1. The other insult being that Kara says the only two eligible bachelors are both in love with the bag of bones, her words, which is Emma. Making it seem Dash isn’t even being considered.

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