We find out who got eliminated between Precious and AP, and in this episode, people get surprised by who is matching up with who after a game of truth or dare.

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We find out who got eliminated between Precious and AP, and in this episode, people get surprised by who is matching up with who after a game of truth or dare.

Aired 2/25/2022
Network OWN
Directed By TBD
Written By N/A


The Side Effects Of Truth or Dare – Joi, Clifton, Sabrina, Tory, Demetrius, Carmen, AP, Precious, Laverne

So Demetrius reveals AP is eliminated due to the men feeling there are unresolved feelings for her ex, which is uncomfortable and shocking to her, but what can she do? It’s how they feel. Thus leading to Precious getting to stay and feeling put on notice that the men think she wants the nightlife and is in a stage they have, collectively, moved on from.

But, while the men may say they have moved on from the nightlife, it doesn’t mean they are above being messy. At least with Laverne presenting that everyone should play truth or dare, he is seen as messy. However, with him proposing that, so comes Sabrina making it clear Demetrius is her number one, not Tory. Also, Carmen is forced to realize how Clifton is definitely someone she’d have to compete for since when Joi is tasked with kissing her top, she has no question that it is Clifton and goes to kiss him immediately.

Joi being proud of being firm in choosing Clifton

Now, considering Clifton made Carman a plate and didn’t entertain DaKiya this episode, you could say he is still on this journey. But if you did, I’d say you aren’t paying attention since the producers make sure that we see Joi and Clifton every week, on a date and being flirty with intention.

Testing The Waters – Carmen, Paul, Joi, Wiley, Tina, Laverne, Ace

With seeing Joi go straight to Clifton, with no hesitation, Carmen is forced to look at her alternatives. So she speaks to Paul, who, as usual, is a little awkward at first, but once he catches Carmen’s rhythm, that smooths things out and leads to her really enjoying him. But while Paul can get what is being put down, sadly, Wiley still struggles to really build a connection. Tina has moved on to Paul, and while Wiley tries talking to Joi, and she tries to give him signs to do more, unfortunately, he doesn’t get it.

Which some may say about Laverne. Ace and him have a wonderful thing going since she brings him peace and comfort. However, when Tina approaches him, initially based on looks, she gets turned off by his small talk and seeming reserved.

It’s Not That You Aren’t Ready To Love, It’s The Selection Here – Wiley, Laverne, Precious, DaKiya

This is why Laverne ends up in the bottom 2. The issue remains of him being too reserved and inconsistent regarding being extroverted and engaged one minute, and then introverted and stand-off-ish the next. Which Precious brings to him and leads to Laverne getting defensive. He even makes it seem like he doesn’t trust the majority, if not most, to be vulnerable and open, hence him not consistently putting himself out there.

Yet, despite Laverne making it clear he will continue to be himself, take it or leave it, Wiley is the one eliminated simply due to lack of romantic connections. Which DaKiya clarifies is more so just the selection of women available not being for him, not that he isn’t ready to love or be loved.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened to Tory and Precious’ connection from the beginning? Did he just get wrapped up in Sabrina, and so he forgot about Precious?

What Could Happen Next

  1. End Game Couples: Joi and Clifton (Obviously), Ace and Laverne, DaKiya and Eric
  2. Men Who Could Be Eliminated Next: Paul and Laverne
  3. Women Who Could Be Eliminated Next: Carmen, Ace, and Precious



Forcing Intention & Openness

The struggle that we see nearly every season is people not being open and honest about their top until it is towards the end of the season. This has long caused issues since people would be hooked on one person, only to find out they are number 2, and then they just hang around till they get cut. But, as much as what Laverne did, or a producer said he should do, could be seen as “messy,” I wouldn’t say it was, and it was unfair for Precious to pin that on him.

What Laverne did was force people to be open about their top outside of when they are in the elimination room. That way, all parties are aware of their place, and there is no guessing. Because that’s when the drama starts. When people are left to assume their position in your life is secure, yet the truth is you’re only entertaining them because you like the attention and want a backup in case you aren’t your #1’s top choice.

But now, as shown, Tory saw that Sabrina likes Demetrius more, so he is exploring his options. Despite Clifton being rather kind to Carmen, she is checking out Paul. And with everyone knowing where they stand, the process, the journey, whatever they wish to call it, seems more fair to all parties involved.

Recognizing Sometimes It Is The Selection & Not You

Tina making it clear she is not for Laverne

As shown in the history of Ready To Love, the younger you are, the bigger challenge there is to find your match. Wiley, at 32, is in that struggle age for people who come onto this show. The majority chosen are people pushing 40, 50, even 60 over those in their early 30s. And while we have seen people in their early 30s make it to the end, Adriana (From Season 3: Last Resort), who was 31, for example, things didn’t end well for her. 38-year-old Khalfani ended up with someone else within a week or two of when filming stopped.

But it’s as DaKiya said, in many cases, it isn’t the person but the selection available. And while the casting people try their best, they can’t help who gets friend-zoned, seen like a sibling or cousin, or who don’t mesh well. They tried to bring in Tina, who is a year, or even months, younger than Wiley, but she prefers men like Paul. So you can’t say they didn’t try, but they just didn’t find someone who likes them young.

Almost Preferring How AP Was Eliminated Than The One on One

To me, the one-on-one eliminations often are confrontational on Ready To Love since the person who eliminates another cast member isn’t often the person they had a close relationship with. Usually, it is the opposite, and with that, the person is already on edge and ready to be defensive.

However, I think having it where the elimination is public has its benefits. For one, while it could take away from the reunion show, it does make it where cast members may not be so willing to be extra and act out. Or, if they do, it can both make that episode and the next notable. Especially since the person they were feeling is there and can’t be hidden away as they move on with someone else.

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Precious mentally prepping for the drama
Ready To Love: Season 6/ Episode 5 “Truth or Dare” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With the cast members not just being intentional on dates but showing their intentions amongst the group, we see many put on notice and able to move forward. Due to that, we get a sense that maybe there can be a better or more mature way for people to go through the process than what we've seen in the past.
Forcing Intention & Openness
Recognizing Sometimes It Is The Selection & Not You
Almost Preferring How AP Was Eliminated Than The One on One

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