“Ready To Love” ends its latest season as it does most, with a glimmer of hope contained within a dark cloud of reasons why people put dating on the backburner.

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Plot Recap

This Experience Was Just Not For You – Lamar, Jonathan, Chaz, Laron, Will

Vanessa and Chaz Ready To Love Season 9 Episode 14 directed by Jeff Tan 2024 OWN scaled
Vanessa and Chaz

“Ready To Love” isn’t for everyone. While many don’t like the idea of it being a game, as Will said, it is. You can do like Chaz, date everyone, and make it to the end. If you are too forward and don’t have the charm or game, you get eliminated quickly, like Lamar. If you are too coy, like Jonathan, that can be your undoing, and if you are Laron, you just have to know how to bring out the receipts when things aren’t looking good for you.

On A Positive Note – Mieka, Justin

Throughout the evening, repeatedly, Mieka is pushed to give commentary, and with her finding her man, she is really not trying to entertain or be nice to any of these dudes. But, when she is on the couch with Justin, talking about their relationship, which is in a good place, she is smiling and joyous, as if she didn’t just partake in so many back-and-forths all night.

Which may be the cutest display of love we have ever seen in a “Ready To Love” reunion.

Ya’ll Ain’t Like Past Seasons – Tommy

While Nephew Tommy has seen his fair share of drama, something about this cast is different enough for him to speak on it. Whether it is the secret extended lounge chats or how people go after one another in personal ways, this isn’t like past seasons. As we saw in the 100th episode, past casts have reunion hangouts with their cast and others. Heck, people from different seasons even end up in relationships.

Now, Tommy doesn’t say that isn’t possible with this cast, but he appears surprised by just how nasty a good portion of the cast are towards one another, whether it is subtle shots or outright disrespect.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
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Mieka Seemed Happy After Being Dragged Into All The Drama

Mieka and Justin Ready To Love Season 9 Episode 14 directed by Jeff Tan 2024 OWN scaled
Mieka and Justin

Has “Ready To Love” struggled with producing relationships in all of its seasons? Yes. Have we usually only ended up with one couple from the original journey? Also, yes. However, that one couple who makes it often can give you a little hope.

But what makes Mieka and Justin special is that Mieka is placed on the couch for most of the reunion for commentary with people she clearly doesn’t like or is indifferent about. So, she has this “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” look and attitude. Yet, when she and Justin talk about their relationship, she gets all adorable and sweet, even when Justin awkwardly bends her to spank her.

Low Points

They Didn’t Talk About William’s Elimination

The episode does feature the whole group chat to get people eliminated thing, but it doesn’t really go into how William felt about the conversation beyond that. Lest we forget, while Chaz was going through it because he was being held accountable, and the cameras apparently wouldn’t leave him alone, William seemingly had something going on as well.

In fact, more than one woman pushed the idea that it was too much, and it would have been interesting to hear, with everyone grown, what is too much? But, unfortunately, “Ready To Love,” whether the main journey or reunion, isn’t set up to have conversations about dating, romance, or show you are truly an adult past your big age. It is mostly about defending yourself against clips and a last-ditch effort to save face.

On The Fence

Feeling Like They Didn’t Press Lamar and Chaz Much

I’m sorry, but the way Lamar acted before Mya decided to call it quits, and how Chaz ended things with Vanessa felt like it should have been dove deeper. Lamar being possessive, his temper that reared its head with Koshiea, that should have been addressed. Suppose they want him to be able to find love and do better; how are you going to pass up Lamar’s issues with rejection, his possessiveness, and what could be the real issue causing him to be single, not because he has a party boy lifestyle?

Then with Chaz, between the whole 11th woman being someone he was on a break from, to how he ended things with Vanessa? Again, I need more than a curious, “Why did you do that?” and need journalist level questioning behind his thought process.

I get this isn’t that kind of show, so softball questions should be expected. However, anyone who could act like Chaz and Lamar on national television, who present all the red flags many worry about, should be held to task since they are the reason many don’t feel ready to date, never mind potentially falling in love.

Glen Was Anti-Climatic

A part of me understands Glen’s need to explain himself, which felt necessary. I don’t think anyone else in the series self-eliminated before the mixer. However, him showing up now, his odd speed dating vignettes, it felt like a waste. I get maybe this is to show future cast members that you could be missing out on finding someone, but considering all the drama on the couch, whatever positive spin Glen could have been is matched with a reminder of all he dodged from not leaving that car.

Background Information

Episode Title Fort Worth Reunion: Part 2
Release Date April 12, 2024
Network OWN
Director(s) Jeff Tan
Writer(s) N/A
Previous Episode Season 9/ Episode 13
Series Page Ready To Love
Character Guide Ready To Love Cast  Guide

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Ready To Love: Season 9 Episode 14 - Review


Each season, we say “Ready To Love” needs a revamp, and this reunion didn’t change the perspective as it seems things are getting nastier between people each time, to the point you have to question whether people watch the show before agreeing to be on it.

  • Mieka Seemed Happy After Being Dragged Into All The Drama - 84%
  • They Didn’t Talk About William’s Elimination - 68%
  • Feeling Like They Didn’t Press Lamar and Chaz Much - 71%
  • Glen Was Anti-Climatic - 72%
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  • Mieka Seemed Happy After Being Dragged Into All The Drama


  • Glen Was Anti-Climatic
  • Feeling Like They Didn’t Press Lamar and Chaz Much
  • They Didn’t Talk About William’s Elimination

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