Overview Red Band Society comes to an end, and while there is happy moment here and there, it is far from epic. Topic 1: Love Will Find A Way – Dash & Mea Topic 2: It Will Be Hard, But You Can Do It – Kara, Leo, and Emma Topic 3: Thanks for Everything –…

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Red Band Society comes to an end, and while there is happy moment here and there, it is far from epic.

Topic 1: Love Will Find A Way – Dash & Mea

Topic 2: It Will Be Hard, But You Can Do It – Kara, Leo, and Emma

Topic 3: Thanks for Everything – Charlie

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Can’t Kill a Unicorn – Dash, Mea, and Leo

With Cystic Fibrosis, and security guards, trying to stand in the way of Dash and Mae, a good portion of the Red Band Society tries to bring them together. Issue is, while Dash is focused on getting Mea alone to make out, Mea is focused on making Leo feel better. After all, with his cancer damn near sounding stage 4, with clinical trials now being the best bet, and the Make a Wish foundation being recommended, it seems Leo is against the ropes. Despite this though, using some Superman 2 analogy, Mea finds a way to make Leo smile. Something which upsets Dash. If only because he has been trying for ages and has failed. So with him knowing that being with Mea could hurt her, and him, it seems they have a breakup talk.


I’m not sure if the writers knew the show was ending or not, but damn if this whole storyline didn’t start off good and end bleh. For while it is nice Leo was left with some hope, due to him getting into a clinical trial, the fact Dash and Mea seemingly could only be lovers from afar sucked so much. Especially since his whole storyline has mostly focused on being Leo’s right hand man and trying to get a girl. But hey, as the song goes “You can’t always get what you want.”

Topic 2: It Will Be Hard, But You Can Do It – Kara and Emma

For both Kara and Emma, their mother’s abandonment is an issue. Beginning with Kara, with her post surgery body being numb to any feeling in the chest area, which is naturally frightening, she sort of reverts back to being old Kara. Something her mom can’t deal with and it leads to her seemingly wanting to pass things to Kara’s dad. A thought Kara isn’t for since she wants and needs her mom to stay by her side. A fight she eventually wins.

As for Emma? Well, the continued issues of her mom and her are seen, and there is a therapy session. One which shows how distant the relationship between Emma and her mom has become, and how desperate her mom is to see Emma get better. After all, she and Emma used to be best friends, so with their relationship souring to the point Emma doesn’t trust her, and she feels responsible in a way, she is at a loss of words. Though, in the end, like with Kara’s mom, things are quickly put onto the road of recovery.


Again, a strong sense of disappointment. For with Kara having a moment of reverting to her old self, and then Emma’s scenes being bleh, it makes me almost wish that episode 12 would have been mashed up with parts of this for the show’s ending. For even with Emma being my favorite character, I just found myself unable to connect and almost waiting for it to be over. Not with dread, or sadness, but because something about the writing, or maybe acting, just didn’t feel as natural as past scenes Emma has had. Though maybe it was just me?

Topic 3: Thanks for Everything – Charlie & Nurse Jackson

With Charlie being able to move his eyes, and use his hands, it seems Dr. Naday has done his miracle work and it is time for him to go. A sad bit of news for Nurse Jackson, but because her and Naday never evolved past flirty work colleagues, there isn’t a strong sense of heartbreak. Yes, she is sad, but not in a place to cry tears. Still, the best part comes as the kids decide to wish Charlie a goodbye and he speaks. Thus leading to the one moment truly worthy of mention for our narrator is now speaking on screen and smiling. Creating a good ending to a mediocre episode.


With most of the kids having bleh endings, it was nice to see Charlie as least got a fan-service type of farewell. For he was the first real draw after Octavia Spencer’s name recognition wore off, so getting to see him go home, and speak, was quite nice. Though, altogether, this whole episode left a rather sour taste in my mouth. To the point I can’t even say I’m sad to see this show go. If only because, based off what we saw this episode, arguably it might have really went downhill. So better to end now than later.

Things To Note

We learn that Emma’s anorexia began with a friend from school leaving, and her deciding to skip lunch to study in the library. Leading to her spending more time studying vs. eating, and it snowballing into anorexia.

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