Whether the process is too quick or people are performing for the cameras becomes strong in the second part of the “Ready To Love” Miami reunion.

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Whether the process is too quick or people are performing for the cameras becomes strong in the second part of the “Ready To Love” Miami reunion.

Aired (OWN) 10/28/2022
Episode Title RTL Miami Reunion
Director(s) TBD
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Too Little To Too Much – Justice, Sampson

As seen throughout the season, Justice and Sampson live on opposite sides. Justice, who wants to be pursued, didn’t do enough for the women to feel wanted. He wanted to take his time, build friendships and have a level playing field when it comes to dating. Meanwhile, Sampson, attentive and gift-giving like Santa Claus, did a lot, but both came up short.

Why? Well, because they lacked the communication skills necessary. Justice will dance around a topic while firmly sitting on his behind, and Sampson? One could submit that he doesn’t get that, while actions speak louder than words, that doesn’t mean words can’t be affirming. And for some like Shareese, it isn’t about the consistency, which Sampson provided, but not making it clear, verbally, to the other ladies, she is the one. Being in this grey area of not knowing is why she, Lunie, and Brandi were unsure of what was going on and thus moved on to other people.

As for Justice? He makes it seem that trying to prove you aren’t just ready to date but love within a month or two is too rushed for him. Add in cameras and the feeling that certain people are being performative, and you’re also expected to? It just took any sense of enjoyment out of the process for him. So, he checked out.

You Mad Cause He Don’t Claim You – Tranika, Kayla, Jamala, Randall

Perhaps the best example of checking out is Randall. In our mind, he was a mix of Justice and Sampson. He communicated just enough to seem interested, yet I would say he didn’t make the kind of notable moves that didn’t make it appear he wasn’t on autopilot. If not, as Justice did in the beginning, just enjoy the attention of multiple women.

But look where they got him. His indecisiveness, the enjoyment of attention, but not wanting accountability led to him having three matches that got strung along, and where are they now? Jamala may have been chosen in the end, but she isn’t with Randall. He is still playing the field, and it seems she “won” in the end because there was a competition element, and they so happen to make it to the end.

As for Kayla and Tranika? Honestly, their focus is barely on Randall at this point. It’s more so on Jamala, who pushes Kayla beyond her usual eye rolls and has her get confrontational. Then with Tranika, she comes out of her character and makes it clear that Randall doesn’t claim her off-camera, which seemingly quiets her down to the point where, if there wasn’t money involved, I’m sure she would have walked out like Lunie wanted to, and Zo did.

Well, At Least Ya’ll Together – Calvin, April, Swasey, Kadian, Mike, Brandi

Backstage, Calvin, the first one to leave, realizes he has things in common with April, and numbers are exchanged. Thus they end up the third couple who make it. Yeah, I third, because we learn Swasey and Kadian are boo’d up, with her laying up on him and them seemingly figuring out their communication issues, at least with each other. Then, as for Mike and Brandi, while he plays down Kayla, seemingly for Brandi’s sake, he probably uses the most aggressive language of all the men as he talks about everything with Brandi, except having kids. He mentions a relationship and marriage, but not little ones.

But with Brandi hearing all the things she isn’t used to out of a man, publicly, and on camera? Shoot, she is focusing on the foundation. The rest of what she desires can be talked about later.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. “Ready To Love” is back January 2023



Recognition That This Is A Overwhelming Process Where A Lot Can Be Performative

“Ready To Love” is a competition show at the end of the day. You are just as much encouraged to make a connection as you are to make it to the end. Because of that, you can see many people use the process to gain favor with people they don’t really want to invest in. After all, you can have just one connection, one that is tight, public, all the things the ladies want in the end, but get eliminated because you didn’t pay someone attention or play the field.

So when it comes to Justice, while his beliefs does raise an eyebrow, at the same time, you can also recognize this isn’t the type of show for him. He needs to take it slow, for he doesn’t work great under pressure. Also, because he is so comfortable with himself, from what it appears, he isn’t going to send out or create a representative that will charm you and draw you near. Either you accept him as he is, or you’re beat.

The Backstage Commentary

While Kayla rolling her eyes was a staple of the reunion, you can’t discount all the commentary backstage. From Kadia calling out Randall, to the gasps when Tranika came for Jamala, there were times when what was going on backstage was more interesting than what was happening on the couch. It is a damn shame, but reunions aren’t for resolution but rather one final fight to make a point.

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Lunie wishing everybody the best
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As shown by the reunion, “Ready To Love” is far more invested in the drama that comes from competing for love and affection than helping people find it.
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Recognition That This Is A Overwhelming Process Where A Lot Can Be Performative
The Backstage Commentary

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